Unique Experiences

Every SFL Convention offers something a little different. These are the reasons this Convention is one you can't miss!

July 10-12, 2022 at the Luxor

Opening Weekend: For the first time since the inaugural Convention in 2018, the Convention will also serve as Kickoff Weekend. Back in Dallas, the Las Vegas Fury, Baltimore Vultures, New Orleans Pharaohs and Denver Nightwings all made their debuts and on this day, four new teams will begin their journey at the Convention.

All – and a record – 14 games featured: At past Conventions, some games didn’t carry commentary. Not this season. For the first time, all games will be shown live on the Convention floor and on the big screen with the voices you know and love.

Player Introductions: For the first time ever, players will be introduced in the arena prior to their avatars taking the field. Walking through the ‘Hype Tunnel’ under your colors and with your gear? Unforgettable and uniquely you.

Open to the Public: All Conventions in the past were private events. This season, HyperX gamers and people within the Luxor will be able to check out all the SFL action throughout the day.

On Television: You’re used to your player being on television. Now, you get to be on television. Your moments will be captured in-house on the big screen and in homes across the country all day long on Next Level Sports.

Transportation? No worries: The Luxor is just on the other side of Las Vegas Blvd, the closest all SFL Convention events have been to an airport.