SFL Communications

June 1, 2022

As the Carolina Skyhawks enter their 14th season in the Simulation Football League – and the franchise enters its 19th – long-time league owner James Cline has sold his majority stake in the team to the Prasad brothers – Harish and Shravan – who will jointly own the new team moving forward. The team also announces its new logo set, complete with new lettermarks, bird, shields and wordmarks. Harish Prasad has been a minority owner and joint owner in the team previously; him and his brother have been playing in Carolina their entire careers, dating back to Season 11.

“It is time for me to move on,” Cline said. “Harish has been a loyal partner. He deserves this. Shravan has also been a loyal teammate. I believe that these two will do great things. I am looking forward to seeing what they will do. Also, thank you Cameron Irvine. You have given me to opportunity to build relationships and make life long friends when you awarded me the team back in 2014. This was life changing for me. Thank you!”

Cline took over the franchise – one of the originals in the SFL – after Season 5. The franchise formerly known as the Kailua Wyverns and the Honolulu Legends was branded as the Skyhawks when Cline took over and the team quickly found stability under his leadership and under the coaching of Andy Hamilton and Shann Varner, who went on to become SFL owners themselves. Carolina, along with Arizona (Oklahoma City) and Queen City (New York) are the three original franchises in the league from its inaugural season that remain.

“I was incredibly fortunate to have James show up to the league when he did, back when we were still a small group on Facebook,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Cline has always shared my views on failure – don’t fear it, learn from it. He has always had the level of trust and confidence in others to allow them to grow and that has helped keep the franchise one of the most stable in the league for the last seven years and has been a valuable member of our ownership team. No matter where he ends up – in the SFL or otherwise – you’d be fortunate to have Cline walk through your doors.”

Shravan Prasad will get his first shot at team ownership. Prasad, recently named an all-star on the field for the second time in his career, is ready for the opportunity.

“I want to personally thank James Cline from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to join the league playing for, and representing, the only state I’ve ever wanted to,” said Shravan Prasad. “Moreover, I want to thank him even more for giving me the opportunity to step up to the daunting task that is franchise ownership. While we’ve had rough seasons in recent memory, there’s no where else I’d rather be. The camaraderie in the Carolina locker room is second to none in this league, and the good times (and, dare I say it, even the frustrating times) I’ve had with my teammates on and off the field are memories I wouldn’t trade for anything. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, and can’t wait to get started with my brother on what comes next. Stay tuned, y’all.”

The brother duo will be the first to own their own team. They have frequented SFL Conventions and have built legendary careers on the field but are now tasked with helping Carolina to reach new heights as a unit. The rebrand features a forward-facing bird with outstretched wings that are also scaled back for the shield form. An interlocking CS adds a new element to the brand, incorporated into the wings of flight. Wordmarks moving forward – and upward – complete the brand that keeps its same red and blue color scheme with light blue/gray accent.

“This is really such a bittersweet moment in my career in the SFL,” said Harish Prasad. “James has been a great partner, a great mentor, and a great friend for the past 8 seasons I’ve been in this league. He gave me my first shot in this league, and everything we have went through with this team, were all moments I wouldn’t change for the world. I couldn’t think of anyone better to learn from than James. I have him to thank for who I’ve become today as a person, as a member of this league, and as a leader. People who know me well, know how hard I am on myself (pause), especially when we lose, and James was always there to remind me that the only direction to move was forward. His advice always lifted my spirits in those moments. As sad as I am to see him go, I am equally as excited to have the opportunity to lead this franchise into the next era with my brother, the man who brought me into this league. To be able to run this franchise with my brother means a lot to me, and we are going to do the very best to provide the best experience for our 2nd family here in Carolina, on and off the field. It’s a new age here in Carolina, and the future is very bright. As always, Hawk up!!!”

Carolina remains in the Atlantic Division with rival Charleston but will have two new division foes in Season 19: the D.C. Dragons and the rival Baltimore Vultures.