Written by Baylee O’Shaugnessey, Josh Farnzy, Stefaun Forge, Rae Colston and Matthew Slinn

Images by Axel Raven and Hubba Kimbrel


TEAM: Baltimore Vultures, 3-0 MOVEMENT:  -0

Sometimes the most innocuous play can snowball into a team’s wakeup call. Trailing by a score midway through the third quarter, Vulture tight end Lloyd Graham Jr. caught the ball and was immediately blown up and the ball came loose, recovered by St. Louis. Bang. Bang. Play. The ruling on the field, however, was overturned (which seemed to be correct, but sooooo close) and Baltimore retained possession. The near-fumble seemed to light a fire under Baltimore, as quarterback Jack Wigmore hit Ivory Ervin on the next play for a 66-yard touchdown strike through the teeth of the St. Louis defense. Moments later, safety Giovanni Bolt intercepted his third pass of the day – setting up the Vultures with a short field, where they converted for another quick touchdown. Baltimore never looked back, fending off the Gladiators, 34-23. Wigmore was all-star-level once again, racking up 305 yards and four touchdowns. They improved to 3-0 at the quarter post of the season and will look to make it 4-0 next week as they return home to face Tulsa. Sometimes all it takes is one random play or call to motivate everyone. Baltimore did what great teams do – convert their chances and rally when needed most.

TEAM: Houston Hyenas, 3-0 MOVEMENT: ↑3

This Houston Hyenas defense is proving to be no joke, holding the hometown Tulsa Desperados to a scoreless first half and a total haul of just 13 points. This would prove crucial, as the Hyenas remain unbeaten on the season despite a so-so performance from the offense, especially in the running game.  Behind the playmaking abilities of veteran safeties, Ethan Kye and Brady Clarke, the Hyenas D showed a nasty bite, pressuring opposing QB Jay Cue all game, coming away with 4 sacks and 2 interceptions. With many of this roster being young players, the battle-hardened nature of the aforementioned safeties and linebacker Alex Perez (whom got to the QB on two occasions) is proving invaluable this season. Speaking of young players, Dave Burr is slowing down somewhat, despite having another good performance. The duo of interceptions aside, Burr threw accurately, connecting with his favorite target, DR Sim, on a number of occasions, twice in the end zone. Sim’s league leading production and the leg of Sunny Jay catapulted Houston to a good 23-13 victory. Week 4 sees a visit to Houston by the LA Lycans, a team in transition after separating from coach, James Richards.


TEAM: Vancouver Legion, 3-0 MOVEMENT:  -0

The Legion are 3-0 and simply rolling over opponents. Total yards per game is sitting at 592… yes: 592. They lead in passing TDs with 11. They lead in passing yards per game with 505.3. They score 37.67 points per game, which is second only to Baltimore. This is a great team… on offense. They allow the league’s 4th worst points allowed per game with 32. The Legion also have the dubious honor of the 4th worst passing yards allowed per game with 336.3, the SFL’s 6th worst rushing yards allowed per game with 109.3, and the 3rd most allowed passing TDs with 8. This defense is 23rd on the stat sheet. Vancouver has won by only 1 score in all 3 games. The combined record of those opponents: 3-6. We are currently giving Vancouver the benefit of the doubt that this defense can and will be fixed before too long. If not, they may begin to move down the board by the halfway point. The Legion travel to Sin City to take on the Fury in Week 4.

TEAM: Mexico City Aztecs, 3-0 MOVEMENT: -0

Mexico City continued to solidify its claim as 1 of the top 5 teams in the SFL as they blew away hapless Las Vegas 34-24. The game was not nearly as close as the score. Mexico City took control early and was never seriously challenged. The Aztec offense was unstoppable and the Aztec defense, aside from 2 long TD passes, was almost impenetrable. They raced to a 21-10 lead and then broke the Fury’s will when Phoenix Jones broke a long TD run on a run-out-the-clock hand off on the final play of the 1st half to make it 28-10.

Phoenix Jones established himself as an early front runner for MVP with another dominating performance with 192 yds and 3 TDs. Matt Willson rebounded from his 4 INT performance with a solid day that was based on consistently targeting #1 WR Fox Highwind who came through with a big day 12- 137. On defense… Dan Tritz lead the way up front with consistent pressure (1.5 sacks) and the rest of the Aztec D fed off of him, making Rookie QB Joseph Green and the Fury offense’s day miserable. The Aztecs have the look of a team on the march this season. An epic matchup with the red-hot DC Dragons looms in week 4. Must see TV!

