SFL Communications

December 9, 2021

The Simulation Football League’s Lone Star Glory have upgraded their branding to include two shades of blue that fits their current style and have adjusted their horse and rider with a more bold and charging appearance as the Glory look to ride back into the playoffs and onwards to a Championship in their fourth season since the team relocated from Seattle to Denton.

With Owner Charles Dougherty, President Dave Axis, Head Coach and Co-General Manager Albert Begin and Co-General Manager Yogi Barr, the Glory return to action in January 2022 after a retooling season.

“Lone Star Glory has decided that it was time to freshen up the current team logos and branding,” Dougherty said. “The old branding rolled out in SFL Season 15 will always be revered and have a special place in franchise lore. That branding did what we needed it to do in establishing LSGs membership in the Simulation Football League. After three seasons, we felt it was time to have a brand that captures the spirit of Lone Star Glory. LSG is very pleased with the results. We look forward to embracing this new branding with our team, the SFL and our fans around the globe.

Lone Star competes in the South Division with rivals Fort Worth, Houston and Mexico City and its history dates back to Season 6 when the franchise was known as the Dallas Law. The team worked with designer dollob to collaborate on the project.