Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel


The five S’s of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill, and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.

Ken Doherty


We are officially two games away from ending the regular season and it seems that Season 17 flew by quickly. Within this time, we have seen great teams fall short of much needed victories to keep their seasons alive. Other teams that struggled last season, overcame those adversities to find themselves amongst the top tiered teams conversation. Week 10 Players Of The Week used their Stamina, Strength, Speed, and Skill to make prodigious plays for their respective teams. The spirit shown is what drives any player to Greatness. This week there will be 2 Honorable Mentions for Offense and Defensive players because there were too many great performances to go unmentioned. Here are the selections for week 10!




Anytime you can travel to an opponent’s home and exercise control over a team from start to finish should work out as a win in the end. The Offensive Player Of The Week found a way to make big plays happen most of the game while performing almost perfectly. He is Mr. Bryant Dynasty, QB, of the Atlanta Swarm. In a dominating win over the Tulsa Desperadoes, 48 to 3, Dynasty had an almost perfect and highly effective game completing 30 of 33 Passes Attempted for 358 Yards. He also had 4 Touchdowns with no Interceptions and a QBR of 149.4. Mr. Hair Flip mesmerized all who watched him lead his team to victory that night and his game play progressively gets better from week to week. Congratulations Bryant!


Runner-Up for OPOTW is none other than Mr. Mac Chimah, WR, of the Baltimore Vultures. In the Vulture’s win over the Carolina Skyhawks 40-28, Chimah captured 7 Receptions for 229 Yards. He put up 21 points himself for his team with 3 Touchdowns and averaged 32.7 Yards Per Catch. If he keeps playing at this high caliber, he will be seeing himself in the Hall Of Fame very soon. He is a member of one of the most high-powered Offenses that the league has to offer and will be for as long as he wants to be there. Congratulation Mac!


Double Honorable Mentions go out to Ms. Ike McBride, RB, of the Lone Star Glory and Mr. Jeremy Mosely, TE, for the Denver Nightwings for their valuable contributions to their teams wins as well.

Ms. Ike McBride has been an unsung hero of the Offense over the past few weeks as she is actively making a difference on the field as a Running Back. This week, her starlit performance included 26 Carries for 194 Yards, 2 Rushing Touchdowns and averaged 7.5 Yards Per Carry. She also had 4 Receptions for 17 Yards, 1 Receiving Touchdown and averaged 4.3 Yards Per Reception as well. Congratulations Ike!

Mr. Jeremy Mosely showed why the Head of Broadcasting, Mr. Mike Daggs’ slogan of #throwittoaTE is vital in tight situations during this Vice Wars rivalry. Mosely had a fantastic game, especially for his position as a TE with his 5 Receptions for 57 Yards, 3 Touchdowns. He longest Reception was for 23 Yards and averaged 11.4 Yards Per Reception. Congratulations Jeremy!




Sometimes games seem to head in one direction and then key moments from a phenomenal Defensive player can affect the game’s outcome in a major way. In a nail-biting battle between the Jacksonville Kings and the D.C. Dragons where the Kings won 40-38. The Defensive Player Of The Week defended the flank to the greatest of his abilities while also scoring 7 points for his team. He is Mr. Bernard Goodin, CB, of the Jacksonville Kings. When all members of the team help score on both sides of the ball it is easy to put the game out of reach of an opposing team and Goodin was able to stifle the mojo of D.C.’s offense with 2 Tackles and 2 Interceptions for 95 Yards. His longest return was for 88 yards which was ran back downfield for a Touchdown. This gentleman was able to capitalize from a turnover that directly effected the game and if it didn’t happen, the outcome may have been much different. Prideful. Courageous. Powerful. Congratulations Bernard!


Runner-Up for DPOTW is Mr. Adam Leach, CB, for the Fort Worth Toros. In the tough loss taken by the Toros to the Mexico City Aztecs 28-10, Leach proved why you should be careful testing his side of the field. He was able to get 2 Interceptions for 44 Yards. His longest return was for 39 Yards and he even crossed Demond Simmons “Hollywood Boulevard” scoring a Touchdown to help give his team a chance to win. Despite the loss, Leach proved to be a treasured asset to the Toro’s Defense as he said he would be when he first arrived in the league. Congratulations Adam!


Double Honorable Mention goes out to both Mr. Alex Dominguez, DT, for the Florida Storm and Mr. Freeman Peltier, CB, for the ST. Louis Gladiators for their outstanding performances on the field.

Hall of Famer, Mr. Alex Dominguez has been a part of the Storm for many seasons. Through progressions and dedication to his craft he proved to be highly effective at getting to the QB. Dominguez had 4 Sacks along with 5 Tackles this week.

Mr. Freeman Peltier helped his team win on the road when the odds were stacked against them. The Gladiators revamped Defense allowed Peltier to be free to roam all over the field to get the job done. He had 4 Tackles, 3 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss, and 1 Pass Deflection. He also had 2 Interceptions for 37 yards. Congratulations Freeman!


Special teams


There are silver linings in troublesome times in life and though the outcome was unfavorable to the Special Teams Player Of The Week, he was still able to leave his mark on the field in the end. He is Mr. Kanye Rockafella, FS, of the D.C. Dragons and he was able to assist his team scoring on Special Teams. The D.C. Dragons lost the battle at home this week to the Jacksonville Kings 40-38, but it was a true fight to the finish! Rockafella is another long-time veteran in the league and has been built to last and endure trials and tribulations of field life. He had 6 Kick Returns for 191 Yards and 1 Touchdown that was for 90 Yards. In addition, he also had 7 Tackles, 1 Assist, and 1 Interception to pad his stats with as well. Phenomenal efforts from a remarkable player as he shows that he can affect a game in a multitude of ways.  Congratulations Kanye!


Runner-Up for STPOTW is Mr. David John, Kicker, for the Portland Fleet. Portland defeated the San Diego Mavericks, 36 to 10 and it was largely due to John’s sure-footed abilities to put points on the board. He was able to make 4 Field Goals made of 4 Attempts and his longest kick was for 51 Yards. He placed the football perfectly through the uprights every time which is important because All Points Matter. Congratulations David!


Honorable Mention goes out to Arizona Scorpions Kicker, Mr. Cliff Allen. Allen helped the Scorpions ice the win over the Sioux Falls Sparrows with his 2 Field Goals out of the 2 he Attempted, and his longest kick was 47 Yards. Congratulation Cliff!


Footnotes: Milestones hit this week

AZ DE Mark Melo tied Chris Andrews for 25th all time Sack in his career.

HOU LB Brody Gulch made his 264th tackle in his career.