Written by Hunter Norwood, Jacob Clear, Chad Stinson, Ernest McCray Sr., and Auryn Wicker

Welcome back to another run of Premier Stats’ Power Rankings! This week we are looking into what makes teams tick and how they can take that next step. On the rankings side we’ve seen some movement within the top 10 and thereabouts. With a nearly full slate this weekend no spot is safe going into next week. Good luck to all teams that aren’t Denver this week. Enjoy! EDITORS NOTE: Sorry for the delay, we fell a little behind and I accept full responsibility for that. We should be back on track next week.

  Rank    Team    Record    Average Rank    Last Week    Trending 

     1        5-0                   1.00                                 1                       Even               

What part of Baltimore’s game isn’t a strength? This team is stacked from top to bottom and we want to focus on two points here. John-Michael Suddeth at TE2 is doing everything that’s being asked of him. He is blocking well for Hazard and Gaines when he is on the field and the few times the ball has been thrown his way, 7 Catches on 9 Targets for 45 Yards and a 6.4 Yards Per Catch average, he is getting the job done. On the other side of the ball Enzo Bolt is making the most of his few opportunities as well, 4 Tackles to go with 3 PDs and an INT. If these two keep putting in the work on and off the field, they will grow into studs just like the rest of this team.

      2             4-1                      2.20                               3                       Up

Vancouver is off to the start you would expect, and they are building their way towards that Championship appearance that Andy has worked hard for. Two of the newest pieces to that puzzle are doing their best to make that happen for him. First, Earl Field IV is playing his heart out at the starting OLB spot, racking up 34 Total Tackles including 3 TFLs along with 4 PDs, which is a solid start for a rookie jumping into a starting spot. On the other side of the ball we have one of the strongest passing attacks in the league and it got stronger when Andy added David Gehres in at the WR4 spot. Granted his number doesn’t get called much, but with his build you have to respect his presence on that field. He currently has 6 Catches on 9 Targets for 89 Yards which adds up to a whopping 14.8 Yards Per Catch. These two are going to be key members of this team in the near future and those teams that didn’t draft them will be regretting it.

     3        4-2                        4.00                            7                      Up

Whilst the majority of the hype surrounding Ross Napoli’s most recent draft was around Randy Squarebush, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite SFL meme dealer Jack Br- no, Dante Grimm. As the fifth man in the Revolution secondary, Grimm has 2 Interceptions on the season, returning one to the house. Grimm seems to have settled in well in the bayou and will likely be a great asset to the franchise for seasons to come.

    4         4-1                         4.40                             2                       Down

The Dragons put a focus on defense this season in their draft and most of the players drafted have contributed to this team so far. First round pick Declan O’Rourke, LB, has done well with his 14 Solo Tackles, 3 for loss, 1 Interception and an impressive 6 Pass Deflections. He has a way to put himself in a spot to be able to make a play and be a good young contributor to this team. Then you have their two 2nd round draft picks, Darryll Bullock, CB, who has 11 Solo Tackles of his own, and Aaron Goodin, OLB, who leads the team in total tackles with 35 as well as tied for most on the team in solo tackles with 25, add in 3 Tackles For Loss and 2 Passes Deflected. These rookies are making an impact on the Dragons defense and if they can continue to improve throughout this season they are going to have an opportunity to help this Dragons team make a run in the playoffs where that is when a defense needs to step up and win a championship. It’s looking like a solid draft class this season on the defensive side of the ball.

    5        3-2                         5.20                             4                        Down

The Storm had one selection in this past draft, and with pick 23 in the first round they selected Strong Saftey Adrian Blane, and it looks like a great pickup at the back end of the 1st. They already have Andrew Francis who has been in the league since Season 9 but Blane is tied with Francis in total tackles with 31 while having more solo tackles at 25. Blane also has 1 Pass Deflection and 1 Interception to add in with his already great stats. The role that the Storm has for these two has worked out so far this season and it doesn’t look like there is anything that will stop this duo going forward. It’s a great sign for the rookie and the promise he has in his future here.

