Written By Josh Farnsworth
Images By Frank ‘The Franchise’ Wade

S18 Best Value: Tight ends
Stats are misleading.
Very misleading in some respects.
However, they do offer some insight into the raw production happening on the field, and in a sport with a strong cap on points, pitting that production vs. the contract cost offers a very interesting look at who got the best value from their players at certain positions. That’s why The Read Option will offer a breakdown of value by position based on my own really-good-but-still-somewhat-flawed-logic formula… or the far more catchy,  RGBSSFLF. Rolls right off the tongue, right?
The stats are for regular season production only. For the purposes of clarity, they are measured in Value Points (VPs). Like I mentioned, stats are imperfect. For each position, I will be posting stat considerations as well to show you just how much I understand my homemade rating system is neato but never perfect. To be clear, this is not an MVP measure. I know some consider the MVP award a ruling for who had the greatest value – instead my VP ratings are intended to show who got the most bang for their buck…er ‘point’ contract.
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