SFL Communications

October 9, 2021

The Simulation Football League’s 17th regular season is wrapping up and playoff positioning is coming down to the wire. A jam-packed Saturday (starts at noon ET on SFL Twitch) that includes 8 games plus a live scenario show at the end of the day (starts at 10:15 pm ET) will set the stage for the final four regular season games Sunday, which will kick off at 1 pm ET on For the Fans.

Here’s all the critical storylines to watch for this weekend towards the bottom of the bracket where multiple teams are fighting for spots and postseason positioning:

4-7 teams still have slim hope

A 5-7 team can mathematically make the playoffs. The only problem is that all four 5-6 teams – Louisiana, Lone Star, Las Vegas and London – have to lose for that to be possible. If just one of those teams wins this weekend, 6-6 is the worst you can be to make the postseason.

5-6 teams may still need help with a win

Certainly a loss likely dooms playoff hopes. But even with a win, playoffs are not a guarantee. Coming into the weekend, three of the four 5-6 teams are on the outside looking in and its possible that as many as three 6-6 teams could miss the playoffs, despite finishing .500.

6-5 teams win and they’re in

For Charleston, St. Louis and Portland – winning means making the playoffs. St. Louis and Portland have never won a playoff game and Charleston doesn’t have much postseason experience either, so all three teams are looking for one of the biggest victories in franchise history. Portland still has a shot to win the Pacific Division and potentially jumping other 7-5 teams with a win plus a Los Angeles loss to San Diego.