Written by Hunter Norwood, Jacob Clear, Chad Stinson, Ernest McCray Sr., and Auryn Wicker

Welcome back to another round of Power Rankings brought to you by Premier Stats! This week we look back on how teams went about acquiring new talent, or lack thereof, within the last free agency period and regrading their efforts after nine weeks played. As I always enjoy seeing, everyone on the staff has their own way of going about the regrading process and I cannot wait to hear from any and all of you on how it has all turned out. Good luck to everyone this week that is not Denver. Enjoy!

  Rank    Team    Record    Average Rank    Last Week    Trending 

     1         7-0                    1.00                                 1                       Even               

The Baltimore Vultures signed 2 Players in Free Agent signings then signed an RB two weeks ago. Their first two signings were for the Defense. LB Devin King has 49 Tackles, 2 Passes Defensed and has played well for the Vultures defense. Their other signing was DE Joe Duncan who has 21 Tackles, 3.5 Sacks and has helped anchor that defensive line. RB Warren Murray was signed two-weeks ago and he came right in and helped lead Baltimore against Sioux Falls in a hard fought game with 22 Carries for 87 Yards and a Touchdown and helped Baltimore grind out a 90+ yard scoring drive to seal the game.

      2            7-1                      2.20                               2                       Even

Vancouver did well in Free Agency during the window, however they got a little burned after the season started. They brought in Julian Valliere at FS but he disappeared not long after the season started, so that’s a big knock against them to start. Of the defensive additions Marquis Reid has done the most, but still leaves a lot to be desired. He has 24 Tackles with 5 for a loss, 1 Sack and 3 Passes Defensed. Not the worst stats by far, but still far from great. On the flip side we have Chance Touwin booting the ball for them and so far he has 13 Field Goals out of 14 attempts. He is middle of the pack out of all the Kickers currently, but when you have the high powered offense that Vancouver does, that’s all you need to do and I would say Chance was a win here. All things considered I give them a grade of D+.

     3         6-2                       3.00                              3                       Even

This team only signed two Free Agents, but they were both studs! First they brought in Colin Hart to replace Reggie Streeter and has thus far put up 135 Carries for 505 Yards for an average of 3.7 Yards Per Carry and 3 Touchdowns on the ground along with 45 Receptions for 255 yards for an average of 5.7 Yards Per Reception and 2 Touchdowns. Not spectacular numbers, but when you consider that he is part of the Thunder and Lightning attack in Cajun Country these numbers make sense. The other major addition was OLB Slinn Shady, one of the best Linebackers to ever play in the SFL! He has accrued 56 Tackles of which 7 are for a loss and 5 Passes Defensed. At the time of signing, this was an A+ grade from me, but now I can only give it a B, but it’s a strong B!      

        4          4-3                        5.40                             7                       Up

This team didn’t do anything beyond bringing Griffin King out of retirement, and unsurprisingly maintained the majority of their roster. New head coach Art Vandelay was unable to bring his player over as he was unable to fit into this stacked offensive cohort. C+

    5            4-8                        6.80                           11                      Up

The Glory labored to a 12-10 victory over the capsizing Portland Fleet this past week in a game where they were favored by over a touchdown. The Fleet were a team allowing over 33 points a game coming into this week and had allowed 25 touchdowns throgh 7 games but in this game they were able to batten down the hatches and keep a Lone Star team from finding the promised land and instead having to rely on their kicker to push them just over the line. The Glory move to a game ahead of Mexico City in a South division that is weaker than usual and will hope to take their good record forward as that looks to be the only good thing they have going for them.

     6           5-3                        9.40                              4                      Down

Looking into the Dragons Free Agency haul, they were able to snag Lauren Percoco from a flagging Fort Worth squad and so far have seen her already set career highs in Yards and Touchdowns through only 8 games played this season. They were also able to get Kappa Jones on the other side of the ball from Queen City and while a vet presence in the secondary is always a welcome addition, the defense as a whole has not gotten better on a statistical basis. An up and down FA period suits the current up and down state of D.C.’s season so far and as such I’m grading them at a B- mainly for the outstanding output from their new TE.

