SFL Communications

November 8, 2022

San Antonio is back in the Simulation Football League. The expansive history of the Dallas Law franchise is headed to San Antonio as the new owners of the Artillery complete their transition from Denton to San Antonio in time for Season 20’s launch in January 2023. The team is embracing the yellow, accenting with blue, beige and white to complete the look.

They’ll take the field at NordVPN Stadium, a stadium-rights deal struck this week with the launch of the team. Nord security creates cybersecurity software for five different operating systems on computers, smart phones, routers and smart TVs.

“From the beginning, I have had no doubts in this leadership team to form strong bonds, operate professionally and handle their franchise responsibilities,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “As someone who was born and raised in San Antonio, its good to have SFL football back in the Alamo City.”

The team is also bringing on additional owners alongside Albert Begin and Yogi Barr: Greg Soto, Jukin Roukyn and Bo Martin Jr.

“These three gentleman were instrumental in keeping this team moving forward,” said owner Yogi Barr. “Each of these new co-owners helped keep this team viable, and make the playoffs. We are very happy to see them get their due respect, of being owners.”

Alamo City will continue to compete in the South Division with the Fort Worth Toros, Houston HeadHunters and Mexico City Aztecs.

The SFL previously had a San Antonio team from Seasons 9-10: the San Antonio Vaqueros. The team was sold to Jeremy Vega and relocated to Denver and became the Nightwings – where the team resides today with its two championships. The Vaqueros former owner, Greg Corky, is part of division rival Houston.