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Season 20 Milestone Guide

Written by Josh Farnzy

The thresholds are there for the taking.

As the SFL reaches and runs smack dab into Season 20, there is much to celebrate: new players, new storylines, and new energy to attack Tyler Falk’s annual 2-10 forecast.

Hang in there, Tyler. Godspeed.

One of the annual highlights of the season is to recognize the various milestones that veteran SFL players reach on their own personally incredible path to SFL glory. Some of those numbers set to be reached are truly remarkable mile markers on the way to history.

To keep a tally of those marks, here is a primer for big milestones on the near horizon:


50,000 passing yards: Julian Tyree (currently 49,753)
25,000 passing yards: Shabazz Psynergy (23,440), Jonny Pichler (22,588), Kentez Johnson (22,513), Sully Richardson (22,102), Jack Wigmore (20,998), Matt South (20,841)

There will be little drama about whether Tyree can reach this milestone (two games max). The big question will be if Season 20 will see him become the all-time passing yards leader, which currently belongs to the legend himself, Matt Willson at 51,895.

Wigmore and South need to post monster stat lines to reach their 25K club, but the rest of this gunslinger group have above-average chances to see the milestone reached.

300 passing TDs: Julian Tyree (291), Ron Cockren (286)
200 passing TDs: Marcus Dunhill (197), Ashley Jackson (184), Jack Wigmore (172)
100 passing TDs: Christian Brown (91)

Yet another party may be coming to Sioux Falls. Tyree and Cockren have an opportunity to join Willson as the only members of the 300-TD pass club. This is as exclusive as it gets.

Expect Dunhill to cross 200 early, AJ to pass it mid-season, and Wigmore sometime during yet another playoff run. That’s right, going out on a limb and predicting playoffs for Baltimore (you heard it here first!). CB12 reaches triple digits in the first half of the season, no doubt.


16,000 rushing yards: BDG Hollewood (15,000)
15,000 rushing yards: Robert Redford (13,948)
10,000 rushing yards: Troy Gaines (9,423), Logan Jack (8,406)

Hollewood continues to be a nightmare for defenses. Seems a shame to disrupt such a round number, but those numbers keep moving north for the Swarm tailback.

Speaking of backs who have mastered the tornado spin, Redford is another strong campaign away from breaking the 15K mark. With 529 yards last season, Gaines stands a fighting chance to get to the 10K mountaintop. Jack is within striking distance as well, but will need a sensational campaign – and perhaps a return to the playoffs – to help his chances.

150 rushing TDs: BDG Hollewood (138)
100 rushing TDs: Troy Gaines (90), DJ Moses II (88), Phoenix Jones (87)

Another milestone, another Hollewood mention. Feed this guy, Atlanta. He is in such rarified air here in the SFL.

Gaines is working his way to triple digits. As for Moses and Jones, they combined for 50 rushing touchdowns last year alone. Fifty! Half a hundred. I like their chances since they only need half of that output. Good luck, SFL defenses.


1,200 receptions: D.R. Sim (1,181)
1,000 receptions: Optimus Cline (981), Brett Killian (971), Tybeerious Bovine (932)

No one is catching Sim anytime soon. Get it? Catching? Is this mic on? Anyways, Sim figures to be closer to 1,400 than 1,300 once Season 20 is in the books.

Cline and Killian are shoe-ins to get to a grand’s worth of catches. Bovine will need more than the 12 catches he made last season to get there, too, but he has produced well enough in years past to make it possible.

20,000 receiving yards: D.R. Sim (19,144)
15,000 receiving yards: Brett Killian (13,761)
10,000 receiving yards: Siege Falco (9,584), Stephen Hacker (9,207), Steven Bush (9,179), Mason Kirby (8,968)

All the players looking to pass 10K are perennial all-star selections who can change the game in a hurry. I predict all of them will break 10K.

And that should shine a light on just how impressive Killian and Sim have been over their careers. Killian will need 1,239 receiving yards – no small task for any receiver, but he is not just any WR. As for Sim, this is me using words to say I am standing up and applauding. Well done.