    6          3-2                       6.40                            13                        Up

The Charleston Predators came into the draft looking for defensive help. They took Robert Cherry, DT, in the 1st Round 17th overall which I feel was and is a great fit as they have rock to build around. In his first 5 games (3-2) Cherry has 12 Tackles and 2.5 Sacks but needs to get a little better on stuffing the run. TE Dustie Roark’s name was called in the 3rd Round, 55th overall, and he has 2 Catches for 4 Yards and 1 Touchdown. NOTE:Sam Blotner, FS, went in the 3rd Round and 67th overall.

    7          3-2                       7.40                             12                       Up

DJ Bandit was taken in the 2nd Round at pick 42 and at the time you saw this as a pick that was meant for the future. With long time Veteran Jamaal Wooding as the teams leading TE, it was good timing to bring in Bandit, who during his days in the SFLm had arguably the best hands and ran crisp routes and was without a doubt the fastest TE coming out. It made sense to take Bandit here and let him be groomed behind such a rock in Wooding. Bandit has caught all three of his targets so far this season showing that those hands in the SFLm work just fine in the big leagues too, this guy is a name to remember for the future.
Diamond Blackwell, with a name like that you have to expect him to be tough, and playing LB is the perfect position for this guy. Drafted in the 1st round at pick number 20 coming out of the SFLm he was as all around a player as you could find. 60+ Tackles, 1.5 Sacks, gets his hands on the ball in the air, gets behind the LOS to make tackles, and don’t forget forcing a fumble during season 4 of the Minors. So his impact in the SFL hasn’t been much, but this team is built to win, so most draft picks come in learn and are molded for the future. You can see during the practices that this guy has the potential to be everything expected from a 1st Round draft pick.

    8          3-2                       9.00                             5                       Down

LSG is off to a hotter start than expected this season, and however large or small their contribution, the rookies on this team are a part of that. Matteo Pravado, the young FB, is leading the way for Ike to do what she does best, which is pound opposing defenses into submission so that the passing game can soar all over the field. He also is getting in on the action as he has carried the ball 14 times for 31 Yards and added 5 Catches on 5 Targets for 23 Yards. As a FB, you aren’t the star, but you make sure they get to shine and he is providing that. On defense Bogey Barr has slid into that OLB2 spot right behind his friend and mentor Yogi Barr. So far this season he has 30 Tackles of which 2 were for a loss and also has 3 PDs to his name as well. This may not seem like much, but when your counterpart is Jay Mart, you’re doing pretty darn well.

    9          3-2                        10.00                            6                       Down

Lu(WR)/Finlay(K)/Izzy Blackwell(SS)/Matthews(DT)/Patterson(QB). The main standout for San Diego so far this season has got to be Scar Patterson at the QB position. He’s already fourth in Passing Yards with a game in hand on two players above him and can easily end up 2nd if he keeps this pace up. He’s kept his TDs above his INTs so far and in the SFL if you can stay at 1:1 or better at TD/INT then you’re doing something right as a QB. While his Completion Percentage may be towards the bottom at 64.91%, he is still a rookie and will have a good career ahead of him to get better and start to solidify those numbers. His QBR is middle of the pack, but again with better accuracy will come less Interceptions, more TDs and a better QBR , so top half is a great jumping off point for a rookie. I will also say that the Loddy Lu pick from the Mavericks is one I really do like. He seems to be a great locker room presence and has been able to join a team that is looking to pass and is getting good looks despite the WR4 designation and he will be one to keep an eye on in a few seasons.

   10         3-3                       12.00                            8                       Down

The Denver Nightwings took Randy Fats III, OL, 6th overall in the draft to help the run game. Denver took a TE in the 2nd Round in Brian Murphy. Also in the 3rd Round they took Juan Mississippi, LB, who has been good for the Nightwings. I’m waiting for his first sack still, but he has 27 Tackles to this point so far. NOTE:The Nightwings are 3-3, can the Rookies step it up in the second half of season 18 to help bring Denver back to the playoffs.

