The Simulation Football League is a sporting experience unlike any other.  YOU are the player, the coach, and the owner.  YOU determine how the games are planned, played, and won.  YOU are the star!

Here at the SFL, we have 250 people just like you hearing their names called out on live broadcasts from real play-by-play announcers.  Every moment is draped in excitement as you watch your player streak down the field with an announcer calling the action!  We also have coaches and owners working tirelessly to strategize for the next game, watching film, and hoping their plan has them on top.

The SFL uses All Pro Football 2K8 as its medium to this unique experience.  We input the playbooks chosen by each team, set up the players with their abilities and watch as the game plays out the action without user input, allowing for a realistic football experience.

Do you want to join up and be a star?  Just join us on our Discord server and introduce yourself in our #introductions channel.  After that, owners will be in touch about getting you involved on any spot they may have available.  Once you’re signed to a team, just sit back and enjoy the action where YOU make the difference on the field!

The SFL runs their simulations using All Pro Football 2K8. Each game is streamed using YouTube or Twitch. We are also featured on For The Fans (FTF), which is avilable on Twitch as well as other streaming platforms such as PlutoTV, Xumo, among others like DirectTV! Our broadcasters watch and call the game live with you!

Coaches submit their custom playbook, slimming down over 5,000 plays into 4 quarters of gameplanning.

At the bottom of this site is our Discord widget. Simply click on the “Join” button, create a Discord account with a verified email address, then post an introduction for yourself in the #introductions channel. That’s it!

At that point, you will be given permissions to post in all basic channels and start to get to know the community. Owners can reach out to you, or you can see the list of owners online in the member list and contact them about any open positions.

Feel free to reach out to the owners directly about their posted position openings.

Your player is created when you sign with a team, either through an open position in the job board, or by signing as a rookie during the off season.

Your player equipment, name, number, skin tone and other basic appearance features are all up to you! Depending upon when you sign and who you sign with, height/weight, player abilities, position may be unable to change or match your top preference. Choosing your position may be dependent on the team you sign with. Not every team is looking for every position, so generally speaking, you should keep an open mind about your position. Teams only have 17 star positions available to them, so how they use them is a large part of the team build strategy.

Coaching in the SFL takes commitment, knowledge, and passion. Owners look for coaches who are willing to dedicate the time to watching film, studying strategies of opponents and helping develop game plans. Coaches are typically players who at least have a season under their belt and have an understanding of the strategy necessary to win games.

The SFL is still considering further expansion in future seasons and the option re-evaluated during every season.  An announcement will be made to the community if expansion is going to occur and explaining the process. Becoming an owner is a more vigorous process that is generally only available upon applying. Owners pay $50 per season to help pay for all of the things in the SFL that make it the best in the business.  Owners of current teams may also sell their teams to new owners if they wish, at which time an announcement will be made to the community opening the application process to any interested parties.