The Read Option, by Josh Farnzy

Top 5 Rivalry Names That Should Exist

Rivalries heighten everything.

Just a mention of a rival brings a surge of adrenaline and allows fans to hang a little harder on every down. Every little half-yard is fought for harder. It creates an incredible atmosphere.

But while the SFL does have a couple of quality rivalries going (i.e. Vice Wars, Carolina vs. Charleston), establishing some more quality matchups will only help promote – let’s call it healthy hatred – even more competition.

To help jumpstart these throwdowns, I am here to suggest some unique trophies each can battle for during these budding rivalries.

The Midwest Megaphone: IND vs. MIN
Season 19 expansion franchises Indianapolis and Minnesota took approximately 15 seconds to start finding beef with each other. No honeymoon period amongst fellow rookie teams, apparently.

No new division matchup needs a prize quite like this one. SInce both squads enjoy shouting their superiority from the rooftops (well, from their Twitter accounts, but to be fair, they may be posting from their rooftops), I believe an instrument of noise to shout across the Midwest is the most appropriate object to fight for.

The Plaid Poncho: VAN vs. SEA vs. POR
With the exception of Los Angeles, the Pacific Division has a distinct Northwest flavor to it. That means lots and lots of rain to have to contend with. Why not reward greatness with a ceremonious garment that keeps you dry?

Having a three-team trophy can be tricky. However, just like Army, Navy and Air Force compete for the Commanders Trophy, these division opponents can use their collective record to determine who takes home the coveted rainwear.

Battle for the Bear Claw: MXC vs. LON
You’ll have to stay with me during this history lesson.

A few years after Mexico established their independence, France got tangled with the new North American Country in what was known as the Pastry War. Great Britain, who was the first European power to acknowledge their independence, stepped in and sided with Mexico – ultimately helping to negotiate an end to the war a month later.

In honor of that moment, I suggest the two teams play often to see who can take home the bear claw – a delicious-yet-fierce-sounding pastry.

The B-W Parkway Wheel: DC vs. BAL
Only a few dozen miles separate these two beloved American cities, making these two squads essentially neighbors. And proximity is great fuel for a rivalry.

The biggest thing that separates these two division rivals? The B-W Parkway. I say produce a trophy with a bronzed ticket that looks like a steering wheel and give it to the winner annually who is victorious. Beep, beep.

The Golden Stinger: AZ vs. ATL
Bees. Scorpions. I don’t trust them, personally. I’m sorry, but any bug that has part of its backside equipped with a sword is just bad news.

That said, these are two tremendously exciting SFL franchises, who have a lot of Hall of Fame pedigree all over the field. To strike fear into the collective hearts of the league, put a golden stinger as a trophy up for grabs to see who is most fearsome each season.