SFL Communications

November 23, 2021

The Simulation Football League’s Board of Directors has approved the addition of Liam Hammer to the San Diego Mavericks ownership as a 50/50 joint owner, alongside Optimus Cline, who was awarded a team by his peers at the start of Season 16.

Teams once awarded an expansion franchise serve a 1-year probationary period in which the ownership group cannot be changed, added to or subtracted – the Mavericks have cleared that probationary period and are on the rise. After finishing their inaugural season 0-12, the Mavericks won four of the last eight games last season to concluded Season 17 at 4-8, in large part due to the addition of Hammer to the coaching staff.

“In conversations with Cline and Hammer, it was clear that the Mavericks trajectory is trending up and that Hammer is an extremely valuable piece of the organization,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “The Mavericks are in good hands as they continue to chase bigger goals and improved stability of the team will be helped by this move.”

Hammer has been on a winding journey since joining the SFL in Season 15. He signed mid-season with Chicago and spent his rookie season in turmoil before he found a new home with the Lone Star Glory a season later. Hammer helped guide the Glory to the playoffs in Season 16 before being called over to help San Diego turn the corner. After a 0-4 start for the Mavericks, Hammer won four straight home games to close the season, three against playoff-bound teams. Hammer’s player on the field also enjoyed career highs in receptions (86) and yards (1,088).

“I’m grateful to Optimus and the league for the opportunity to be part of shaping the future of Maverick football for seasons to come,” Hammer said. “I’ve loved working with this staff and being in this locker room for the past season and a half and look forward to helping get us to the next level. Getting our first win as a franchise in S17 was a huge milestone and came much harder than most anyone would have anticipated, but hard times make strong teams. I know all of us here in San Diego have high hopes for our future. I’m looking forward to growing with this team and bringing winning football back to the SD fans. We got our first regular season win, how about our first playoff win next? #TakeFlight”

With the move, San Diego has adopted its ‘red tails’ uniforms as a full-time look, adding ‘battle red’ to the color scheme as an outline. The team also has been busy reshaping its front office staff to include Stefaun Forge as the team’s new Defensive Coordinator, Leon Thunderman as the team’s new General Manager and Axel Raven as the team’s new Director of Communications and Assistant Coach.

“I’m extremely excited to finally get my brother in his rightful spot next to me in San Diego,” Cline said. “What should have happened two seasons ago has come full circle. We’re building something special here in Cali and bringing in a lot of key pieces that will help us get to the next level. Getting to the dance is the goal for next season and Hammer and I wholeheartedly believe we can get there. We’re ready for whatever teams get put in front of us. #TakeFlight!”

The Mavericks will compete in the Pacific Division in the SFL’s 18th season, which kicks off January 15, 2022.