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ESTV+ App is currently available on Apple iOS, Apple TV, Google Play, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, VIZIO SmartCast app (live broadcast / stream ready) and other platforms worldwide.  Soon, it will also be available on LG TV App section as we continue to expand and have discussions with many platforms.

Content Guide

SFL Nights with AJ Striker

6x Community Ambassador of the Year Ashley Jackson reviews the news and notes around the SFL and invites guests on from the community for in-depth interviews in her laid-back and welcoming style completely unique to SFL Nights

Gameday React

Cameron Irvine and Mike St. Green give you first reactions to the weekend's contests and go in-depth on what each win and loss means in the big picture of the SFL standings, leaderboards and careers of the league's legendary players

Around the SFL

SFL newcomer Mike O'Neal backs his opinions with hard data and doesn't hold back in coming after teams who need to be held accountable - even if that team is his. His radio-style and guests are always sure to entertain

Say it with Your Chest

Arizona Owner Eddie Gauge can be long-winded. But he let's his guests Say it with their Chest and tackles the complex issues and complicated situation the SFL tackles on and off the field on the regular

Just the Highlights

A compilation of all the highlights from the previous week's games

Communication Directors

Ever wanted to get into graphic design, social media, statistics or multimedia in general? Communication Directors help get a team's message and branding out to the masses with tweets, images, videos, transactions, news releases and interviews. Learn what it takes to build a franchise from the inside, out.

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