Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel

Believe me that in every big thing or achievement, there are always obstacles-big or small- and the reaction one shows to such obstacles is what counts, not the obstacle itself. –Bruce Lee

Week 9 was full of big plays and achievements as we draw near to season’s end. Each game throughout each team’s schedule is a formidable opponent and considered an obstacle to overcome. Having the right pieces to the conundrum of the team’s build is the key to being successful. Player Of The Week recipients dug in deep to show off their talent and skills that they acquired through progression, coaching input, and a stroke of luck from AI. Whether it is to aid and abet a victory or pad their stats, these players performed their job to the best of their abilities and should be celebrated for accomplishments made. Here are the picks!




There are some teams that are expected to win because they are consistent throughout the season with the play style that they are most comfortable with and most effective. Often stepping out of your comfort zone can spell success for you and other instances not so much. Offensive Player Of The Week goes out to a man that put up 28 points for his team and he is Mr. Vin Calia, WR, for the London Knights. Fish and Chips flowed freely in celebration after the final whistle blew ending the game 45-28. He had an All-Star performance this week with 16 Catches for 228 Yards and 4 Touchdowns. His longest Reception was for 49 Yards and he averaged 14.3 Yards Per Catch. The Knights have turned things around and adding Calia to the Offense was one of the best acquisitions that they made as a team. Congratulations Vin!


Runner-Up for OPOTW is none other than Mr. DJ Moses ll, RB, of the Arizona Scorpions. Moses unleashed his inner beast in the win over the Lone Star Glory. He ran for 80 Yards to score his first touchdown and 87 Yards to score the second. Out of the 44 points scored by AZ, Moses was responsible for 14 of them with 14 Carries for 222 Yards and 2 Touchdowns and he averaged 15.9 Yards Per Carry. He also had 6 Receptions for 43 Yards as well. His power, speed, and evasiveness kept him driving down field and secured the victory for his team. Congratulations DJ!


Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Jaylin Wells, RB for the San Diego Mavericks, for his supportive efforts in the win over the St. Louis Gladiators 31-24. Wells had 18 Carries for 78 Yards and 2 Touchdowns and his longest Carry was for 27 Yards while averaging 4.3 Yards Per Carry. He also had 6 Receptions for 21 Yards and 1 Receiving Touchdown. Congratulations Jaylin!




When a team’s Defense is firing on all cylinders, it is very difficult for the opponent’s Offense to do what they are paid to do. However, if you can not only defend your Goal Line, but also score a touchdown on your team’s behalf, you have what it takes to be a champion. In the highly anticipated game between the Louisiana Revolution and the Atlanta Swarm, the Revs came out victorious winning 41-24. They scored when they needed to and taking away scoring opportunities and developing routes allowed them to conquer that match up. Defensive Player Of The Week knew how to #makeanimpact during this and helped to disrupt the Swarm’s Offense and he is Mr. Mike Ryan, SS, for Louisiana. Ryan had 4 Tackles, 3 Assists, and 2 Interceptions for 46 yards. As a Strong Safety an Interception Touchdown is truly something special which is what Ryan was able to do. It seems that the change of scenery is what was needed to boost his playmaking ability and I believe that he will remain in Louisiana for many years to come. Congratulations Mike!


Runner-Up for DPOTW is Mr. Nicky Colontrelle, FS, for Las Vegas Fury. In a much-needed win over the Sioux Falls Sparrows, 27-13, to help pave the way to playoff contention, Colontrelle acted as a “jack of all trades” assisting in every way he could. He mustered up 10 Tackles, 1 Assist, and 1 Sack. He also had 1 Tackle For Loss, 1 Pass Deflection and 2 Interceptions. Colontrelle is having a stellar season and is a key essential part of the Fury’s defense. Congratulations Nicky!


Honorable Mention goes out to the Charleston Predators LB, Mr. Jack Brown, for his omnipresence on the field this week. Brown had 18 Tackles, 2 Assists, 2 Tackles For Loss, and 1 Pass Deflection. Congratulations Jack!


Special Teams


Special Teams can be the deciding factor on any given SIM Day because they have the potential to score points that are desperately needed to give an edge for a more favorable result in most cases. Accuracy, Speed, and Agility are strong attributes vital to being a member of this important group. Special Teams Player Of The Week displayed these attributes very well and has done these many times over the 12 seasons that he has been a part of the SFL, and he is Mr. AJ. Levey, SS, of the Sioux Falls Sparrows. Despite the loss to the Las Vegas Fury, 27-13, Levey made a valiant effort to close the gap scoring-wise by putting up points of his own. He had 6 Kick Returns for 210 Yards as well as 4 Tackles and 2 Assists. His shining moment was when he scored a Kick Return Touchdown of 96 Yards. If you give Levey an inch, he will take a mile if you are not careful. He has shown that he has heart, drive and a passion with what he does on and off the field for his team. Congratulations AJ!


In a stifling loss to the London Knights, the Carolina Skyhawks Kicker, Mr. Whistle Jones, did his best to keep his team afloat this week scoring 15 points by himself. He had a productive game with his 5 Field Goals made of 5 Attempts and his longest attempt was for 49 Yards. Jones is always someone that the coaches of Carolina can depend on, and I imagine that he will continue to do so in many seasons to come. Congratulations Whistle!


Honorable mention goes out Los Angeles Kicker, Mr. Rob Emms. He added 9 points to the scoreboard this week making 3 Field goals out of the 3 he attempted in their win against the Portland Fleet. His longest kick was for 48 Yards. Congratulations Robert!


Foot Notes:

Career Accomplishments for Week 9

*Houston Hyenas FS Brady Clarke reached 50 Ints this week.

*DT SyrRon Yates IV has already broken the record for Sacks by a Vulture with 42 Sacks for his career so far including ½ sacks as well. Tucker Lewis had 13 Sacks in Season 15 – Yates has 15 in 9 games.

*Jonny Pichler, QB for the London Knights Broke a Single Season Passing Record for Most Touchdown’s at 3551 Passing yards. Jonny Is At 30 passing TD’s this season which Is a New Record London Knights Record.

Ashley Jackson, QB for the Arizona Scorpions surpassed 20,000 Passing Yards in her career this week.

*Special shout out goes too Ethan Kye, TJ Speaks, and Guy Clawson for their contribution to Footnotes. I really appreciate you gentlemen.