A Clearer Picture

Episode 22

A one on one interview with Scott Fowl and Amar Bryant

Clear – Yes, I took another hiatus. And I’ll probably take another one! But what’s more important is we are back once more (this time with a much sexier graphic), scouring the extensive draft class that awaits, uncovering the stories of the SFLm’s biggest names. Tonight, I sit down with Scott Fowl of the Madison Lynx, who secured his first career touchdown last week against Tacoma, and Ottawa corner Amar Bryant Jr. Welcome to both of you, how are you this evening?

Fowl – I’m good!

Bryant – I’m doing well, how are you doing this evening?

Clear – I am excellent, thank you. It’s a pleasure to have you both on. First of all, who is behind the players? Please tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Fowl – Well, I live in Reno, Nevada and I’m in high school. my name is not Scott Fowl, it is the name of my online persona. My favourite NFL team is the Steelers. I like drawing, listening to music, and swimming.

Bryant – I’m from Portsmouth, Virginia. Living in Oklahoma right now due to being stationed here on Fort Sill, GO ARMY! My name is Amar but my last name isn’t Bryant. The name Bryant comes from Kobe Bryant being my favorite player across all sports. Favorite football team is the Dallas Cowboys!

Clear -Awesome! So, what brought you both into the league? How did you come across it and what were your first impressions of the product and community?

Fowl – I’ve been a viewer of the OWL (overwatch league) for a while, and when I figured out that there was a sort of interactive e-sport, I decided I was on board. My first impressions were positive since everyone welcomed me into the league with open arms.

Bryant – Honestly age and being able to understand it now bought me into the league. I came across the league about 3-4 years ago and just never understood it until now. The product is amazing the fact that they have multiple broadcast teams so games don’t get hung up in limbo is awesome. The community is probably the most welcoming sim community that I’ve been a part of and hopefully one day I can attend an SFL convention.

Clear – Scott, when you signed up, what drew you towards playing tight end? Are there any current players you look up to that convinced you to play tight end?

Fowl – The opportunity to be both the big guy, like I was when I played football, and be able to score touchdowns, seemed pretty cool. Jim Copeland Jr (free agent tight end) and Axel Raven (San Diego) were two people that didn’t convince me to play as TE but definitely supported me in making the decision.

Clear – And what about you, Amar? What brought you to playing corner? Were there any factors that played into that decision?

Bryant – Honestly I love playing defense, both in real life and in games. Knowing how to stop your opponent from scoring has always been a strong suit of mine. Also, multiple NFL players current and active played into choosing to play corner. From the likes of Jalen Ramsey, Deion Sanders, and Trevon Diggs. I love being on that island with a receiver one on one, to show that receiver I have the capability to stop you from getting the ball.

Clear – You play for the Madison Lynx and the Ottawa Cavalry respectively, what has your experience been like with your teams so far and what have you enjoyed most about the minor league experience?

Fowl – My first impressions were great, everyone has been supportive in the locker room and the experience has been fantastic.

Bryant – Honestly I love my team. No matter what other teams have going on in their locker rooms, Ottawa is my team, I love the coaching staff they definitely take into consideration what the players say and talk about when it comes to anything. The team itself is a great organization and we’re looking to bring Ottawa its first championship this season hopefully.

Clear – Great to hear! How are you both feeling leading into the back end of this minor league season with your respective teams?

Fowl – I’m feeling great, looking forward to the rest of the season. every game is an opportunity to improve and we can only get better with time.

Bryant – I’m feeling great honestly, I still feel like we have the pieces to turn our season around. Also, it’s great to see SFL teams reaching out to us SFLm players to let us know how we’ll fall into their team.

Clear – And, looking beyond the SFLm, how much interest have you had leading into the draft and how confident are you of your draft stocks?

Fowl – I do believe my draft stock is fairly good since I was able to get on Ashley Jackson’s show, as well as Swamp Talk and, of course, this interview. I have been very interested in the draft looking forward since I really want to see my colleagues moving forward in our SFL careers alongside me.

Bryant – Honestly, I have no interest in getting drafted this season due to there not being a huge need for corners in the SFL this upcoming season. I know for a fact that Ottawa would 100% rather have me on their roster than any SFL team in my opinion.

Clear – What does this league mean to you both personally and what are your career aspirations?

Fowl – Personally, this league means that I get an opportunity to be a pro football player (or at least control one). My career aspiration is to win a championship, as I believe that I can take any team I’m on to the next level.

Bryant – Honestly this is a pretty good experience that I’m having. This league is like seeing myself out there playing on the field. I honestly just want to be one of the bests, I want to win the championships, have the accolades, and be known. Hopefully, when the time is right I come into a team where we’re building a dynasty to hopefully win multiple championships.

Clear – Awesome! Finally, do you have one take-home message for the community? One last pearl of wisdom?

Fowl – I guess my take-home message is to make your voice heard in the community, whether it’s getting on interviews or cheering your team on. it’ll make others feel like you’re there for them, and that’s what being a teammate is about.

Bryant – Yeah, it’s a lot of us down in the film. Instead of trying to be the next big thing into a system that won’t use you. Why don’t you stay to help build the minor league teams so we can actually help the players out down here when they join instead of leaving it to the coaches. Build the teams and the community.

Clear – Awesome! And with that, thank you very much for your time Amar and Scott and I look forward to seeing you both improve on the playing field in due time.

Fowl – Thank you!

Bryant – Thank you, I’m glad you had me on!

That concludes another episode of A Clearer Picture. The queue for rookie interviews is now closed from now until after the draft, but if you would like to be featured in a future episode, please feel free to hit me up! Until next time.