      7            4-4                     10.00                             17                     Up

This offseason Denver focused on their defense in Free Agency. They reunited a pair of brothers by adding Igor Barbatov to their line and then switching over his brother, Jean Benazzi, from their offensive line to play right next to him at DT. This move seems to be working well for Igor as he has 22 Tackles of which 7 are for a loss and 5 Sacks, only two shy of the league lead currently. They also brought in the wily old veteran Ron Hoff to play Corner for them. This man always does a great job and knows how to shut down WRs at key moments of the game to help his team earn a victory. He currently has 51 Tackles with one being for a loss, 8 Passes Defensed and 1 Interception to boot. These guys are two big reasons why Denver’s defense is playing so well and why I give them a B+ grade.

      8             4-4                     10.20                             8                     Even

The Mexico City Aztecs just re-signed their player’s during the Free Agent period, 15 Player’s in total, 7 on Offense & 8 on Defense. A big signing on Offense is QB Matt Wilson who right now is #2 with 2739 Yards on 305 Attempts for 224 Completions with 22 Touchdowns,  77.44 Completion Percentage, averaging 9.0 Yards Per Attempt and an QB rating of 96.1 has looked very sharp. On Defense SS Ben Charbs decided to come back, and clearly he’s happy and it shows. He is top 5 (SFL) in Tackles with 76, 2 Interceptions, 5 Passes Defensed and is averaging 9.5 Tackles Per Game, he has been all over the FIELD!

      9             4-3                       10.20                             14                     Up

Atlanta withheld from dipping into the FA waters this past offseason and instead opted for the re-sign everyone that stuck around and draft the rest which can still be a strong option if done correctly. We have already touched on their draft picks a few weeks ago and while they have not been terribly flashy players they are in a system known for building their players to attain peak performances. For that I do not fault Atlanta for wanting to continue building from within and despite a bit of a see-saw season so far they are taking the right steps and have a date with the Atlantic division coming up that could help them begin to swing things back in their favor. Grade: N/A

     10            5-3                        10.80                             13                     Up

Tulsa did well to maintain their roster and waited until the draft to make their moves. Tulsa maintained their big 3 on the defensive line and switched veteran Sonzo Robinson to WR in order to make way for starlet Douglas Brown. C-

     11             4-4                        11.00                             15                      Up

The London Knights signed WR Fox Highwind. Fox has decent numbers though he has been more of a possession WR, picking up some big first downs and keeping drives alive. Fox has 394 Yards and 1 Touchdown on 35 Catches for 11.3 Yards Per Game. Let’s see if Highwind can step it up for a playoff push!

     12            4-4                   11.40                              6                       Down

The Predators were active in FA during the offseason when it comes to the Defensive side of the ball for them. CB Jacob Clear is a good depth slot piece that was added to this back end. DE Chris Joseph ranks top 10 in the league in Sacks and yet is somehow ranked third on his own team, that’s how dominant this line is, and having Joseph join in has done nothing but help improve an already scary pass rush. LB Erich Hammer is 2nd on team in Total Tackles paired with a couple of Pass Deflections and Interceptions, his presence has been noticed on the field. On the Offensive side of the ball there was one person added in the offseason through FA and that was G Dusty Wilson who has helped the rushing attack be in the middle of the league in Rushing Yards. Overall looking at these pick-ups and how it’s shaped up so far into the season, I would give the Predators a 3 of 5 grade. They’re fighting for a playoff spot, and are right in the thick of things in the league Offensively and Defensively, with seeing each individual having some significance to the teams production it’s safe to say the pick-ups were worth the investment.

     13             4-4                         12.00                             5                       Down

Sioux Falls is one of the few teams that didn’t bring in any Free Agents, while that’s not a bad thing as the Sparrows look to be back on track to being the Sparrows who went to back to back Championship games. It’s good to see this franchise get back to their winning ways. Grade N/A.