TEAM: Queen City Corsairs, 3-0 MOVEMENT: ↑1

We have been waiting for a test like this. We have been waiting for a team to come along to prove that Queen City are legitimate. We have been waiting for this young team to crumble and fall under that pressure We got answers to each of these conundrums this week, however we may not have gotten the answer we expected. Queen City are most certainly, legit. I an fantastically entertaining game against the Arizona Scorpions, the Corsairs pulled out a 33-31 victory, courtesy of a last-minute FG by their non-contract kicker. Jubilation can only have been the emotion in the Corsairs locker room after this victory which sees them roll onto Week 4 with an unbeaten record. The air attack triumvirate of AJ Caswell, Deezer Powell and James Matthews Jr was deadly, Caswell producing some of the best form of his whole career. Jett Zero really seems to have figured out his role as a running back, the fruits of seasons of hard work to transition from fullback. The defense struggled against the Hands brothers, but a solid performance against the run held DJ Moses in check and helped even out the clock. The secondary will need to improve if QCC want to keep their run of form going, but with an offense as free-scoring as they are right now, it may not prove to be a factor. The Corsairs have plotted their destination as the playoffs. Right now, they’re cruising.

TEAM: Arizona Scorpions, 2-1 MOVEMENT: ↓4

How often does a team get two players over 100 yards receiving and lose at home? I can’t imagine that number is very high if we took a look back at the SFL history books. Alas, this was the case for the Arizona Scorpions, who succumbed to their first defeat of the season in a heart-breaking 33-31 loss at home to the Queen City Corsairs. A 24-point 2nd quarter for the opposition and a last-minute FG were the culprits, the ball agonisingly flying between the home teams posts. There are many positives to come out of this Week 3 game, but the result isn’t one of them. Ashley Jackson had yet another solid outing, playing aggressively, throwing for 3 TDs and 2 INTs. The Hands brothers pretty much caught anything that was thrown in their vicinity, James and Donnie combining for 242 yards and a pair of scores, TE Will Todd chipping in with a score also. Defensively, it was a case of a lot of endeavour without much success. Caswell managed to avoid pressure for the most past and whilst they did bat a few balls down, the secondary failed to make any turnovers. Arizona lost a very tight game this week. That should just add fuel to the fire for next week’s divisional clash with last season’s champs.

TEAM: Florida Storm, 2-1 MOVEMENT:  -0

What is the opposite of a sophomore slump? However you define it, Charlie Biletsky is making a case to have his picture next to it in the dictionary. The second-year running back tore off 222 yards on 22 carries and one touchdown as the Storm exacted at least a little revenge from last year’s championship tilt, beating Denver 26-19. EJ Mencin got in the end zone late in the first quarter after a slow start on offense to take a 7-6 lead. After Denver tied the game midway in the third quarter, The Bullet punctuated a workmanlike effort with a touchdown plunge to put Florida up to stay. The Storm defensive line dictated much of the action – sacking rookie quarterback Eric Price four times – including 2.5 from all-time leader Alex Dominguez. Alessandro Tomaello added 1.5 sacks to keep pressure on the rookie backfield and held the storm to 28 percent third down conversion percentage. The victory marks two in a row for Florida, as they make plans to visit a hungry 0-3 Fort Worth squad. If Biletsky continues to perform his polar-opposite-of-sophomore-slump act, Florida may have a darkhorse MVP candidate on their hands.

TEAM: Atlanta Swarm, 2-1 MOVEMENT: ↑2

QB Bryant Dynasty had an efficient and productive day carving up the defense with 27 completions off of 34 attempts for 286 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. And even though the running game struggled to get its footing, The Swarm took down the Kings 27-12. Their defense gets after the ball too! Holding Kings RB Jared Willis to only 21 yards on 12 carries… and one of those was for 8 yards. The Atlanta Swarm defense make it hard the ground. In fact, they are the toughest team in the SFL averaging only 24 rushing yards per game. That’s an astonishing 16 yards less than the next best squad! If defense does indeed win championships, and they can keep it up, we might see Atlanta make some noise in the playoffs. That’s a big “IF,” considering it is only 3 games into the season. But it’s a heck of a start! Atlanta plays the Queen City Corsairs next!

TEAM: DC Dragons, 2-1 MOVEMENT: ↑2

DC is for real. They are a contender right now. The offense is as good as any in the SFL. Their defense has righted itself since giving up 55 to Vancouver. Clearly that game was an outlier as I said at the time. They only allowed 33 points in their last 2 games while the offense has continued to march along scoring 61 points in the same time span. The scariest part of it all, this team is YOUNG! They are just beginning to develop and progress, nowhere near their final form. They have a few well-placed veterans who provide leadership and savvy coaching and management who have a clear vision of where they are going and how they are getting there. (Think early 90s Cowboys)

The Dragons faced off against undefeated Charleston and threatened to end the competitive phase of the game by halftime. Racing to a 17-0 lead but a late TD by Charleston followed by a TD to start the second half made it 17-14 and sent the message that this game was going the distance. The DC defense however was clutch all day long intercepting TD Drew 7 times and held the Preds to only 3 points the rest of the way. The offense was lead by RB Kevin Seay who brilliant running (33-164 2TDs) help to offset Shabazz Psynergy’s 5 interception day. The Dragons did just enough, scoring 10 2nd half points to earn a hard fought 27-17 victory. Next up for DC is a possible Game of the Year matchup with undefeated Mexico City and their high powered offense. Must see TV!

