Written by Hunter Norwood, Jacob Clear, Chad Stinson, Ernest McCray Sr., and Auryn Wicker

This week we here at the Premier Stats group we are focusing on mid-season team MVPs, OPOTYs, DPOTYs and STPOTYs. Each writer has chosen to focus on one or multiple of those and should lead to some good discussion. Halfway through this season there has been some great performances from each and every team, and we gladly present some of them to you here. Enjoy!

  Rank    Team    Record    Average Rank    Last Week    Trending 

     1         6-0                    1.00                                 1                       Even               

It should come as a surprise to nobody that Jack Wigmore is once again an MVP potential candidate, and arguably the top QB in the league. Whilst he doesn’t lead the league in Yardage or Touchdowns thrown, he holds the distinction of least amount of picks thrown (even less than Kentez Johnson who has played 7 less games), has thrown for 1961 Yards (9th in the league) and has 17 Touchdowns to his name (equal 3rd). These numbers are simply outstanding, tie that with a league leading 79% completion rate and you have a formula for a near perfect Offensive conductor. Baltimore has so much soaring talent on their roster right now, but Wigmore is the biggest reason for their undefeated record through 8 weeks.

      2            6-1                      2.00                               2                       Even

Could this be the year for Captain Canada? Tom Pepper currently sits 4th in the league for total Passing yYards with 2157, and has 13 Touchdowns and 13 Interceptions to his name. Robert Redford has largely been the scoring leader in this Offense but Pepper has done an outstanding job commanding the Legion offense to a 6-1 record as they are just sniffing around Baltimore at that #2 spot. Pepper is an MVP candidate at the moment and might finally break his duck egg if he has an explosive finish to the season.

     3         5-2                       3.60                              4                       Up

The Louisiana Revolution, where shall I start, Offense & Team MVP is none other than Otis (St. Kick) Boudreaux with 24/25 FGs made.  One game he went 7 for 7 and basically won the game himself. Defensively Tank Bennett has been on a tear getting an Interception whenever he feels like it. Tank has 62 Tackles, 8 picks for 51 Yards, 4 Pass Defenses and 8.9 Tackles Per Game, he’s my Defensive MVP.       

        4           5-2                        6.00                             3                      Down

D.C. has the ultimate weapon, the ultimate warrior if you will this season, in Kevin Seay. He has done it the right way too, putting in all the hard work the last couple seasons and now we all get to see it paying off in a big way! He leads all Backs this season with 175 Carries for 1,076 Yards with an average of 6.1 Yards Per Carry, and he has taken it to the house 13 times. He is on pace to be the first Back to break the 2,000 Yard mark since Season 15. He is so strong, when you see him barreling towards you it feels like you are trying to stop a boulder from rolling down a steep hill. If he keeps this up, not only will he be the Dragons team MVP, he may just take home the honor of being the League’s MVP as well. Riley Kuse has definitely taken control of the field and and leads the charge for these Dragons to Raze the plans of the opposing offenses. He has tallied 56 Total Tackles, 4 for a loss and 6 Passes Defensed. If you find yourselves facing D.C., just know Riley Kuse is gonna find a way to ruin your day. Ever since they returned to the League, the Dragons have had an incredible weapon on Special Teams, Kanye Rockafella. He has fully established himself as one of the best Kick Returners in the League. Every return of his is a possibility of him ending up in the Endzone. This season he has 36 Returns for 902 yards and a 25.1 Yard Per Return average and he has also found the Endzone once this season so far. He is one of the most dynamic Returners and opposing teams dread sending the ball his way.

    5            4-3                        7.40                             12                      Up

Sioux Falls is one of my favorite teams in the league. Right now, they are one of five teams that are sitting at 4-3. This is in large part because of the play of my MVP for this team in OB Julian Tyree. Tyree is just another QB having a great season and just causing the stats board to light up. Tyree, just like Sully from L.A., will be moving up the all-time stats list in a few categories as he passes Matt Wilson in a few categories. I will be watching to see what the rest of the season holds for this talented player.

