Written By Josh Farnsworth
Images By Frank ‘The Franchise’ Wade

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Top 5 under-the-radar free agent signings
As the landscape of the SFL settles in for its Season 19 beginnings, a look back on the offseason shows one of the most action-packed handful of weeks in league history. And we should have all known it was coming. Four expansion teams filled with promise and empty roster spots for players to try and build something from the ground floor up, a new start in Motor City to revamp an SFL brand, plus several personnel retirements/coaching changes/etc. all worked to fuel the offseason chaos. With free agency came a slew of big time names changing uniforms. While many grabbed headlines and talking points on some of the content shows, there were a few storylines of players in new locations that quietly seem like moves that will have a tremendous impact on their new teams’ success. For my money, here are five free agent moves (in random, no particular order) we need to be talking about more…