A Clearer Picture

Episode 23 – Rookie Showcase #2

A one on one interview with Angela Meercat and Sam Blotner

Clear – Back for more! It’s a pleasure to have your attention this evening, and following the opening of major league re-signings, I sit down with two more rookies hoping to make their way onto an SFL roster in just three weeks time. Tonight, we’ve got two mid-season joins that have made immediate impacts in the community and on their respective teams, welcome in Angela Meercat and Sam Blotner! How are you both this evening?

Meerkat – I’m doing great, thanks!

Blotner – I’m doing great!

Clear – Glad to hear it – as always, I’d like to first ask, who are you? Can you give me a little information on yourselves and your players?

Meerkat – My name is Angela, but Meercat is not my last name, haha. I’m 36, born and raised in Minnesota. Married to a fellow player named Derek Meercat. I have a beautiful 9-year-old stepdaughter. We have many pets. We are pet lovers you could say. I currently play for the Memphis River runners as a defensive end.

Blotner – My name is Sam Blotner, I’m 21 and I live in Massachusetts. I like playing football as well as video games like Destiny, Halo, Minecraft and All-Pro Football. I also enjoy watching Arena football. I am the Free Safety for the San Jose Flight.

Clear – Awesome. What brought you both into the league, and what were your first impressions entering the community?

Meercat – I saw my husband in the league and I saw how excited he was during his first game and I thought it would be a fun opportunity for both of us to do something together that we both love. My first impressions were that everyone was very welcoming. They welcomed me to the league with open arms.

Blotner – I first heard of the SFL while my friend was trying to get input for an expansion team a few seasons ago. I then saw the promo for the S16 Championship Game on my recommendations page. I also caught the end of that game where Denver won on a last-second field goal. I started to gain more interest a month or two ago when I asked my friend was his thoughts were on the SFL and how certain things worked before I joined the server. My first impressions were that the community was very great and welcoming.

Clear – Great to hear! When you joined the league, what drove you to play your respective positions? Did you have any influence on making that decision?

Meercat – I think what drove me to pick defensive end is that there were no other defensive ends in the minors at that time and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make an impact on whatever team I landed on. My husband helped me figure out what was available but ultimately the position was my decision. I also really enjoy seeing quarterbacks get sacked by defensive ends and that’s why I also chose it. Jared Allen has always been a favorite of mine at that position.

Blotner – Back in high school I had to play both an offensive and defensive position. My Offensive position was at wide receiver and my defensive position was free safety. When I joined the server I had my eye on free safety because I wanted to play FS again as it had been a few years since I last played the position.

Clear – Very nice! Now, Angela, you have been playing for the River Runners for a number of weeks now, what has your experience been like playing in Memphis?

Meercat – It’s been amazing. My fellow players and coaches have been nothing but supportive. We’re there for each other each week to get our progressions in. Game days we have each other’s backs and win or lose we’re always there for each other. Coach Jae gives the best pregame and post-game speeches.

Clear – And how about you, Sam? How has your experience been with Coach Vandelay at the San Jose Flight?

Blotner – It’s been awesome. Coach Art has been nothing but amazing and he is great to have as a coach. My teammates are also great, everyone from the players to the coaching staff are so supportive even if someone doesn’t have the best game.

Clear – I’m glad to hear it! How has the minor league season been going for your players, and how do you foresee the rest of the season playing out for your respective teams?

Meercat – My player has its ups and downs but I only joined the league week 2 so I’m still in the beginner stages of my progressions. I was happy to see that I made the Prospect Bowl and I played pretty well in it. I’m seeing improvements every week and I’m very optimistic about what the end of the season holds for my player. Our team has been picking up speed and had some clutch wins. I’m hoping we keep up that momentum and make a playoff run.

Blotner – My minor season has been going great, had two interceptions in my second game and looking to get a few more come draft time. I hope that we can win out and sneak into the postseason.

Clear – Looking beyond the SFLm, have you had many conversations with pro teams? How are you feeling about your draft stock?

Meercat – I’ve had some good discussions with teams and I’m feeling optimistic so far with the interest I’m getting and conversations I’m having. If I don’t get drafted, I’m happy to keep playing for Coach Jae and the River Runners for another year.

Blotner – I haven’t had much conversation with teams as not many teams need free safety at the moment. I did talk to a staff member on a team that is looking for a third safety but I feel like I could get drafted in a later round depending on the needs of some teams. If I do not get drafted I am happy to continue to play for the Flight.

Clear – What do the league and the experience mean to you both on a personal level, and do you have any specific career aspirations?

Meercat – On a personal level it’s a great bonding experience for my husband and I. We talk about it all the time and get excited for each on game days. At this moment I hope to land in a team that I can help improve and be a positive influence.

Blotner – The league feels great as it feels like a second home with a ton of people to get to know. My career aspirations are to win a championship and get a pick-six in the majors.

Clear – Finally, do you have a take-home message for the community? Some final words of wisdom?

Meercat – Remember to love each other, have fun, and don’t take things too seriously.

Blotner – Make sure to keep supporting your teammates on game day and in the chats.

Clear – Wonderful! Thank you both for joining and giving me your time! Good luck for the rest of the season and good luck in the draft!

Meercat – Thank you for having me!

Blotner – Thanks for having me!