     6            4-3                        7.60                              5                      Down

When it comes to the Predators offense, their North Star is Keith Swearingen, and as he goes so does their team. When he is on, the Predators offense is hard to stop, and so far he has been on to the tune of 150 Carries for 637 Yards which breaks down to an average of 4.2 Yards Per Carry, and he has hit paydirt 5 times. Charleston is off to a pretty good start and he is a big reason for it. On the defensive side, John Stamango is going out there and taking control of games in a way only a few players can. He seems to be everywhere at once and his numbers show it. He has 53 Total Tackles, 2 for loss, as well as 6 Passes Defensed and 6 Interceptions one of which he took all the way back for 6.Whenever Quarterbacks see him in the vicinity of their Receiver, they need to look somewhere else or they will have a long, hard day! When it comes to Special Teams, it doesn’t get much better than Brad Brechett. Brechett can make the difference between a win and a loss with one swing of his powerful leg. He is 15 made of 16 attempted on the season, and if he keeps this pace up could be at or above 30 Field Goals made on the season, which would be an impressive season no matter who you are.

      7            3-3                        8.00                              6                     Down

When you think of Florida, the first name that comes to mind is Flo Rida! Just kidding, 9 times out of 10 the first name you usually think of is the magnificent Ron Cockren, however this season so far Charlie Biletsky has been the teams Offensive MVP, putting up top 5 numbers on the ground. He has 130 Carries for 794 Yards, an average of 6.1 Yards Per Carry, and he has punched it home 8 times. He has developed into a premier Back in this League and will be for many Seasons to come. Defensively Florida has always been a stout team, and this season is no different, led by Evan Carroll patrolling that backfield, making sure his unit is in their proper positions to shut down opposing Offenses. He has had a great season so far, with 32 Tackles 2 of which were for a loss, 8 passes Defensed and 4 Interceptions, one of which he took all the way back for a Touchdown. Big Sexy is the heart of this unit, but Carroll is the brains on the field. Then we come to Florida’s biggest weapon of all, the big boot, Marcus Agrippa, the prototype for all SFL Punters. If the Offense finds themselves behind the 8 Ball, Marcus comes in and makes sure that the opposing Offense still has an uphill battle trying to come in and score after stopping Florida’s Offense. If this man steps on the field, you need to pray for the Long Snapper to make a mistake or the next thing you know the ball is 50 to 60 Yards behind you.

      8             4-3                      8.00                              9                     Up

The Aztecs are known for their offense and it’s what gives them the opportunity to be able to play with any team any week. This offense goes as their 13 season vet, QB Matt Willson does. Second in the league in Completions, Attempts, Passing Yards, and Passing TDs, it’s easy to see why this team’s offense is tops in the league. The only issue with Matt is that he throws way too many INTs, and averages an INT every 15 Attempts while averaging 1 TD every 13.6 Attempts. Defensively it was between DT Dan Tritz and SS Ben Charbs, and though the Aztecs are in the back half of the league defensively, Ben Charbs seems to find a way to be a part of almost every play. Top 5 in the league in Total Tackles, 4 pass break-ups and 2 INTs, it’s easy to see why this guy is a leader on this defense and should be their MVP defensively.

      9             3-3                       8.80                             7                      Down

The Las Vegas Fury are having a so-so season at 3-3 and they play a London team who has a QB who is on a track for a historic season. The one bright spot for the Fury is my pick for their Offensive MVP, HB Scott Johnson, who sits in the top 10 in three distinct categories for Running Backs. This is not to say that the rest of the team is not having a good season, but Johnson is carrying a lot of the weight for this team right now. I can’t wait to see how this team does the rest of the season.

     10            4-2                        9.20                            8                       Down

The Kings offense is towards the back end of the league overall but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some bright spots. Greyson Willis, the WR for this team is in line for the best offensive player on the team right now accumulating about 1/3rd of the teams total receiving yards on just 22% of the total targets, catches, and about 30% of their total receiving TDs. Willis should see more targets going forward in the passing game to help this offense pick things up. Defensively Greg Gaines, the FS, leads the team in tackles with 48 and has the second most INTs with 4 so far this season and is a part of why this team is top 5 in the league in pass defense. This team goes so as the defense keeps giving the offense opportunities and Gaines is one of the best to do that on this team.

     11            4-3                        10.60                          14                       Up

Defensively Lone Star is lead by a pair of Safeties and a Linebacker and together they have combined for 200 Tackles. Evan Lacey FS, Jay Mart LB have played really well but it has been the play of Albert Begin 70 Tackles, half a sack, 5 Interceptions and 2 Passes Defensed. Albert Begin plays sideline to sideline and is my Defensive Team MVP. Offensively Greg Soto has been showing he can get open when called upon with 41 Catches for 469 Yards and 4 Touchdowns with 11.4 Yards Per Catch. Just feed him a little more PLEASE! Mr. Soto is my Offensive MVP. My team Defensive Co-MVPs are Albert Begin & Evan Lacey.

