Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by JR Lawless


Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

Bruce Lee

This quote from Bruce Lee perfectly describes the mentality of the teams here in the SFL. We always tell our teams to bend but don’t break regardless of the situation at hand. This is often in the times when teams are deep in the trenches and are grinding to either defend their territory or score. One must adapt and overcome to be successful because of the obstacles that life or the AI of APF2K8, throws you, and the same can be said with this weeks performances from the Players Of The Week. Kudos for all of your efforts this week and here are the winners for week 8!




There are times when an Offense can put on such a strong performance that it is tough for the opposing Defense to stop the momentum. The Queen City Corsairs, one of the cornerstone teams of the SFL, traveled to the desert conditions of Fatality Field to face the Arizona Scorpions. They came out of that competitive exhibition victorious, winning the game 33-31. The Offensive Player Of The Week showed style, class, and strong playmaking abilities to help his team to win this game. He is Mr. Jett Zero, Running Back for the Queen City Corsairs. Zero’s valiant effort included 14 Carries for 173 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 76 yards and he averaged 12.4 Yards Per Carry. Zero came into this season looking to show everyone that he’s still got it and that he did! Congratulations Jett!


Runner-Up for Offensive Player Of The Week is none other than GP Wells, Running Back for the Sioux Falls Sparrows. Their battle with the D.C. Dragons ended with a win for them, 31 to 21, and Mr. Wells made sure that he was able to assist the Sparrow to be triumphant in this battle on the road. Wells had 16 Carries, 96 Rushing Yards, 1 Rushing Touchdown and averaged 6 Yards Per Carry. He also had 17 Receptions, 110 Yards and 1 Touchdown as well. Add to the fact that he caught every ball that went to him as he was targeted 17 times. Truly impressive performance and congratulations GP!


Honorable Mention goes out to Tulsa Desperados Wide Receiver, Mr. Khoury Jones, for all the hard work he put forth this week. Jones was able to haul in 4 Catches for 120 Yards and 2 Touchdowns, His longest reception was for 62 yards and he averaged 30 Yards Per Reception in the win over the Charleston Predators at home, 31-17. Congratulations Khoury!




Much like the Jaguar that stalks its prey in the jungle, the Defensive Player Of The Week did the same thing in the secondary, waiting for the ball to come his way. When it did sail in his direction, he pounced on the opportunity for a turnover which helped put his team over the top! He is Mr. Anthony Wyo, Free Safety for the London Knights. In the much-needed win over the Denver Nightwings, Wyo showed why he is a very important piece of the Knight’s defense with his playmaking abilities. While he had 4 Tackles and 1 Assist, he shined with his 3 Interceptions for 31 yards that he had. He has been in the league since Season 10 and played for various teams, but it seems London has found the way to utilize his player ability in the way that is most beneficial to the team. Congratulations Anthony!


Runner-Up for Defensive Player Of The Week goes to Mr. King Rashid, Cornerback for the Tulsa Desperados. In a hard-fought victory over the Charleston Predators, 31 to 17, Tulsa’s defense worked very hard to hold that high powered Predator offense to only 17 points. Rashid left his mark on the field by contributing 4 tackles, 2 Assists, 3 Pass Deflections and 1 Interception for 37 yards. When Rashid first entered the league, he said that he wanted to be one of the best and so far he is showing that ability. Congratulation’s King!


Honorable Mention goes out to D.C. Dragons Linebacker, Mr. Riley Kuse. He had an impressive performance with 12 Tackles, 4 Assists, and 1 Pass Deflection. Highly impressive performance, Congratulations Riley!


Special Teams


When your Special Teams unit is firing on all cylinders, it often equates to a win because you are utilizing all three facets of the team to score potentially. The Lone Star Glory traveled to L.A. to take on the Lycans at Full Moon Coliseum. Away games tend to add extra pressure because not only are you fighting the opposing team, but you are also fighting the opposing crowd as well. It did not matter where this week Special Teams Player Of The Week was because his personal mission was to overcome any adversity that has been placed on his team from the start of the season. He is Mr. Greg Soto, Wide Receiver for the Lone Star Glory. The Glory won this game 27 to 23 and it was partially because of the ability to capitalize off any opportunities that he was given. Soto had 5 Kick Returns for 219 Yards and 1 kick return Touchdown, and his longest return was for 105 yards. Having a chip on your shoulder can easily win you the chip that matters and so far has shown that his team wants it bad. Congratulations Greg!


Runner-Up for Special Team Player Of The Week is Mr. Leo Morris, Cornerback for the Portland Fleet. Despite the loss to Mexico City, 31 to 20, Morris was able to make an impact with 6 Kick Returns for 224 Yards and 1 Touchdown, his longest return was for 102 yards as well. Portland’s season is not going the way they originally anticipated it would go but with players like Morris, they can easily turn things around. Congratulations Leo!


Honorable Mention goes out to Queen City Corsairs Kicker, Mr. Juda Dorgan. Not only did he score the game winning field goal, which was very important, he also made 4 Field Goals out of the 4 he attempted, and his longest kick was for 46 yards. Congratulations Juda!


** Special Thanks to Troy Gaines and Eddie Gauge for helping to gather stats for me this week. Much appreciated fellas **