Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel

Thinking too much about your opponents can only harm your ability to concentrate. Forget about your opponents and think about the best version of yourself who deserves to win. Real joy is overcoming your own limits, not comparing yourself with others.   –unknown


It is vital to remember that all teams are counting on the same outcome when preparing for battle each week, and that is to win.  After hours of scouting, the winning scenario plays out in most sims during practice, but only half play out that way on the field. This week marks that 2/3 of the season are over which draws us closer to the Playoffs and the Championship, The Players Of The Week for the 8th week of the season showed why progressing your player to be the most effective for team performance is important and why they deserve to be in playoff contention. If rookies are looking for inspiration for their player builds, these selections are some of the best to consider. Here are the picks!




The Carolina Skyhawks put on a fantastic show at David A. Richardson Memorial Stadium this week against the Houston Hyenas. Both teams combined to score 93 points which was well over the over for this week. While both teams had a strong offensive showing, Carolina added another one to their win column, 51-42. Offensive Player Of The Week earned his money helping his team win and he is Mr. Logan Jack, Running Back for the Skyhawks. Jack truly made the difference in this game with his 16 Carries for 141 Yards and 2 Rushing Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 40 Yards and he averaged 8 Yards Per Carry as well. Jack even had 11 Receptions for 42 Yards and 1 Receiving Touchdown. The Skyhawk Offense has made significant improvements and hiring Jack to muscle his way across the goal line was a great decision. If he keeps performing this way, Carolina could see themselves in the playoffs this season. Congratulations Logan!


Runner-Up for OPOTW is Mr. Jason Williams, Running Back of the Fort Worth Toros. Williams often finds a way to make a difference each game but in this one he had 23 Carries for 159 Yards and 3 Rushing Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 47 Yards and he averaged 6.9 Yards Per Carry. Williams is a great example of what hard work and dedication looks like. High caliber performance from a high caliber player, congratulations Jason!


Honorable Mention goes to Mexico City Aztecs Running Back, Mr. Phoenix Jones. Jones had 18 Carries for 158 Yards along with 2 Touchdowns. He also had 9 Receptions for 52 Yards. Congratulations Phoenix!




The only undefeated team that remains in the SFL showed us why they still are over the weekend. The Baltimore Vultures hosted the London Knights at Vultures Field, and they won the game 34-58. The Defensive Player Of The Week made sure that he made the life of the opposing QB extremely uncomfortable when he chose to throw down field. He is Baltimore’s Cornerback, Mr. Austin Brigham. He had 6 Tackles, 1 Assist, and 1 Pass Deflection. Brigham also had 3 momentum killing Interceptions for 44 yards. Being able to hold a team to 8 Yards Rushing is great but stopping teams from making plays down field is priceless. Yet another dangerous dynamic for Baltimore, congratulations Austin!


Runner-Up for DPOTW is Cornerback, Terrell Davis of the Sioux Falls Sparrows. In a tough loss against the Charleston Predators, 10-15, Davis tried his best to get his team a win. He had 3 Tackles, 2 Assists, and 2 Interceptions for 108 Yards. He even had 1 Interception TD for 85 Yards. Davis has Heart, Drive and Spirit and kept grinding until the clocked reached 0:00 which describes a champion in the making. Congratulations Terrell!


Honorable Mention goes out to the Houston Hyenas Strong Safety, Mr. Josh Rowe. Despite the team loss, Rowe had 12 Tackles, 2 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss, and 2 pass deflections. He also had 1 interception for 17 yards as well. Congratulations Josh!


Special Teams


Another of Baltimore’s high-profile players on Defense helped on Special Teams this week and made an impact as he has been doing for most of the season. The Special Teams Player Of The Week is Mr. Giovanni Bolt, Free Safety for the Vultures. Bolt had 6 Kick Returns for 188 Yards and 1 Kick Return Touchdown. His longest Return was for 90 Yards and as a Defensive player he made 7 Tackles with 2 Assists, 1 Pass Deflection, and 1 Interception for eight yards. You cannot think of football, or more to the point, Special Teams without including the memorable performances from Bolt. He is dependable, reliable, and will receive a Hall Of Fame nomination one day. Congratulations Giovanni!


Runner-Up for STPOTW is Mr. Otis Boudreaux, Kicker for the Louisiana Revolution. In a big win over the current reigning champs the Denver Nightwings, Louisiana came out victorious winning 23 to 7. Boudreaux capped off a good night with 3 Field Goals made on 3 Attempts and his longest Kick was from 49 Yards. Boudreaux has finally found the perfect place to call home in Louisiana. Congratulations Otis!


Honorable Mention goes out to Fort Worth Toro’s Kicker, Mr. Taco Sicario. Sicario made 3 Field Goals out of the 3 he Attempted, and his longest Kick was from 47 yards. Congratulations Taco!


Foot Notes:

Florida Storm QB Ron Cochran surpassed 35,000 Passing Yards against QCC this week.

Arizona Scorpions DE DD Sachs scored his 80th sack this week against VAN this week.