100 receiving TDs: Brett Killian (99), Boo Chisholm (89), Deezer Powell (86)
50 receiving TDs: Heath McDaniel Jr. (44), Kendra Wells (44), Jamaal Wooding (40), Vin Calia (38), James Matthew Jr. (38), BDG Hollewood (38)

Killian should reach 100 in mere quarters, while Chisholm and Powell will need all-star seasons to join him near the season’s end.

McDaniel, Wells, and Wooding all have “big season” written all over them. Calia, Matthew, and Hollewood will need “bigger season” written to reach this lofty goal.


1,500 total tackles: A.J. Levye (1,369)
1,000 total tackles: D.J. Majesty (987), Marquis Reid (971), Troy Loshaw (965), Giovanni Bolt (946), Nicholas Warner (930), Shravan Prasad (919), Day Drewery (881)

Levye has a tall ask to reach 1,500, but I am not in the A.J. Levye doubting business (doesn’t seem profitable).

After a stint in Las Vegas, Majesty moves his talents to Carolina to pass the 1K milestone. Reed is quietly one of the best big-play LBs in the SFL. A pair of Vultures may have a friendly race to 1K, while Warner and Prasad feel like locks to finish Season 20 with 1K honors. Drewery has work to do, but after 119 tackles last season, a repeat performance just barely gets him there.

50 sacks: Cam Frosby (48.5), Chris Andrews (48), David Tilley (47), Dan Tritz (43), Jaedyn Swift (41.5), Joseph Sebolka (40)

The reigning defensive player of the year will surely get his 1.5 sacks early to the dismay of offensive coordinators everywhere. He is well on his way to milestones well beyond this.

A couple of Desperados join a Corsair, Aztec, and Scorpion in quarterback nightmares this season as they all seem primed to break half-a-hundy.

200 tackles for loss: Taqwuan Hale (180)
100 tackles for loss: EK Vinson (99), Gerald Giudicessi (98), D.D. Sachs (96), David Tilley (93), Al Walker (92), Chris Andrews (92), Cam Frosby (87), Shravan Prasad (87)

Hale will need quite the heroic Season 20 to make 200 TFLs, but his greatness should be appreciated for his amazing production as he sits fourth all-time in the category.

As for predictions when these players join 100? Vinson and GG: Week 1; Sachs: Week 3; Tilley, Walker and Andrews: Week 8; Frosby: Week 9; Prasad: Week 12.

100 pass deflections: Giovanni Bolt (96), Marquis Reid (95), Cain Vasquez (91), Aquantis Shyne (89), John Barnhart (89), Jay Ringgold (88)
Pass deflections might not be as sexy as INTs or other defensive stats, but tell that to the offensive coordinators who just saw their precious play get swatted to the ground. These six are some of the best all-time at doing just that.

100 INTs: Eddie Gauge (97)
50 INTs: Tank Bennett (49), Ryan Tobin (48), Jay Ringgold (46), Cain Vasquez (46), Terrell Davis (45), Ethan Kye (44), Rolamin Hood (44), Nicholas Warner (43), Everett Garrison (42), Johnny Bravo (42), Ryan Yoseph (42), Evan Arthur (41), Iverson Gamble (40)

Eddie is set to make history as the first in the SFL to reach 100 INTs. Incredible. What are the chances that pick #100 is also the first pick-six of his career? Make it happen, football gods.

In what is easily the most crowded field of milestone reachers at 50, the INTs should be rolling in during Season 20. Bennett only nabbing one last year may have been the statistical surprise of the season.

Special Teams

50 FGs made: Otis Boudreaux (138)
100 FGs made: Matt Rage (99), JT Dulany (99), Mat Fenech (98), Cliff Allen (97)

One year removed from an MVP finalist campaign, Boudreaux remains a consistent force in Louisiana. Kick on, Otis. As for the other four, they all may break 100 field goals made in Week 1. Sometimes those milestones are meant to be kicked down together.

12,000 net punt yards: Dustin McRack (11,924)

No team likes to punt, but McRack has proven to be an absolute field position weapon. That 13,000-yard threshold is also in trouble against the all-time record holder.