SFL Communications

March 31, 2022

Arkadelphia, AR – The SFL presented by APM Music is proud to announce the addition of Layzr to its growing list of partnerships. A truly innovative product, Layzr offers digital trading cards of various streamers and teams and will offer an introductory pack of SFL player cards through the SFL Twitch channel during the Season 18 playoffs, set to kickoff Saturday April 23.

Cards can be earned one at a time for free every 30 minutes just by watching games. The complete set of cards exclusive to the league’s 18th season can also be purchased in support of the league and to receive exclusive, very rare cards. Each season there will be common, uncommon and rare cards in distribution. The SFL is the first esport league centered around a sports title to partner with the German start-up, founded last year.

“We as a league have explored the trading card industry for years, a very interesting and challenging business,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “When LAYZR approached us – merging innovative technologies with old school sports tradition – the lightbulbs instantly lit up. It is the perfect experience to add for our players around the league. We are looking forward to see what cards viewers collect, sharing in new experiences within the games themselves.”

For the 18th postseason, there will be 18 different cards in circulation. As the partnership grows, the league and Layzr plan to release cards of all varieties, including but not limited to rookie cards, memorable moment cards and team cards. No card will ever be made available twice.

“We are very proud to design cards for simulationfl and support this special and unique project and hope that the community will love the cards as well,” said LAYZR co-founder Tom Lamsfuß.

For more information about how LAYZR works and to get ready to collect this postseason, visit https://en.layzr.gg/ and click ‘join alpha’