     12           3-4                  12.60                           11                       Down

The Arizona Scorpions at 3-4 are a little of a disappointment early on. Ashley Jackson has not been a disappointment as she is 3rd in the league in passing with 2212 Yards passing, 10 Touchdowns and has willed them to a couple of victory’s. Her heart beat makes the Scorpions dangerous and that’s why she is my Offensive & Team MVP for Arizona. Defensively Sean Moore has been flying all around the field with 62 Tackles, 2 Pass Defenses with 8.9 Tackles Per Game.

     13           4-3                         14.20                          18                       Up

Offensively for the Desperados there were two individuals I believed to be MVP between RB Douglas Brown and WR Khoury Jones, and my decision was made on WR Khoury Jones. Tied for the league in receiving TDs and having half of the teams total receiving TDs is impressive to begin with. 32% of the teams total Receiving Yards, on about 20% of the teams total Completions and Attempts, all while being the 3rd lowest team in total Attempts shows even more so how impressive the total TDs are for this old veteran. Defensively it was a toss up with the mirror performances between both Safeties Rickey Thornton and Daniel Wright. Both have over 60 Total Tackles, over 40 Solo Tackles, Rickey has 8 Pass Defenses to Daniel’s 4, and both have 4 INTs. The decision was tough and that’s why I gave more stats to both, but I am going with Daniel Wright here only because he has one TD off of those INTs, and when a defense can score it helps that team emotionally and demoralizes the opponent. It’s a great secondary between these two and it’s almost like they feed off each other with how similar they are.

     14              3-3                         14.40                           15                      Up

Looking at the Swarm most would think that Bryant Dynasty would be the pick for MVP on the team this season. I have played against Dynasty since season 1 in the Minors and have much respect for this man, but my pick will have to be BDG Hollewood. The reason for this pick is because I feel the season Hollewood is having has allowed Dynasty to really open up the pass game and without Hollewood that pass game would not be any help to the team. Hollewood is a player that will be like Babe Ruth, he will always be in the talks as one of the greatest in this league.

     15           3-4                         14.60                            20                       Up

London has a great passing offense and when it comes to deciding who would be the offensive MVP on this team it wasn’t easy to choose, between TE Tybeerious Bovine who leads all TEs in Receptions and Yards or WR Vin Calia and you could make a case for either. I am going to go with Vin Calia here. He leads the league in Receiving Yards and accounts for 30% of the teams total Receiving Yards on less than 20% of the teams completions and targets, that is impressive! He also leads the league in Receiving TDs and almost 35% of the teams total Receiving TDs. Defensively it was between the two safeties on who I believe to be the possible Defensive MVP so far this season, Jack Russell and Anthony Wyo. I’m going with Jack Russell right now though, leading the team in Tackles and Pass Deflections as well as having two Interceptions so far this season. This just shows that he finds a way to be around the ball whether by tackling the runner or being near for a deflection or INT as he moves so fluidly in game.

     16              3-4                          14.80                            10                       Down

Ah the Lycans, a team that has been in my nightmares while being in Carolina. They are sitting in 19th place with a 3-4 record this season. Now do not let this record take anything away from this team at all. My pick for MVP for this team would have to be what I would consider a QB that people seem to overlook at times in Sully Richardson. Richardson is having a great season as he sits in the top 10 in 5 categories and two of these are top 3 spots. As this season continues Richardson is going to move up the all-time list as he moves past Xander Gold in Completions, T.D. Drew in Attempts and TD’s, and Shabazz Psynergy in Yards. Any of these will happen in the next couple of games if not this week. Unless things change Sully will be one of the top runners for OPTY.

     17           3-4                          15.40                            13                      Down

Hello Logan Keel! What a season this man is having, 2nd in the League for Yards Per Reception(21.4) and tied at first for receiving touchdowns(8). Eric Price is giving him a lot of love with the deep ball and Keel is making the most of his young QB’s outstanding production. Should he continue this form, Denver could see themselves as a playoff contender with Keel joining the line for OPOTY honours.

     18            3-4                         16.40                            19                      Up

Offensively I felt there was one person who stood out the most as this teams MVP and that is the 2nd year pro, Doug Spelling. Top 10 in the league in total Receiving Yards and 34% of the teams total Receiving Yards on just 20% of the teams Catches and 22% of the teams Targets, along with 33% of the teams total Receiving TDs. The future looks bright for this young man. If he can convert more on his total Targets he will be a top 5 WR for the future. Defensively there were two men that really stood out for this team, DT David Tilley and FS King Jamaal, both with great stats. However, only one leads the league in Sacks and that is David Tilley, with 6.5 total Sacks, and an impressive league leading 31 Tackles for DTs as well as 16 of those behind the line of scrimmage, it’s always great for a defense to have such a force on the line and that is what Tilley is, a force and tone setter.