     14                 3-4                         12.20                             12                      Down

Arizona were extremely active in the off-season, after losing James and Donnie Hands to a shock retirement at the crux of the Free Agency period, Arizona wheeled and dealed to secure big-name free agent Hunter Norwood after a lengthy stint in Jacksonville, as well as former Portland Fleet safety Shaud Allen, lineman Patrick Kelly and assistant coach and TE Jae Hayden from Queen City. However, they did extremely well to offset the loss of the Hands brothers by securing brothers Connor Weston and Ryan Owens right from the bottom of Ashley Jackson’s bag of tricks at the last possible moment. Both have served a purpose given they are still adjusting to the new system, with Owens reeling in 5 Touchdowns and Weston averaging 16.4 Yards Per Catch. On top of that, Hayden has secured 13 Catches for over 100 Yards and Hunter Norwood has 5 Sacks on the other side of the ball. It hasn’t been an ideal run for Arizona as they are on the outside looking in through 9 weeks, however it’s clear to see the direction this team is headed in and it’s only a matter of time before they get some wind in their sails. Free Agency Grade – A

     15              3-4                         12.80                             9                       Down

Here we have two additions to the Fury who each came with some small controversy associated with them, but all of that aside let’s see what they brought to this franchise. Yakov Zolotov switched from being an OLB in Jacksonville to an ILB here and he has 50 Tackles with 5 of them for a loss, 1 Sack and 4 Passes Defensed. I would say he qualifies as a quality addition. Secondly we have Justin Reside, who came in and took over the GM duties for the team, however here we are looking at on the field contributions and he finds himself behind the 8 ball as he is the number 6 DB on the team, so his opportunities are limited. He is currently sitting on 5 Tackles on the season. This doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t a quality addition, just that he hasn’t had the field time to put up bigger numbers. However, as this is about results to this point I am gonna have to award them a D+.

     16                  4-3                          14.40                          10                       Down

The kings this past FA had one person they brought in and added to their team 2nd year pro LB Garrett Hudson. Garrett has almost eclipsed his total tackles from last season when he played in Atlanta though his stats and production for the team aren’t at the top in any category, he has been an okay pick-up for the Kings who rank top 10 in defense. Quantity doesn’t always define a FA grade, but I would grade this FA pick-up 2 of 5. Editors Note: They also brought J.R. Lawless out of retirement after two seasons and he has 43 Tackles, 2 Tackles For Loss and a Pass Deflection.

     17               3-4                         15.00                          20                      Up

Houston is another team that focused solely on the defensive side of the ball. Bringing in the likes of KT Slayer at DT, KT Horrell(so that they have a monopoly on KTs in the League) at ILB along with her husband David Horrell at OLB, and finally bringing home Cai Cash after one season away. David Horrell is getting the job done, as he is leading the team in Tackles and is near the top of the League as well with 71 total Tackles 2 of which are for a loss, 2 Passes Defensed and one awesome Interception that he returned to the house for 6! Followed by the Matron of the Horrell clan, KT is making her mark in a big way. She has 54 Tackles with 4 being behind the line, 1 Sack and a whopping 12 Passes Defensed. If you throw the ball in her vicinity, you run the risk of seeing your pass either on the turf or in another Hyena’s hands. Onto the other KT, Slayer has been a force on the line, racking up 23 Tackles with 9 0f them being for a loss, 5.5 Sacks and 2 Passes Defensed. Lastly we have Cai Cash, doing quite well at the Cornerback position, posting 40 Tackles with 1 for a loss, 5 Passes Defensed and 1 Interception. With what these 4 players have accomplished for this team I give them an A-.

