Written By Josh Farnsworth
Images By Frank ‘The Franchise’ Wade

S18 Best Value: Quarterbacks
Fantasy points are fun.
You draft a team and pray they get the ball. A lot. It’s a volume business.
But as any regular fantasy player can tell you, the top fantasy player is not necessarily the best overall player. As I mentioned in my previous value column on tight ends, stats are seldom perfect. When it comes to quarterbacks, there are many factors that can impact performance and their corresponding stats. But throwing the ball a lot shouldn’t be the sole source of how a QB is rated. To accurately take in the whole quarterback performance, my QVP (quarterback value points) system is being used. It strays from pure fantasy points, because if it didn’t, value would only be a measure of how many passes someone throws and not how well. Just like last time, this is not a measure of who had the overall best season. With all of that for you to chew on, here are the quarterbacks who put forth the best overall performances in Season 18 when measured against their contracts…
5. Julian Tyree/Sioux Falls- 1.80 QVPs
The Sparrows enjoyed a resurgence in Season 18 and their signal-caller’s poise was a reason. The veteran put up 3,353 yards passing. Although he only managed 15 touchdowns, his 14 INTs were among the lowest totals in the league. Tyree’s completion percentage and yards per attempt were solid to help his cause. And if QBR is your thing, Tyree’s 94.4 is the second best of his career – trailing only his Season 7 mark.
4. Tom Pepper/Vancouver Legion – 1.870 QVPs
The regular season numbers continue to be staggering. Pepper put up 3,756 yards and 25 TDs vs. 23 INTs and had his usual nosebleed-high yards per attempt (9.4). Just about every stat is above average for Captain Canada in S18. As far as this value formula is concerned, his only sin is having a contract value higher than some on this list.
3. Matt Willson/Mexico City Aztecs – 1.874 QVPs
The Aztec offense is always seemingly receiving quality outings week in and week out when this legend is on the field. In a career dating back to Season 6 as a Santa Fe Gorilla, this season’s passing yards total of 3,923 is his second highest and most in 11 seasons in Mexico City. His 32 touchdowns were the most since Season 13. And an 8.7 yards per attempt mark was second in the league. Well done, Matt.
2. Jack Wigmore/Baltimore Vultures – 1.97 QVPs
There are few “Best QB concerning…” lists that don’t have this now three-time champion sitting near the top of. Wigmore followed up his MVP season with another glowing model of efficiency. With 3,733 yards passing on nearly 79 percent completions and a 29-19 TD-to-INT ratio, Wigmore creates winning moments for his offense. His numbers dipped a bit from last season’s – partially perhaps due to the running game catching fire in the second half of the season – but was every bit his efficient self when it mattered in the regular season.
1. Shabazz Psynergy/DC Dragons – 2.04 QVPs
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. A solid 3,337 passing yards, 25-17 TD-to-INT ratio, completion percentage, yards per attempt, all high. And with a contract that screams “value”, Mr. Psynergy squeezed every last drop of efficient talent from his abilities in Season 18. In a season that started with his fellow Dragon backfield mate Kevin Seay leading the MVP pack, it would have been easy to ignore Shabazz. The QVP formula didn’t.
Top rookie – Johnny Reno/Fort Worth Toros – 1.59 QVPs
Wow, this was incredibly close. For the handful of QB newbies, Reno got the edge based on a combination of a 20-17 TD-to-INT ratio and 70+ percent completion percentage. He nipped the other Class of 18 members by less than .05 QVPs.
Every point counts.