Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel


The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.

Vince Lombardi Jr


As the last fan leaves the stadium, players sit back and reflect on the game that took place moments ago. Reflections of what plays were successful and which ones were not but also how they made an impact on the game, win or lose. The Players Of The Week made substantial contributions to their team’s performance which resulted in a win for some and a show of heart and dedication for others. Half of the season is officially in the books and were full of memorable moments. The next half of the season is where all progressions and coaching knowledge will lead to a championship win for one talented team. It will be an interesting climb to the top. Here are the selections for week 6.




The Offense’s number one priority is to score as many points as possible in hopes of giving their team an advantage to winning. This week’s Offensive Player Of The Week put his team on his shoulders and led them to victory and he is Mr. Marcus Dunhill, QB for the Jacksonville Kings. Jacksonville struggled in their performances for the earlier part of their season but Dunhill found his stride and rhythm in this game. In an impressive win over the Carolina Skyhawks, 42 to 14, he was able to score points in all four quarters which included 14 points in the first and fourth quarters and seven points in both the second and third quarters. Dunhill had 33 Completions out of 39 Attempts for 453 Yards and he has a completion percentage of 84.62. His most important contribution to the game was the five Touchdowns he threw and his longest pass was for 71 Yards. If he can execute like this every week, Jacksonville has a chance to makes the playoffs. Congratulations Marcus!


Runner Up for OPOTW is Queen City Corsairs Running Back, Mr. Jett Zero. In an exciting road win over the Tulsa Desperados 24-14, Zero proved why he is one of the most valuable pieces in the Corsair’s offense. He had 38 Carries for 191 Rushing Yards and 2 Rushing Touchdowns, averaging 5 Yards Per Carry and his longest carry was for 15 Yards. He also had 3 Receptions for 16 Yards. Zero and the Corsairs have set sail for a great game and a season and seems that the sky is the limit for them. Congratulations Jett!


Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Ezekiel Love, Running Back for the Portland Fleet. He has been on a roll this season and is proving why he should be trusted with the ball more to make huge plays. In their recent win over the London Knights, Love had 28 Carries for 170 Yards, and 2 Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 32 Yards and he averaged 6 Yards Per Carry. Congratulations Ezekiel!




It is a challenge to win against Atlanta in the Hive and a large part of that reason is because of the Swarm’s Defense. The Louisiana Revolution tried their best to overcome the powerful Defense of the Swarm, however, the Defensive Player Of The Week made life difficult for the Quarterback in the backfield. Atlanta was victorious over Louisiana, 24-30, and Cornerback Mr. Jack Napier has been a force this season in the secondary. When Quarterbacks choose to test his side of the field it could spell disaster as he has shown multiple times this season. Napier had 2 Tackles and 3 Interceptions for 30 Yards. He is proving that his side of the field is a no-fly zone week after week and if he keeps this up, he will earn a place in the Hall of Fame. Congratulations Jack!


Runner Up for Defensive Player Of The Week had a great game against the Houston Hyenas helping his team win 41 to 31. The Florida Storm went to Houston and wreaked havoc on their Offense. Cornerback, Mr. Evan Carroll made it known that he was a force to be reckoned with. Carroll had 6 Tackles, 1 Pass Deflection, and 2 Interceptions for 34 yards.  He has been with the Storm for 10 seasons, and I imagine that he will continue to be a vital member of the organization for as long as he wants to be, Congratulations Evan!


Honorable Mention for DPOTW goes out Leo Morris, Cornerback for the Portland Fleet. In their recent win over the London Knights, Morris had 4 Tackles, 1 Assist, and 2 Sacks. He also had 1 Tackle For Loss, and 1 Interception for 8 yards. Along with his 6 Kick Returns for 111 Yards and a 22 Yard longest Return, he was truly a jack of all trades for this game. Congratulations Leo!
Special Teams


In what could be considered a disappointing loss to the Queen City Corsairs 24-14, at Greenwood Stadium, the Tulsa Desperados’ Special Teams unit was able to shine a bit and even help score along the way. The Special Teams Player Of The Week showed why you give it all you have until the clock reaches 0:00 and he is Mr. Gabriel Manning, Wide Receiver/Kick Returner for the Tulsa Desperados. Manning displayed why he was worth the large contract he has with 5 Kick Returns for 253 Yards along with two Kick Return Touchdowns and his longest return was for 96 Yards. Manning’s build was made for making plays and being a secondary’s worst nightmare. With a few more minutes on the game clock, the outcome may have been different. Congrats Gabriel!


Runner Up for STPOTW left his mark on the field despite their loss to the Atlanta Swarm, 30-24. Louisiana Revolution’s Wide Receiver/Kick Returner, Mr. Mike Twinscrew, made an impact on special teams as much as he could this game.  He had 5 Punt Returns for 20 Yards and 6 Kick Returns for 220 Yards. He also had 1 Kick Return Touchdown which was for 103 Yards. A great performance from an outstanding player, and with a few more tweaks in the playbook, he can give the team more of that edge to win. Congratulations Mike!


Honorable Mention for STPOTW goes out to Mr. TJ Punk, Tight End for the Arizona Scorpions. In their win against the Sioux Falls Sparrows, Punk was able to get 4 Kick Returns for 148 Yards. His most memorable moment of the game was his Kick Return Touchdown for 91 Yards to start the game off on the right note for the Scorpions. Congratulations T.J!
Foot Notes:

Hall of fame Strong Safety, Eddie Gauge, of the Arizona Scorpions received his 80th Interception for 837 total Interception Yards this week, #1 for SS’s.

Gabriel Manning currently leads the league in Kick Return Touchdowns (18) and Kick Return Yards (12,226).