Written by Hunter Norwood, Jacob Clear, Chad Stinson, Ernest McCray Sr., and Auryn Wicker

This week we have decided to take a step back and look at the landscape of the league as the weeks left to play begin to dwindle. Every team has a game that they have posted to the wall to look forward to. A game that may make or break a season, a division title game, a game to stay alive or just for pride. These are our thoughts on the can’t miss games for every team if you love a good storyline. Enjoy!

  Rank    Team    Record    Average Rank    Last Week    Trending 

     1         8-0                    1.00                                 1                       Even               

The currently undefeated Vultures have all but punched their playoff ticket in, with a win at home today over Las Vegas enough to secure a 9 win record as an absolute worst case scenario. There are definitely some candidates to defeat Baltimore in a late playoff shootout but it appears as if the Vultures are going to be very hard to deny in search of that illustrious undefeated 12 game record.

      2            8-1                      2.20                               2                       Even

San Diego.

     3         7-2                       2.80                              3                       Even

This week we are looking ahead for the biggest game each team has left and with three games left to play this season the Revs sit in third place. Looking at the next three weeks all these games are big for this team because their spot in third is not guaranteed for them. The Rev’s opponents have lost a combined eight games in the past five weeks so they are the clear favorite third place team this season with a small chance to move up.   

        4           5-4                        5.80                             8                       Up

A game against Lone Star to close out the season is looking like it will decide the winner of the South Division. Mexico may be tied with the Glory on record but with a win over them earlier this season they truly have a game to give. They will have to keep an eye on the Houston matchup soon as they don’t want too much pressure when they play a Lycans squad desperate for wins, but Lone Star will be the match they have circled on their calendars.

    5            5-4                        6.00                           13                      Up

Sioux Falls sits in a very dangerous spot at number seven with four other teams having the same record and four very hungry teams just behind them looking to move up for the playoffs. Sioux Falls really needs to win out to make sure they make the playoffs, but this might be a tall order since the Sparrows have only won three of the last five games while their opponents have combined for seven wins in the last five games. I look forward to seeing how Sioux Falls plays the rest of the season. 

     6           5-4                        7.00                             12                      Up

It’s hard to pin a single game that sticks out for Charleston when you need to win out to be 8-4 and have a shot at the division title. A case could be made for Atlanta where the Preds should be looking for the ever important 7th win, but I believe that Florida is always the correct answer here. Florida might not have Mighty at the helm but they are still tough and everybody would love to beat them. The final matchup being against Florida just has too many strings attached to it that it will be an important game for both teams no matter the context going into it.

      7            6-3                      8.20                              6                       Down

A very confident D.C. Dragons go into the bye, then Ol’ Baltimore comes to town and they very well could hand the Vultures their first loss depending on what happens this weekend. Another win should lock up a playoff spot and if this could happen two weeks from now that would be great!

      8           4-4                       8.40                              4                      Down

Florida are sitting, uncharacteristically, in 14th place after Week 10, and now stare down divisional matchups with Jacksonville and Charleston to finish the season. Their Week 14 clash with Charleston after losing to an onside kick just a few weeks ago in Kentez Johnson’s debut for the Preds could well seal Florida’s fate if they are caught on the wrong side of these final few games.

      9            5-3                       9.60                             16                     Up

Ah the Jacksonville kings and my buddy Mike Ahl, with those purple uniforms with the paw prints, sit in fifth with four games left to play. Looking over these next four games I can see only two games that will be tough for this team with the game against the Rev’s being the most important game. This game could very well jump the Kings all the way to third place. The next four weeks will be a wild ride for the kings. 

     10           5-4                        10.40                            5                     Down

Lone Star are in amongst it, sitting at 5-4 and currently in for a wildcard spot. A week 14 clash with Mexico City could end up being a must-win game for Lone Star should they get caught on the wrong side of their other two matchups in Fort Worth and San Diego.

     11            4-4                        10.40                           17                      Up

Houston’s remaining schedule gives them a good chance of getting to 6 wins, having trouble against Vancouver and playing in the most important game left; Mexico City. Houston will come into that game not beating the Aztecs since the switch to Legend settings and will need to be walking out with their first if they want to have a good position when the dust settles after Week 14. That game will be a winnable one for the Hyenas but the South has yet to be kind to them as they stand with an 0-2 division record.

     12            4-5                   13.20                             7                     Down

A tough loss to Baltimore has sent the Nightwings towards the back of the queue once again in the playoff race. Denver, however, have shown they are an extremely capable team, though it appears that a Week 14 Vice Wars matchup could have huge ramifications for the playoff picture and is a must-win game for Denver.

     13            3-5                          13.40                           14                       Up

EVERY GAME is important for Arizona……….

     14                 4-4                         13.60                           18                      Up

The most important game for Queen City is whatever the schedule says is the next opponent. The Corsairs have all big hitters left to play and while I could get away with saying a final week matchup vs Baltimore could be where Baltimore starts a trend of final week upsets, the stakes are just not defined enough to be sure. At 4-4 the North is out of reach and also at 4-4 every game matters as you fight to try and not get caught in the mob of teams that finish .500 and have one or two spots available for extra football. Godspeed Queen City.

     15              4-4                         14.60                            9                      Down


     16                  4-5                          15.00                          11                      Down


     17               5-4                         15.20                          10                      Down

In two weeks Tulsa hosts Louisiana top 2 teams in East Division.

     18               3-5                         16.60                          15                      Down

Big Bad Baltimore is up next.

     19                   2-6                         18.80                           21                     Up

The Gladiators sit in nineteenth place with four games left for them this season. We already know of some of the changes that are coming to this team during the off-season so that makes the next four games important for this team to send these guys off on a high note. Out of these four games only one of them looks to be a lock as a win. The Gladiators could still shake up the rankings if they win out and I look forward to seeing how this plays out. 

     20              3-6                         19.20                           22               Up

It hasn’t been Fort Worth’s year. At one point considered a powerhouse unit after they found great success with the 2 TE offensive set in their early days as a franchise, now sees them slumping to a 3-6 record through 9 games. Should they win out, they are likely to still be behind the curve should there be a 6-6 entrant into the playoffs. All hope is not lost coming off the back of an impressive 46-14 victory over Los Angeles, however a Week 11 matchup with state rivals Lone Star could well seal their fate. Should they win this week though, they face Houston and Portland, wins that would likely harm their strength of victory. A lot needs to go right if Fort Worth are to make the playoffs this season.

     21                   3-6                         20.60                           19                     Down

Every Game from here on out for Los Angeles, which is on life-support after 3 straight losses, the last one BLOWOUT. Los Angeles’ Offense has to help the Defense out. They did give up 46 to Fort Worth. Los Angeles will have to decide to pull the plug or win out. We WATCHING!

     22               3-5                          21.00                           20                     Down


     23               2-7                           23.00                           23                     Even


     24               0-9                           24.00                           24                      Even

Having been eliminated from Playoff contention, earning their first win of the season at any point here with be a point of pride for this team.