Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel


Winning is a big deal in sports, but in the race to victory, sometimes it is healthy to remember that having the opportunity to play and enjoying being part of a sport is just as important as winning. After all, winners are those who love the game the most.



We are one week away from season 17 ending for some and if any lesson was learned by all this season, it was to never count anyone out till the score board reads 0:00. Any team can win or lose on any given Sim Day and week 11 games were full of competitive spirit. Players Of The Week are on the cusp of playoff contingency and have proven why they should be with their high flying and powerful performances this week. Some of us will never know what it feels like to hit the gridiron in real life, however it satisfying to have this experience and #makeanimpact in ways one would only dream about. Enjoy the moment while it is present and here are the selections.




QBs around the league are finding ways to get TEs more involved on the field this season more than ever. It is a good thing to have multiple options to throw off defensive game plans. The St. Louis Gladiators defended their home turf against the Louisiana Revolution and won the game with an 8-point spread, 28-20. The Offensive Player Of The Week was a favorite target of his QB in this game and he is Mr. Phil Kos, Tight End for the Gladiators.  St. Louis scored 14 points in both the 2nd and 3rd quarters and Kos was the cause of 21 points of their victory. He had 4 Receptions for 21 Yards. Where he really shined was having the “Hands” to help his team earn 3 Touchdowns. His longest Reception was for 11 yards and he averaged 5.5 Yards Per Reception. Receiving 3 Touchdowns to call your own as a TE is a truly amazing feat. He was the true Kos and effect of his team’s victory which has ignited the Offense and he has a bright future ahead of him. Congratulations Phil!


Runner-Up for OPOTW is Mr. Ron Cockren, Quarterback, of the Florida Storm. In his road win performance in the Kings Lair of Jacksonville, this Hall Of Famer led his team to victory with pinpoint accuracy and skill. Cockren’s 32 Completions out of 33 Attempts, had a Completion Percentage of 96.97% along with 356 Passing Yards. He also had 3 Passing Touchdowns and despite the 1 Interception he threw he sustained a QBR of 129.3 in the end. Congratulation Ron!


Double Honorable mention goes out to Mr. BDG Hollewood and Mr. Liam Hammer for their outstanding performances this week. Atlanta Swarm’s Running Back, BDG Hollewood, displayed power and strength with his 29 Carries for 165 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 56 Yards, averaged 6 Yards Per Carry and even had 8 Receptions for 39 Yards. Congratulations BDG! San Diego Mavericks Wide Receiver, Liam Hammer was someone his QB could count on with his 8 Receptions for 217 Yards, 2 Touchdowns and his longest reception was for 82 Yards and he averaged 27.1 Yards Per Reception as well. Congratulations Liam!




When coaches develop a proficient defense to counteract the oppositions, it usually spells a win for the that game which describes what happened in most games this week. The Vancouver Legion hosted the battle against L.A. Lycans where the Legion were victorious, winning the game 45-36. Neither team wanted to give up, but it was the Defensive Player Of The Week that gave Vancouver the slight edge in this game and he is Mr. Drew Hamilton, Strong Safety for the Legion. He helped to throw off plans that were made by the LA Offense by disrupting them every chance he got. Whether it was Hamilton’s 13 Tackles and 1 Assist, or his 2 Pass Deflections he found a way to make known that he was on the field. He also had 2 valuable Interceptions for 36 Yards and even scored a Touchdown. Proper progression, hard work and dedication are the keys to success in this league and it seems that Hamilton wanted to prove he is worth his weight in gold. And it worked! Congratulation Drew!


Runner-Up for DPOTW is none other than Mr. Ryan Yoseph, Strong Safety, of the LA Lycans. Despite the loss, Yoseph put his best foot forward in attempting to keep L.A. in the game being everywhere the QB didn’t want him to be. He had 3 Interceptions that affected the flow of the game as well as 4 Tackles, 1 Assist, his longest Interception was returned for 39 Yards. Great work and effort for a truly phenomenal player! Congratulations Ryan!


Double Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Evan Lacey and Mr. Jack Brown for their valiant performances this week. The Lone Star Glory’s Free Safety, Evan Lacey, earned his money this game with 2 Tackles, 2 Assists, and 2 Pass Deflections. He also had 2 Interceptions for 24 Yards and 1 Touchdown. Congratulations Evan! Charleston Predator’s Linebacker Jack Brown had 8 Tackles, 3 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss, 1 Pass Deflections. He also had 1 Interception for 39 Yards and went for a Touchdown. Congratulations Jack!


Special Teams


Anytime you can put up 18 points for your team as a Special Teams member, you deserve to be MVP of the game and Special Teams Player Of T he Week. The Denver Nightwings traveled to their own backyard and defended the home turf against the Fort Worth Toros. After a tug of war of points scored, the Nightwings came out victorious wining 25-20. Special Teams Player Of The Week, Mr. Matt Fenech, aided his squad by scoring points every single time he made an attempt. Fenech had 6 Field Goals made of 6 Attempts and his longest kick was for 51 Yards. He helped carry his team to victory by scoring 18 points which was the most points on his team that game. Congratulations Matt!


Runner-Up for STPOTW is Charleston Predators Kicker, Mr. Brad Brechett. In their win against the Carolina Skyhawks 13-6, Brechett made 2 Field Goals of 2 Attempts and his longest kick was for 49 Yards. Those two field Goals put the game just out of reach for the opposition. Congratulations Brad!


Honorable Mention goes out to Tulsa Desperadoes Kicker, Mr. JT Dulany. He made 3 Field Goals out of his 3 Attempts and his longest attempt was from 47 Yards. Congratulation JT!