Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel

“Anyone who’s just driven 90 yards against huge men trying to kill them has earned the right to do Jazz hands. ”
― Craig Ferguson


There were no shortages of celebrations on the field this week as there some very close wins and some big loses. “Rock The Baby”,” Pig Skin CPR”,  “Bankhead Bounce”, “The Dirty Bird” & more were some of the Touchdown celebrations for the scores that were earned. Even though it’s just week 4, there are some teams and even top performing players that are separating themselves from the pack. With another game in the history book, it’s time to now give SFL Players Of The Week a second look. Here are the picks of the week for week 4.




Scoring points early and often is necessary to have a successful game in any sport, especially Football. Offensive Player Of The Week was precise with his passes and found many weapons on his Offense to help his team win their game. In the 42-35 win over the Jacksonville Kings, The London Knights QB, Mr. Jonny Pichler had one of the best games this season so far! He had pinpoint accuracy with his 93.75% Completion Percentage and 30 Completions out of 32 Attempts for 274 Yards. Along with his 4 Touchdowns, he had no Interceptions and has a current QBR of 141.1. Pichler played this game well and it seems that the “Fish & Chips” has been giving him new life. Congratulations Johnny!


Runner Up for OPOTW  helped to pave a way to a win for his team and he is Mr. Kairo Martinez, Running Back for the Saint Louis Gladiators. In the 28-20 victory over the San Diego Mavericks, Martinez had 26 Carries for 96 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. His longest carry was for 11 Yards and he averaged 4 Yards Per Carry. Congratulations Kairo!


Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Mac Chimah, WR for the Baltimore Vultures. In a big win over the Tulsa Desperados, 45-17, he had 5 Receptions for 136 Yards and 2 Touchdowns. His longest reception was for 67 Yards and he averaged 27.7 Yards Per Reception. Congratulations Mac!




It is said that Defense can win games and key plays from our Defensive Player Of The Week would prove this statement to be true. The Carolina Skyhawks took on the Charleston Predators and won the game 30-27 and CB, Mr. Davidson Joseph, had himself a fantastic game and proved why he won this award. He 3 Tackles, 4 Assists, 1 Tackle For Loss, along with 3 Pass Deflections. However, his most helpful contribution was the 3 Interceptions for 28 Yards. The last interception sealed the win for Carolina and sealed the trust of coaches towards Joseph in clutch moments. He took away the last chance for Charleston to make a stand and is known to be a hometown hero for that performance. Congratulations Davidson!


Runner Up for DPOTW is Mr. Cody Griffin, CB for the Queen City Corsairs. They moved to 4 and 0 with a win over the Atlanta Swarm, 27-14. Griffin left his mark on the field as well with 2 Tackles and 1 Pass Deflection. He also had 3 Interceptions for 75 Yards. QCC’s Defense held Atlanta to only 14 points and his 3 Takeaways helped others to understand that they are #notyourfatherscorairs. Congratulations Cody!


Las Vegas Fury Cornerback, Mr. Tom Creeg, left his mark on the field in their big win over the Vancouver Legion, 30-27. Creeg had 7 Tackles, 2 Assists, 2 Tackles For Loss and 4 Pass Deflections. He also had 1 Interception for 96 Yards and 1 Touchdown! Congratulation Tom!


Special Teams


Special Teams can get you those important points you need to put you in prime position to win the game. Because the Special Teams Player Of The Week was clutch when needed, and his team added another win to the left column. Carolina makes the list again with another top-rated performance from Kicker, Mr. Whistle Jones. Jones had an impressive performance having 3 Field Goals made on 3 Attempts. He scored a Field Goal from the 49, 51, and his longest of 52 Yards to win the game. The “Thicc One” came to make a difference and to be right on the money when his needed him to be. Congratulations Whistle!


Runner Up for STPOTW is Mr. TJ Punk, KR/WR for the Arizona Scorpions. In a heartbreaking loss to the Denver Nightwings, 23-24 Punk found a way to make difference. He had 4KR for 162 Yards. He also scored his first ever Kick Return TD for 97 yards, the 1st of many to come. Congratulations TJ!


The Portland Fleet snatched the victory from the Sioux Falls Sparrows 30-10, Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. David John, Kicker for the Fleet as he made 3 Field Goals out of his 3 Attempts and his longest kick was for 47 Yards. Congratulations David!