SFL Communications

April 8, 2022

Arkadelphia, AR – The Simulation Football League’s (SFL) presented by APM Music is proud to announce the addition of Rare Drop Sports to its growing list of partnerships. Rare Drop is a multi-faceted company with expertise in Media, Marketing, Merchandising, Branding, Design, Entertainment, and Events, and will host at least two Wild Card, Quarterfinal and Semifinal games on its Twitch channel during the Season 18 Playoffs, which begin Saturday, April 23.

Rare Drop and its leadership are already working with the SFL on creating new live event projects including Rookie Drafts, Championships and Conventions to enhance the experience of SFL players and fans as the league grows, and will broadcast a collection of games next season, the 10-year Anniversary of the SFL’s beginnings. The SFL will have a presence at the Rare Drop Produced Gaming Community Expo June 11-12 in Orlando to promote the upcoming draft and season.

“Rare Drop is the perfect partner at the perfect time for the SFL,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “We are committed to giving our players once-in-a-lifetime moments and that includes expanding our reach and showcasing our league on esports competition stadiums, arenas and conventions. Rare Drop’s experience in sim sports and live events will help us in a space of need, and our seemingly unlimited content creation will help to grow Rare Drop’s new sports division and offer new experiences to its community.”

Rare Drop CEO Kevin Murray has 23 years of experience working in live-event planning, production, and execution spanning from the most elite Manhattan affairs and private events to owning and operating one the largest charitable gaming events in the space: GCX. “As a longtime fan of the SFL, I’m overjoyed to enter into a partnership with them,” Kevin said. “I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship that celebrates the game of football in a way that anyone, anywhere can be a part of.”

Darius Johnson is the General Manager of the Rare Drop Sports division, and has a player currently preparing for the next SFL Rookie Draft. He had this to say: “SFL has long been the leader in the Sim League space, and has continued to evolve their league into what it is today. I am excited to partner with them and look forward to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry.”

For more information about Rare Drop and Rare Drop Sports, visit https://raredrop.co/ and https://raredropsports.com/

Rare Drop Sports SFL Postseason streaming schedule:

Saturday April 23 – 2:30 pm ET – Wild Card No. 1
Sunday April 24 – 2:30 pm ET – Wild Card No. 3
Saturday April 30 – 2:30 pm ET – Quarterfinal No. 1
Sunday May 1 – 2:30 pm ET – Quarterfinal No. 3
Sunday May 8 – 2:30 pm ET – Semifinal No. 1

About the SFL – Simulation Football League

The Simulation Football League is the first controlerless esport, allowing viewers to build and improve players who compete on the field against one another as coaches behind the scenes build gameplans inserted into artificial intelligence that executes the gameplans. The SFL provides a complete immersive experience for the viewer, the players, the coaches and team ownership, with over 2,000 members in its Discord community. The league has over 600 players currently competing, with the next batch of new stars set to join the pros at the June 2022 Rookie Draft.

For information on the league, visit www.simulationfl.net and for more information on how to create a player and to join the league’s Discord community.


Contact the Commissioner: [email protected] / 210-473-8428