   11          3-3                       12.40                            10                       Down

With the 3rd pick in the 1st round the Sparrows selected GP Wells, RB, in a draft that had a lot of talented RBs to choose from. Wells has done okay with running the ball going for over 400 total Rushing Yards, 4.2 Yards Per Carry, and no fumbles. However that isn’t what makes GP Wells so dangerous, it’s the passing game where he has been helpful to say the least, catching the ball 63 times on 66 targets. 63 Catches! That doesn’t just lead RBs, that leads all Receivers in the league. He has 355 Receiving Yards so a lot of those are swings which you could say are just an extension of the run. I mean they’re doing everything they can to get this guy the ball and I’d have to say he is answering the call. It’s an amazing feat to have so far and I’ll be interested to revisit his catches at the end of the year to see if he ends up finishing as the League Leader in Receptions. He is looking like a stud in the making for years to come. We can’t talk about Wells without mentioning the Guard drafted in the second round from the Boise Mud Dogs, Moose Mitchell. This man stands at 6’4″ and 313 pounds and has been one of the reasons Wells has been able to not only run the ball, but Moose gets out there on the edge for those swing passes to lead block and help produce all of those edge plays. It’s always great to have a young lineman on the team contributing and leading the way for your offensive weapons and that’s just what Moose Mitchell does.

  12         3-2                 12.60                            9                       Down

Zomelia(SS)/Johnson(DT)/Bradshaw(K)/Dalton(DT)/Pearson(CB)/Patton(WR). The Kings went to the defensive well this past draft and while they haven’t had one particular standout player they have had the whole unit do their part to give their offense the best chance to win the game. With Zomelia in the top 10% in Tackles Per Game at 8.4 along with 2 Interceptions and a Fumble Recovery to his name he has done well to begin to forge his own path at the SS position. Stewart has large shoes to fill with his predecessor being Succo Lohmano who was once a DPOY candidite. Prior to that the Kings fielded an icon and progression genius in Alex Bond, but Zomelia has had a good start to his career and will hope to continue to roll as the season progresses.

   13         3-3                      12.80                            16                      Up

Ramos, Matt and Ray used the draft to restock in several key positions this off-season, most notably adding 3 new Receivers to run a 5 wide offense (the most in the league), with Nick Lockett, Orane Darby and TT Krystal the new faces on the Aztecs’ offense. The trio have combined for 28 Receptions for around 350 Total Yards, but are all yet to score their first Touchdown. Darby, however, does lead the other two with 173 Yards at the WR4 spot. The Aztecs’ draft also featured both Derek and Angela Meercat as well as Matt Anderson and Liam Ryan.

   14           2-3                    14.60                            22                       Up

Terrance Weary may just be a WR4 on an offense that has passed the rock around to seven different targets, but he has done well with his own 14 Targets. With 9 Catches and an average of 10.9 Yards Per Reception, Weary is moving the sticks on average with every catch and even has his first Touchdown in the majors under his belt already. If the Lycans can start to figure out their subpar QB play then we could start to see Weary popping up and getting his name called more in an offense that has been spreading the ball around nicely.

  15          2-3                      15.60                            19                       Up

Arizona is off to a wickedly slow start for them. It’s hard to say exactly why that is, but I can say that it isn’t the fault of the lone rookie on this team, Tauraneo Rivera. He has been going out there opening holes and clearing the way for DJ Moses the best he can, and along the way he has added 11 Catches on 12 Targets for 85 yards, which nets him an impressive 7.7 Yards Per Catch! He hasn’t received any carries yet, but I believe we will hear his name called soon, when AZ finds themselves mere steps from the goal line and needing that extra oomph to punch it in for 6. It is my humble opinion that this team will start turning things around now and work their way back into the playoffs.

   16          2-3                       16.20                           11                       Down

St. Louis is off to a slow start, but they have a lot to be proud of, and that starts with their rookies. First, Mark Kaufman is only the Dime Back, but when he is on the field he makes the most of his time there. Currently he has 5 Total Tackles and 3 PDs. Even though he is a fresh faced rookie, he’s made sure that teams don’t really want to throw his way, and as he matures and gets more experienced he’s just going to be that much more dangerous to throw against. Sticking to the same family, on the other side of the ball we have his brother, Shane Kaufman filling in that WR3 spot nicely. Though it’s hard to steal the QB’s attention away from Eagle Mondavi or Paul Dillavou, he is having a nice start to his career so far with 20 Catches on 25 Targets for 239 Yards which adds up to 12 Yards Per Catch, and then you add in the fact that he has already scored the first TD of his career, and you know that given a short amount of time that this kid is just gonna explode and be an amazing threat on the field.

