SFL Communications

January 9, 2022

After a successful fourth season that saw the Madison Lynx win their second title, the SFL’s Minor League will crank back up in April with a new draft class and players returning from the pros to get more playing time and development, showcasing their skills for future offers.

As with every SFLm off-season, the league is shuffling coaching staffs and teams based on promotions in the pros and leadership performance. SFLm will contract to eight teams for the shortened SFL off-season and will go back to playing their opening week opponent a second time to end the season. Memphis will go dormant, while Albuquerque and Lincoln will be brought back to life through new leadership. Mike Ahl will lead Lincoln who has not competed since Season 1 but was home to now-prominent SFL players like Atlanta quarterback Bryant Dynasty and Conner Darian, the league’s Director of Compliance. The Atoms return after one season off and two seasons removed from their Championship. Josh Williams will take the reigns of the Atoms, who have produced London wide receiver and lead SFL Analyst Mike St. Green, along with guys like St. Louis receiver and Minority Owner Eagle Mondavi.

Salt Lake and Boise will also go dormant as a result of these changes. Madison, Ottawa and San Jose continue to be the most-tenured franchises, competing in all five seasons of competition

Team lineup for Season 5:

Albuquerque, Annapolis, Lexington, Lincoln, Madison, Ottawa, San Jose, Tacoma.