     19                3-3                         16.80                            16                     Down

The San Diego Mavericks are one of the other 3-3 teams out there who still have a chance for the playoffs as they sit 12th right now. I am picking Mr. Gunner Lewis as my MVP for this team with his play so far this season. Lewis sits not only in the Top 10 in Receptions, Yards, Targets, and TD’s but he is in the Top 5 of each of these categories. Lewis looks to pass Juan Bosco this season in all-time TD’s. Lewis is another player I see being up for OPOTY and is in my TOP 5 for that pick.

     20            2-4                         19.40                             17               Down

The Josh Rowe show continues to sell tickets to Houston home games as he is one of the most dangerous Defensive Backs in the league right now, leading the league with 3 (yes, 3) INT TDs with a further 5 Interceptions beyond that. Houston’s defense seems to have taken a step forward from last season overall, and that is largely due to the electric (and DPOTY) candidate Josh Rowe. You never know, if he keeps blowing up the league like this he might sneak in as the single defensive MVP nominee ahead of studs like Max Jackson.

     21                 2-4                         20.20                            21                     Even

New recruit Max Knight has been really impressive through his first 8 games, acquiring 3 Sacks, 10 Tackles For Loss and averages 4 Tackles Per Game. He has the potential to really make the last few games his own as an elite Defensive Tackle and could be considered for DPOTY honours come end of the season.

     22             2-5                           22.00                           22                     Even

Here we have our favorite X-Man, Logan Jack, the Wolverine! This guy, much like his namesake, loves to shred up defenses leaving them broken and beaten all over the field. So far this season he has done so to the tune of 109 Carries for 594 Yards which equates to 5.4 Yards Per Carry all while adding 7 Touchdowns to his stats. On top of the he has also contributed in the passing game with 52 Catches for 242 Yards with an average Yards Per Catch of 4.7 and also 2 Touchdowns. With those numbers, if he touches the ball twice his team is getting a whole new set of downs. Opposite of Logan, Clint Hendershot has put the League on notice that he is the best at what he does, and what he does is take people down! He is currently first in Tackles in the League with 73, 3 of which are for a loss, and he also shuts down passing lanes as well as he has 8 Passes Defensed and 1 Interception to date. If he keeps this up we may be looking at the League’s Defensive Player Of The Year, not just Carolina’s. On Special Teams they have another massive weapon in Sam Avolis returning kicks for them. Whenever he touches the ball on a kick you just have to hope to you can contain him. He currently has 39 Returns for 1,064 Yards for an average of 27.3 Yards Per Return and he has taken it to the house twice as well. With three huge weapons as these guys it’s a wonder as to how they aren’t higher in the standings.

     23             1-6                            23.00                           23                      Even

Fort Worth Toros Offensive & Team MVP Jason Williams is the 3rd leading rusher in the SFL with 834 Yards on 186 Attempts as well as 7 Touchdowns, 101 Receiving Yards and 2 more Touchdowns. E.K. Vinson, LB, is my Defensive MVP for the Toros so far with 55 Tackles, 5 Passes Defensed, averaging 7.9 Tackles Per game. A close 2nd for Defensive MVP is J.L. Browning with 60 Tackles, 2 Passes Defensed and an average of 8.6 Tackles Per Game.

     24             0-7                            24.00                           24                      Even

When you say the Portland Fleet, Ezekiel Love always pop up first, it starts and ends with E-Money. Portland’s Ezekiel Love is the Teams MVP as he’s 2nd in the league in Rushing behind Seay with 980 Yards on 163 Attempts, 11 Touchdowns and 6.0 Yards Per Attempt. On the Defensive side of the ball SS Vernard Smith has held up his end so far with 55 Tackles, 2 Interceptions, 7 Passes Defensed  and averages 7.9 Tackles Per Game and that’s why he’s my Defensive Team MVP. For Special Teams MVP I’m throwing in a circle curve ball and it is Special Teamer Leo Morris, CB, who has helped his team out just as much as the Offense has, with his 1,414 All-purpose Return Yards is best in the SFL and add in 2 Touchdowns, one punt & one kick return.