Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel

Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. – Marv Levy

Persistence is the major quality that makes the distinction between victory and loss. Since persistence is the ability to take one more step against all odds, someday that one step will make the difference between winners and losers or in some cases, a walk off field goal. Seven weeks into the season and Players and coaches have been working feverishly to ensure that their team has a shot at the playoffs and beyond. #thedramaisreal was the theme this week as our Players Of The Week made significant strides to be the best at their positions. Here are the selections.




Player Of The Week on Offense is dedicated to getting across the goal line one way or another. Las Vegas put on a great show this week as they took on the Portland Fleet and won the game 38-20. During the game, Running Back Scott Johnson of the Las Vegas Fury, displayed why he is a valuable part of the Fury entourage. Johnson had 28 Carries for 156 Rushing Yards and 4 Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 47 Yards, he averaged 6 Yards Per Carry, and had 4 Receptions for 11 Yards as well. Putting up 28 points by himself is no small task! He is a ball of powerful energy that is hard to contain, and he could be known for being a super defense’s kryptonite. Congratulations Scott!


Runner-Up for OPOTW is none other Mr. Tom Pepper, QB for the Vancouver Legion. He spiced up his game against the Sioux Falls Sparrows on the road, leading his team to a 34-14 victory. This long-time vet had 33 Completions out of 40 Attempts and an 82.50% Completion percentage. He scored 337 Passing Yards, 5 Touchdowns and a QBR of 120! Pepper keeps finding himself and his team in the winners circle quite often and as long as Pepper brings the heat, the sky is the limit! Congratulations Tom!


Honorable Mention goes out to the Carolina Skyhawks QB, Mr. Matt South. South had 37 Completions out of 39 Attempts for 394 Passing Yards, 1 Touchdown and a completion percentage of 94.87% in the win over the once undefeated Queen City Corsairs. Congratulation Matt!




The Las Vegas Fury undeniably impacted this week on both sides of the ball. The Player Of The Week for Defense did a phenomenal job of the execution of his duties in the secondary. This honor is bestowed to Mr. Max Jackson, Strong Safety for the Fury. Jackson was in every area that the opposing QB didn’t need him to be. He had 8 Tackles, 3 Assists and one Pass Deflection. He earned his money with the 4 Interceptions for 59 Yards. He even had 1 Forced Fumble which helped shift the momentum of the game. Jackson is another seasoned vet who knows how to read the QB’s eyes and makes key plays that can #makeanimpact on the game. He is dependable, reliable’ and clutch. Congratulation Max!


Runner-Up for DPOTW was another key player in the Secondary causing havoc on the field. He is Mr. Giovanni Bolt, FS for the Baltimore Vultures. Bolt is known for his exceptional feats on special teams; however, the Defense is his specialty. Bolt struck like lightning against the defending champs, the Denver Nightwings 44-24. Key highlight to mention is that he obtained 3 major Interceptions for 29 Yards. He also had 2 Tackles, 1 Assist, and 2 Pass Deflections. #TheWake defends their Goal Line in every way possible. It shows because they are the only undefeated team still left and it is because of players like Bolt who make all the difference in the world. Congratulations Gio!


Honorable Mention goes out to Cornerback, Mr. Jay Rock of the Atlanta Swarm. Rock had 3 Tackles, 2 Assists, and 1 Interception for 31 Yards. His one interception went for a Touchdown, winning the game 34-31 over the DC. Dragons. Congratulations Jay!


Special Teams


The Florida Storm waged war against the Saint Louis Gladiators and Florida came out victorious winning 35-27. Special Teams Player Of The Week showed real heart and his will to help her team win the game by any means necessary. He is WR, Mr. Justice Blackwell of the Florida Storm. As a Coach, it is very important to have options on how to score to put your team in a winning position. Justice proved that even on special teams, you can make a difference. He had five Kick Returns for 155 Yards and one Kick Return Touchdown that went for 89 Yards. That just proves that with hard work, determination, as well as proper progression you can be one of the best players on the field which he is. Congratulations Justice!


Runner-Up for Special Teams Player Of The Week is Mr. Whistle Jones, Kicker for the Carolina Skyhawks. In an exciting game playing against the Queen City Corsairs, the Skyhawks beat them 26-24. Jones had 4 Field Goals made from 4 Attempts and his longest Field Goal made was from 41 yards. He has a flair for theatrics as his last Field Goal of the game sealed the win. Congratulations Whistle!


Honorable Mention goes to Kicker, Mr. Otis Boudreaux of the Louisiana revolution. Boudreaux kicked the game winning FG and made 4 Field Goals out of 4 Attempts and his longest Field Goal was for 30 Yards in this rivalry game against the London Knights. Congratulations Otis!