Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel

“Victories are a byproduct of a larger vision. It begins with a question: How much do we owe one another? Each coach’s and player’s individual answer are one of the building blocks of The Streak. De La Salle separates itself from the competition because everyone from the Head Coach to the least accomplished player on the roster is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be their absolute best. “
Neil Hayes

The quote from Mr. Hayes defined this 5th week of SFL action. Having a solid, well tested gameplan and players that support it by executing their job as proficient as possible speaks volumes on the field. Ensuring this helps to cultivate some of the biggest and brightest stars of the SFL and while there were many other individuals that deserve a nod for great efforts this week, these selections had a bit more fire under their belt and made accomplishments with style. Let’s dive into the Players Of The Week for Week 5.




This team has faced a bit of adversity recently with the sudden change in coaching, but it didn’t seem to have an effect with their on-field performance. In an exciting game played at Full Moon Stadium, the LA Lycans showed dominance on offense because Offensive Player Of The Week, Mr. Robert Johnson. In the win over top tier, 3 and 1 Vancouver Legion, this powerful Running Back helped his team win big, 47-24. Johnson had 32 Carries 256 Yards and 3 Touchdowns. He averaged 8 Yards Per Carry and his longest Carry was for 33 Yards. With a performance such as this, LA is starting to turn things around in a positive direction and with team members like Johnson the possibilities are endless on how far they can go. Congratulations Robert!


One of the top ranked teams this season continues to dominate on the field on both sides of the ball. Runner Up for OPOTW did a fantastic job making sure he was available for big plays and a reliable target for his QB. He is Mr. Ivory Irving, WR for the Baltimore Vultures and he is a valuable piece in the Vultures offense as they won at home over the Las Vegas Fury 34-0. His award-winning game included him having 16 Receptions for 239 Yards. He also had 2 receiving Touchdowns averaging 15 Yards Per Reception and a 35 yard longest one. Irving is built tough, has ball control and the hands to get it done and will be a Vulture for as long as he wants to be. Congratulations Ivory!


Honorable Mention goes out to the Florida Storm’s RB, Mr. Charlie Biletsky, for his outstanding strides on offense against the unbeaten Mexico City Aztecs. Biletsy and crew had to travel to Mexico and came away with the win, 48 -29. He had 14 Carries for 99 Yards and 3 Touchdowns. He also had 10 Receptions for 61 Yards as well. Congratulations Charlie!




Defending your home turf should be at the top of the list for every defensive player that exists. The Defensive Player Of The Week not only defended the back field but also prevented the other team from scoring on four different occasions during the game. He is Mr. Jack Napier, CB for the Atlanta Swarm. Atlanta defended their home well against the London Knights and won the game, 34-24. The reason why the Knights were able to score only 24 points was because of Napier’s stellar performance. He had 3 Tackles and 1 Assist but the 4 Interceptions for 146 Yards was a game changer and often shifted momentum in the Swarm’s favor. He even scored a Touchdown off one of the Interceptions he received. He can be a QB’s nightmare when tested, so one should be careful when sending the ball anywhere near him. A true “Ballhawk” in every sense of the word. Congratulation Jack!


Runner Up for DPOTW certainly effected the opposing QB’s performance and tested the OL all game long. He is Mr. Syron Yates IV, DT for the Baltimore Vultures. They were able to hold the Fury to 0 points this week and Yates contributed to his team win defensively by keeping the ball out of play whenever possible. He had 5 Tackles, 4.5 Sacks and 6 Tackles For Loss. If Yates keeps this up, he could possibly help his team earn another ring. Congratulations Syron!


Honorable Mention goes to Mr. Josh Riese, FS for the Charleston Predators. Even though they lost to the Fort Worth Toros, 16-13 he put up a valiant effort. Riese was omnipresent with 12 Tackles, 1 Assist, 1 Pass Deflection, and even 1 Interception. Congratulations Josh


Special Teams


As a special teams member, it is your duty to help your team score no matter the distance needed to so. In a heartbreaking home loss, 48-29, to the Florida storm: ending their 4-0 record, Mr. Kole Varner, Kicker for the Mexico City Aztecs still made his presence known in this game. Varner was able to get 3 Field Goals scored out of 3 Attempts, and his longest kick was 50 Yards! Anytime you can score from that distance is a Feat in itself. Congratulations Kole!


Runner Up for STPOTW is Mr. Taco Sicaro, Kicker for the Fort Worth Toros. In a close win over the Charleston Predators, 16-13, Fort Worth relied on the surefooted capabilities of Sicario to help them get the victory. He made 3 Field Goals out of his 3 Attempts and his longest kick was from 43 Yards away. With being able to score necessary points when asked, he can take this team far into the playoffs. Congratulations Taco!


The Louisiana Revolution took home a win against the DC Dragons, winning 16-10. Honorable Mention goes out to Kicker, Mr. Otis Boudreaux for making sure he did his part to secure a win for his team. He made 3 Field Goals out his 3 Attempts and his longest kick was from 39 Yards. Congratulations Otis!


Foot notes:
Major Milestones reached this week are

Jason Williams (Running Back for FTW) reached the 9,000 (total Yards) mark in his career. Also, he reached the 7,000 Yards Rushing milestone for his career.

Stephen Hacker (Wide Receiver for FTW) reached 500 Receptions for his career. He also has over 7,000 Receiving yards in his career.

Ken McCarro (Wide Receiver for CHR) achieved his 400th Reception for his career.

** Thanks to Eddie Gauge for gathering stats for article. That helps so much brother, thankyou!**