Alaska still reigns – now a three-time Champion – defeating the Denver Nightwings (who was just 3-9 the previous season) in one of the best SFL games in league history, a 37-35 thriller in the snow, the first SFL Championship played in inclement weather. The league completed its rebranding vision it started in Season 10 by inking a two-year agreement with Matt Doyle Designs, who was responsible for unique league and team branding across the league. Four different nationally recognized brands – Harry’s, Quip, MeUndies and MVMT joined as sponsors for the season. Through the process, the Red Devils rebranded to the Spitfire. For the first time, the league maintained the same franchises from the previous season and stayed at 21 teams. The season may be most remembered for its four way tie for the final two spots that forced the league to re-schedule Wild Card Wednesday because playoff participants could not be decided until the final regular season game was played.

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