SFL Communications

December 5, 2021

After extensive meetings to roll out roster expansion procedures, the smallest ballot of Owner Meetings in years concluded with two new measures passing.

Max FB Height was approved from 6’4″ to 6’5″ by a 20-4 vote. This proposal was rejected last off-season.

Depth Chart repositioning rules have also changed with the addition of the automation portal. Previously teams voted on keeping the depth chart the same – regardless of cap hit – all season long (this helped keep the manual workload down of adjusting players on the depth chart as cap hits evolve throughout the season). Passing with a 20-4 vote, teams will now have the option of adjusting the depth chart when a position group sees a player surpass another in cap hit, allowing a WR2 to become a WR1 for example. The team must notify the league of the activated change by Wednesday 11:59 pm CT time – at the end of the progression window – giving their opponent 48 hours notice of the change prior to the playbook deadline.

Rejections to motions related to banning owner players and limiting owner players to one per team failed, garnering 5 (needed 16 to pass) and 8 votes (needed 13 to pass), respectively. Stat tracking limits for all-time stats were also proposed, but the majority of teams voted to not include a limit (13 votes). 10, 15 and 20 seasons were considered (earned 11 votes combined), an initiative to help make all-time rosters feel more obtainable for new players and to combat the retirement discussion. A banning of the Route God animation was also rejected, receiving only 2 approval votes.

Now that administrative measures have concluded, the off-season will proceed with the Re-Signing period starting Monday December 6. Free Agency begins Monday December 13.