SFL Communications

January 3, 2022

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music completed its four round, 88-pick Rookie Draft Sunday night to complete 23-man rosters on each of the 24 SFL teams, totaling 552 unique user players who will populate the league for the 18th season. Here’s a rundown of the headlines:

Round 1 –

Tulsa took Douglas Brown No. 1 overall, proving that if you wait long enough, stay patient and stay humble – good things will come. Brown was outshined a bit in his third SFLm season by other running backs, but Tulsa – and probably many other teams – never lost sight of his true star potential. Fort Worth traded up to the No. 2 pick to get Johnny Reno at quarterback, the team’s third quarterback in its first four seasons. We’ll see if Reno has the staying power the Toros are looking for after rebuilding their team this off-season with a league-high eight rookie picks.

The running back train didn’t stop at No. 1. They were called the four horsemen: Brown, GP Wells, Randy Squarebush and Brad Jones – the highest valued players in SFLm history who blasted through developing defenses through the years getting stronger every game in wait of SFL opportunity. Wells got it at No. 3 with Sioux Falls, Louisiana traded up to get Squarebush at No. 9 to become the first team in SFL history with two running backs signed at the start of the season above base copper. Houston took Brad Jones with the 9th pick, capping a flurry of offensive weapons gone early.

Wide receiver Izrell Adams shined in Memphis and was signed by Portland at pick 10, an offense desperate for a deep-threat playmaker. Vancouver got the highest-valued linebacker off the board at pick 19 in Earl Fields IV. Back-to-back ladies went 22 and 23: Defensive End Angela Meercat to Mexico City and strong safety Adrian Blane to Florida.

Round 2 –

Tulsa continued to make waves in Round 2 taking Brooke Beissel at kicker with the 25th selection – starting a string of four kickers taken in the second round. Houston nabbed punter Jacorei Ray with the 32nd pick and Buster Johnson was tapped by Jacksonville to take over for lost long-time veteran of the squad, Hunter Norwood.

Once more, back-to-back women were selected by Los Angeles and Queen City, respectively, at 37 and 38: Outside linebacker Tazzy Blackwell and center Odette Boudreaux. Another running back was taken off the board by Vancouver, but Sawyer Stern will make a move to fullback.

D.C. stole Aaron Goodin with the 48th pick at outside linebacker. Goodin broke the single game record for solo tackles in a SFLm game with 20 in the regular season finale and led the league in tackles by a wide margin.

Round 3 & 4 –

Portland makes a surprising move, converting the minor league’s top wide receiver Mike Savage to tight end with the 52nd pick. Meme machine Dante Grimm finally gets his draft call to Louisiana at 53 (Grimm last season was selected by Mexico City in error – the Aztecs had no more selections – stuck it out and earned his spot). Husband Derek Meercat joins wife Angela in Mexico City with Pick 59 while Sioux Falls hauled SFLm’s top tight end – Cesar Akermann – at Pick 61.

Jacksonville claimed the top corner at 64 with Terrance Pearson. Defensive backs were a theme of the night, with 12 defensive backs taken in the last 40 selections.

In Round 4, San Diego finally got its new quarterback – 4th quarter comeback extraordinaire Scar Patterson with the 75th selection. Ernest McCray Sr. celebrated with family as the last one in the green room off the board – selected by Sioux Falls at Pick 78. Mexico City turned some heads with their final pick – 86th – selecting wide receiver T.T. Krystal, the team’s 5th contracted wide receiver. They are the first team in SFL history to have five contracted receivers.

Fort Worth became the second team to take a second running back, selecting JZ Bacon at 87. Louisiana originally was announced to take receiver Duggy Day with the 88th pick, but Day retired a previous player who played for Louisiana in Season 17 and by rule, cannot have his new player be drafted by that same SFL team the following season. Louisiana later selected wide receiver Anthony Delano out of San Jose.


The league now turns its attention to the 2022 calendar and the start of the 18th SFL season on Saturday January 15.