Written By Josh Farnsworth
Images By Frank ‘The Franchise’ Wade

Farnzy’s 9 milestones for Season 18
Stats don’t tell the whole story. It’s true. They can mislead, misinform and miscategorise certain events that tell about the success of a player, team or entire league. But wow, are they fun, am I right?? They can sometimes be used to celebrate some impressive career accomplishments. As Season 18 begins, statistically speaking, here are my Top 9 benchmarks that look to be surpassed…
Note: If you are a running back and only value running back milestones, first off, expand your horizons. Come on now. Secondly, sorry, no real sexy landmarks will be hit this time around.
9. A.J. Levye passes 10K kick return yards
This may be the easiest milestone, as long as the second-best all time continues returning kicks for the Sparrows. He is currently at 9,989 kick return yards. Needing only 11, he should break this mark on the first such return of the season. Get that ticker tape ready early folks.
8. Trio takes aim at 10K receiving yards
Sometimes it’s more fun to pass those milestones together. Or at least adjacently. Close by? Close. Whatever. Chris Curtis, Deezer Powell and Gabriel Manning are closing in on 10,000 receiving yards for their remarkable careers. Powell sits at 9,410, while Curtis has 9,329, which are good for 8th and 9th all time, respectively. Manning has 8,596, so he’ll need to find a way in a now-four-WR-offense to continue racking up the numbers (1,404 to be exact) to pass the milestone in S18.
7. The 1K tackle club gets a rush on new members
Of all the really, really shiny milestones (you know, the numbers with all the zeros on the end), reaching 1,000 career total tackles looks to be the most popular. The list includes many familiar faces (especially to opposing running backs) who are all within striking distance of the four-digit milestone: Nick Fargo (988), Andrew Francis (949), Slinn Shady (944), DJ Majesty (930), Kanye Rockfella (917), Max Jackson (902) and Tank Bennett (902). Of the ones farthest away on this list, no sweat. Jackson is coming off a 136-tackle campaign. Bennett had 98 tackles his rookie season as a New Orleans Pharaoh. Every other season has been triple digits. Piece of cake. Jeffrey Daggs needs 125 tackles to reach the 1K plateau – a lofty mark he has never quite reached. Maybe next year?
6. One hundred sacks? Two please.
Rhett Sawyer and William Davidson are just biding their time to make their career 100th sack. Davidson (94.5) and Sawyer (90) are fifth and sixth all time, respectively in this quarterback-crushing category. Needing just five, Davidson should reach the mark some time in March for the Knight. Getting 10 sacks is no guarantee during a season, even for greats like Sawyer. Moving over to Florida this season, he’ll have plenty of help on the defensive line to break through (more to come in this column on his teammate). It will be interesting to see the defensive gameplan with him now in the mix.
5. Kole Varner kicks 250 field goals
And now, you’ve reached the kicker love portion of the column. Varner is the record holder at 232 made field goals for his illustrious career. He was a perfect 25 of 25 last season, so accuracy will not be an issue. Unless Mexico City’s offense is so efficient it does nothing but score touchdowns, consider this milestone reached. Book it.
4. Ashley Jackson passes the 25K mark
Get it? She “passes” the mark. I’ll show myself out. But before I do, let me just say this Scorpion gunslinger is at 21,986 yards all-time, which is 12th all-time in SFL history. With 3,014 passing yards, she’ll become the 11th quarterback to ever accomplish the SFL feat. Only one season (15) did she fail to top the 3,000-yard threshold.
3. Julian Tyree throws 300 TDs
The most impressive potential milestone with the biggest moving target is this one right here. Sitting at 266, Tyree will need 34 this season. That’s a lot. That’s a lot more for a team that values a consistent, rugged running approach. The career Sparrow has struggled the past two seasons. However, with roster expansion and a new running back, perhaps a new approach and gameplan are in store for Sioux Falls. Don’t sleep on this benchmark. Tyree is, after all, second to Matt Willson in SFL history in touchdown passes. His career-high is 40, so it is certainly possible.
2. Eddie Gauge compiles 1,500 tackles
This is rarefied air in the stats column. Gauge has 1,447 – nearly 100 more than second place. The Hall of Famer is a consistent and sure-handed tackler, who is on pace to set the all-time marks in tackles, interceptions and say–it-with-your-chest-related content. One for that last category, but a lead is a lead. EDITOR’S NOTE: Gauge also has yet another season to try and reach his toughest milestone to date – making a Pick-6. Just one will do. Over to you old man.
1. Alex Dominguez reaches 200 sacks
If there was ever an untouchable personal milestone in the SFL, it would be the incredible sack tally that Alex Dominguez has put forth over his Hall of Fame career. The Storm super D-lineman has 197.5 sacks – needing only 2.5 to be the first to break the 200-sack ceiling. Need perspective? Second place all-time is at merely 111. Be afraid, SFL quarterbacks. Be very afraid.
The Read Option’ will return next week with more interesting thoughts from the quirky mind of Josh Farnsworth