   17          2-3                     16.40                             15                      Down

The Queen City Corsairs had 2 picks in the draft and with their 1st pick they took Nathaniel Diggs, OLB, 16th overall. Diggs has 21 Tackles, no sacks, 1 Pass Defense and is averaging 4.2 TCK/G. Queen City has to get a little more from Nathaniel, meaning sacks and getting some pressure from his spot, I believe he can and I personally would like to see more of him rushing. We shall see with them sitting at 2-3 if they can make it happen. NOTE: In round 2, 38th overall, they grabbed a center in Odette Boudreaux who should be that building block for the rest of the Offense Line.

   18       2-3                       16.40                            21                      Up

London haven’t needed to do a whole lot in the previous two drafts, only stocking up their offensive line with tackles Perrin Aybara and Anthony Anderson. Both players have been exceptional in helping maintain Jonny Pichler’s form throughout the first half of Season 18.

   19          2-3                       17.00                            14                     Down

Las Vegas were quite active in the Season 18 draft, with Linebacker Dabson Bugnutt providing an immediate impact on the defensive side of the ball, collecting a total of 22 Tackles with one for a loss in the first half of the season. He features in an extensive draft class from Vegas that featured the likes of Scott Fowl, Jackson Roberts, Sam Jager, Anthony Stover and LaQuan Smith in Justin Reside’s first draft as Vegas’ general manager.

   20        2-3                      17.80                            17              Down

Hattori Hanzo was drafted 8th overall in this years SFL draft and you can kind of understand why with how the Skyhawks are towards the top the of the league in both Rushing Yards and Rushing TDs. It’s good to have him in there for those heavy packages to help guide Jack in the hole. It’s not like the Skyhawks won’t use their FBs, especially in the passing game where Hanzo already has one catch, but the guy he is learning behind, Zoma has 8 Catches for 168 Yards and 2 TDs! This is a good landing spot for Hanzo to get some reps and learn behind Zoma on how to be a pro and how to capitalize on his opportunities when they come.

   21           3-3                      17.80                           20                     Down

Let’s talk about Doug Brown, shall we? Lead by Stephen MacMichaels, Jason France and most recently Will Stephens in Berto Demoura’s offense, Brown is 2nd in Total Yards for his rookie class with 545 and 3 Touchdowns, as well as having 99 Yards through the air. Brown hasn’t disappointed, and will hope to continue his form as Tulsa seeks to continue their improved form.

  22          1-4                      22.40                           18                     Down

Demond may have thought he would have more of a choice when it came to his pick at #9 to fill his open RB spot but as fate would have it the Hyenas had one choice and that was Brad Jones. Despite being the last of the four horsemen to be picked up Brad is currently leading the pack of rookie RBs in Rushing Yards(552), YPC(5.4) and all-purpose Touchdowns(5). He is also 2nd in All-Purpose Yard at 705, but has a game in hand on GP Wells who is at 757 thru 6, so he should be taking over in that category once games are level. With being the new focal point of the Hyenas offense, and doing well on that front with scoring ~30% of Houston’s points, Brad Jones is starting to look like a steal at the RB position.

   23        1-5                       22.40                           23                      Even

The FT. Worth Toros Yanked up Johnny Reno in the 1st round, 2nd overall. Johnny got his first win this week and that has to feel great to get that monkey of his back. Reno is having a very nice start to his rookie year, Johnny has completed 130/186 for 1464 Passing Yards with a 69.89 Completion Percentage and 8 TDs to 9 INTs, with a QBR OF 87.3 that’s not bad for a Rookie. NOTE: They also grabbed up Frank Bernstine in the 3rd round, 62nd overall, and he has 3 INTs. The Tacoma connection coming up big for the Toros!

   24         0-5                      24.00                           24                      Even

The Portland Fleet had 3 picks in the SFL Draft and they went on the offensive side with all 3. Izrell Adams was the tenth player selected overall and is off to a tough rookie start (0-5). The whole team is struggling ,they have to focus on getting Izrell more involved, he has 23 Receptions for 303 Yards, 2 TDs, and is averaging 13.2 Yards Per Catch. In the 3rd round at 52nd overall the Fleet took Mike Savage another WR that they converted to TE. He has 8 Catches for 103 Yards & 1 TD. NOTE:Jaden Taylor, OL, went in the 2nd round, 33rd overall and is a big edition for that not so good Offensive Line.