SFL Communications

October 28, 2022

The Simulation Football League and Zolnier Championship Rings have come together as the SFL heads into its 20th Anniversary season. Zolnier is now the official Championship Ring of the SFL after working successfully with the Baltimore Vultures on their last two championship seasons.

“Zolnier Championship Rings is pleased to partner with the Simulation Football League to provide owners, coaches and players custom made championship rings,” said Director Joe Khalil. “A championship ring is a valuable possession that memorializes a team’s accomplishment and is cherished for a lifetime. At Zolnier, we like to say, ‘Being a champion has a nice ring to it’. We know you love your league and your team. It took hard work and great passion to earn that championship. We put love, hard work and great passion into every championship ring we produce.”

The ring makers who also work with USA Football are based out of New Jersey and work with high schools and universities big and small across the country – but also ship around the world – providing an affordable, high quality product endorsed by many SFL players who have had the opportunity to win a Championship. The agreement between the SFL and Zolnier is non-exclusive, but Zolnier has handled multiple orders for SFL teams through the years and the SFL and Zolnier will showcase the potential of champions in the seasons to come and show off delivered rings on social media for all to see.
“It’s always important to build trust with companies who have proven they’ve earned it,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Zolnier has delivered time and again to Baltimore’s players and the SFL looks forward to their ability to satisfy new customers with future new champions, players who are experiencing their first title or who join in on the Vultures dynasty late. Zolnier and the SFL support the open market, but also recognize a chance to grow together through opportunity and are happy to be an official partner with them.”
For more information and to see a gallery of other championship ring designs, visit https://zchampionshiprings.com/