     18               3-4                         16.80                          18                      Even

Offensive line! Guards Butch Mennor and Robert Krohn came over from London and Jacksonville respectively and Jorge Torres out of a one season retirement spell, whilst maintaining their key pieces from the previous season. Retention matters, however Queen City have a task ahead if they lose BJ Loveless to ownership in the coming off-season. Grade – C

     19                   3-5                         17.00                           16                     Down

Los Angeles wasn’t crazy in Free Agency, only signing 2, and they also went straight for the Defense with Gary Marx who has 19 Tackles and 3 Sacks. If L.A. wants to make a real push for the playoffs, Gary has to step it up a little in run defense. Kevin Brackett is showing the Los Angeles Lycans he’s worth the $ at OLB with 43 Tackles, 1 Interception & 1 Pass Deflection as he flies around the field!

     20              3-4                         18.80                           19               Down

The Mavericks made some huge changes this offseason, bringing in 8 Free Agents, but it worked because they are having their best season to date. I am going to look at a few here, but I will list all of them. They brought in Tom Creeg at CB, Zak Ley at CB, Gunner Lewis at WR, Nana Leahy at CB, Wolf Justice at DE, Derek Genco at DE, Bill Cherry at TE and Axel Raven at OLB. So let’s start with the guy that has made the biggest difference thus far, Gunnar Lewis. He is having an amazing season so far with a League leading 68 Catches on 99 Targets for 970 Yards which is an average of 14.3 Yards Per Catch and 10 Touchdowns. Zak Ley was a great addition to this defense with 44 Tackles 4 of which are for loss, 6 Passes Defensed and 3 Interceptions. These two alone are worth an A+ grade, but when you mix the others into this it brings the grade down a little bit, but keep in mind that doesn’t detract from the great season they are having! Grade B.

     21                   2-5                         20.60                            21                     Even

In St. Louis they went defensively with their Free Agent signings at DT, LB and CB. I’ll start with LB Keenan Samuels, who has been doing the small things at his OLB spot, he has 35 Tackles currently. It’s getting late now and it’s time to step it up a little bit, which he’s capable of. Next they grabbed up CB David Leathers and he has shown he can handle himself in the slot with 26 Tackles, 3 Pass Deflections and 2 Interceptions. for 47 Yards  and made some key tackles. The Big signing was Max (BAD) Night, he has been Big & Bad to QBs this year, a leader on the field with 6 Sacks and 27 Tackles. Teams are double teaming him now.

     22               2-6                          22.40                           23                     Up

As far as free agency goes for the Toros it was pretty quiet for them as they brought in a new WR2 in Mike Twinscrew and bumped Cade Stephens down a notch as far as target share goes. Now, looking into WR movement across the league there was only 4 wideouts that switched teams and Twinscrew is currently sitting 3rd among them in yardage. but the caveat to this would be that the two receivers above him are both WR1 and are expected to be doing “better”. I believe that Fort Worth made out well here with the new addition and Mike is already close to eclipsing their WR2 numbers from a season before. so with that I’m grading them at a solid B.

     23               2-6                           22.60                           22                     Down

Carolina did what they needed to do over the off-season, maintaining the vast majority of their roster including shot-caller Matt South after an impressive first season. They did bring over former Las Vegas edge rusher Ryan Ray as the only free agent addition to further improve an elite defensive line. Grade – B-

     24               0-8                           24.00                           24                      Even

It hasn’t been the kind of season the Fleet were expecting coming into the season so far, winless and ranked last defensively, but I wouldn’t blame it on their two FA pick-ups this past offseason. First is LB Brody Gulch, who on past teams has been productive, but so far that hasn’t really carried over onto the Fleet with 41 Tackles 3rd out of the LBs with no significant big plays. The potential is there but right now it’s still waiting. Then there is SS Vernard Smith, and he has been helpful so far this season sitting 2nd on the team in Tackles and Pass Deflections and has two Interceptions. Smith has been a great pick-up for the Fleet this season and hopefully they will be able to retain him going into next season. Overall being able to hit on one FA while brining in just two, and the second (Gulch) has the potential to be great like in the past, I’d give this FA class a 2.5 of 5 grade.