Written by Josh Farnsworth

Love and Football in Tulsa

Kicking field goals and extra points is about consistency, timing and routine.
You wait for your moment. You wait for the holder to drop to one knee. You commit to the kick, wind up and deliver. For Tulsa rookie kicker Brooke Beissel, she recently found herself on the “holder side” of this equation along the lakefront in Chicago.
Fellow Desperado, running back Doug Brown, took her to a popular selfie spot and waited for a special moment. He dropped to one knee, and approached Beissel with the commitment question. “Doug started saying really kind things about us and our relationship, which he always does, so I still didn’t think anything of it,” said Beissel, “until I saw him getting down on one knee with a ring box that came out of nowhere. I was in complete shock until Doug asked, ‘so is that a YES?’”
Yes. Yes it was.
Timing is everything.
The soon-to-be wed couple actually attended the same high school. Despite having mutual friends, they never dated and went their separate ways once the final school bell tolled. After seeing Brooke’s father’s car in a parking lot, he reached out to her to grab drinks and catch up via social media. Text read, but no response. Life moved forward…eight years forward, that is.
“She left me on ‘read’ for eight years,” he joked. That is when Brown decided to reach out with a casual hello. This time, Beissel responded. “I found myself wanting to keep talking to him which led to our first date on his birthday,” she said. “After our first date, I knew I was with someone very special. I left the next day for a four-day work trip in California. Once I got back, we never left each other’s side.”