SFL Communications

November 23, 2021

The Simulation Football League has finalized the rules centering around roster expansion as the league grows all team rosters from 20 to 23 users, adding 72 additional spots to the pros.

“As pro rosters grow, playing time for players can become more limited,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “As teams gain the ability to sign more players at more positions over time, other solutions down the line can help provide more playing time to players, like making adjustments to fatigue and substitutions – we don’t have enough roster spots where that would be of benefit to all of our players. Acknowledging that team expansion will happen again too, the SFL is continuing its growth path through this move and making sure we are doing everything we can to provide as much on-field playing time as possible for our over 600 participants.”

A two-way contract allows a player to continue playing in SFLm, for playing time purposes only. The SFLm is a place to develop (undrafted rookies) or achieve more playing time (drafted players who receive minimal playing time in the SFL). Teams designate two-way contract offerings upon signing. Players who receive two-way contracts progress during the SFL season, not in the SFLm.

As voted on by the league’s 24 teams, only drafted rookies should be eligible for a two-way contract until they receive a Top 20 roster spot, regardless of expected playing time, however long that takes (12-12, majority of first-place votes on first ballot – 10). Rookies on a two way contract will also be able to hold onto all value earned in SFLm prior to being drafted, until they receive a Top 20 roster spot (18-6 approval). This protects a player who may be a cap casualty and not starting in multiple packages from losing significant value while seeking a role that can offer more playing time in the future.

Example of a drafted rookie holding onto value earned: A rookie has a value of 88.00, but signs as a 70.00 (due to salary cap) and receives a two-way contract. In a future season when a player is signed to a Top 20 roster spot, that player can sign at a max value of 88.00 using the attributes and animations previously earned in SFLm before being drafted.

All user players on the roster must be starting in at least one offensive or defensive package in Season 18.

All 23 players will count in one salary cap (22-2 approval) and all 23 roster spots will be included included in one draft, as normal; teams can fill up to 23 spots prior to the rookie draft (18-6 approval). The question posed ‘should players signed to two-way contracts be allowed to be subbed in as a starter in an additional package?’ failed to reach a majority vote of approval with a 12-12 split decision.

The re-signing period will begin on December 6, free agency on December 13. The Schedule Release will be December 16. Teams will spend the next few days (sans Thanksgiving) submitting rule change proposals and meetings and voting will be held next week.