RANK: 10
TEAM: Charleston Predators, 2-1 MOVEMENT: ↓2

The Predators rolled into DC coming off 2 straight wins to open the season, including holding Las Vegas to 5 points in their opener. By the time they left DC they were no longer undefeated or rolling and their Defense had surrendered 27 points, 1 less than they had surrendered in their first 2 games combined. QB TD Drew threw 7 INTs in a nightmarish performance for him. A lot of that had to do with the DC defense but that is likely of little comfort. RB Keith Swearingen didn’t fare any better tallying more carries (17) than yards (16). The lone offensive bright spot was WR Buchanan Simons who was the offense with 6-137 1TD.

Charleston’s defense was definitely predatory when it came to the DC passing game intercepting Shabazz Psynergy 5 times and limiting the damage done by its own QB’s interception problems. While they did a fine job on Psynergy they had no answer for Kevin Seay who ran over, around and through them all day long. Their overall performance though allowed the Preds to rally from 17-0 down to within 17-14 early in the 2nd half but they would score only 3 more points the rest of game and come up short in a 27-17 loss. The silver lining of all this is that the Predators know they went up against what is quickly becoming one of the best teams in the SFL, did not play near their best and were within a TD for most of the 2nd half. They are also still in 1st place in their division. Up next a rivalry game with Carolina Skyhawks, who at 1-2 are facing a semi must-win game.

RANK: 11
TEAM: London Knights, 2-1 MOVEMENT: ↑1

Make the most of your opportunities. It may not be the official mantra of the Season 17 London Knights, but this past weekend, it was a rallying point in a 23-20 win over the Fort Worth Toros during Convention Weekend. After watching Fort Worth miss on a go-ahead field goal with 59 seconds to play, quarterback Johnny Pichler got to work. The signal-caller had his rough moments on the game, but looked poised down the stretch – converting first down after first down in the final minute to deliver London on the doorstep of the end zone, and kick a decisive field goal with under 10 seconds remaining. The defense was the true (collective) star of the game. The Knight defense picked off Cameron Curtis three times and held the opposing QB to just 93 yards through the air. Tanner Hendrix, who has been playing exceptional in coverage in the first part of this season, added two of those interceptions to his season total. The only negative for London on this weekend? All of the other North Division foes also won, meaning they remain a game behind both Baltimore and Queen City and tied with DC, in what is shaping up to be perhaps the most entertaining division race. London hosts Jacksonville this weekend in hopes of keeping the pressure on their North Division counterparts.

RANK: 12
TEAM: Denver Nightwings, 1-2 MOVEMENT: ↓3

There would be no last second miracle drive. No heroic fourth down conversions. No last second field goal. The championship rings seemed to arrive this week – but so did the Florida defense and running game. Though the sight of Denver’s opponent brought back fond memories of an extraordinary Season 16 championship game win, the result in Week 3 of Season 17 would not end the same way. Florida’s defense was stout and helped the Storm take down Denver, 26-19 in a championship game rematch. The Nightwings got a gigantic effort from Logan Keel, who put up 216 receiving yards on 18 receptions to keep Denver within striking distance for the bulk of the game. Eric Price was efficient and moved the ball downfield, but the offense stalled out short of the goalline several times, leading to field goals instead of touchdowns. The defense also surrendered 219 rushing yards to make their victory effort that much harder. The loss marks the second regular season loss for Denver – the most in a few regular seasons. Their early-season grind continues this week as they host Arizona in yet another revenge game that the Scorpion fans undoubtedly have circled on their calendar.

RANK: 13
TEAM: LA Lycans, 2-1MOVEMENT:↑5

Another week and another poor offensive showing for the Los Angeles Lycans.  It is like their offense goes from one extreme to the other.  One week they throw the ball to the fullback 18 times and then this week the running back carries the ball 40 times.  QB Sully Richardson was 14 of 21 on the day with 120 yards.  Rb Robert Johnson had 40 carries for 91 yards. The leading receiver was TE Jack Flash with 5 receptions for 39 yards.  Rachelle Colston and Ryan Yoseph each had an interception while Thomasina Ramen picked off QB Julian Tyree twice.  Both team’s offenses were even across the board.  The Lycans can thank their defense, time of possession and K Rob Emms with his 3 field goals for this 9-7 victory.  The Lycans travel to Houston next week to face off against the Hyenas.  They day after the game the Lycan’s head coach “resigned”.  Let’s see if LA can put a playbook together this week that can score touchdowns.

RANK: 14
TEAM: Tulsa Desperados, 1-2MOVEMENT: -0

Thirteen points in the second half proved too little too late for the Desperados this week as they fell at home to unexpected high-flyers, Houston. The final score read 23-13, masking a scoreless first half by the Tulsa offense as they were bodied heavily by Houston’s D. Jay Cue’s pair of touchdown passes to Khoury Jones and Gabriel Manning were nice to see, and his 12 yard scamper showed off some clear athleticism, but you have to bring you’re a-game to best this Hyena defense and Tulsa just simply didn’t have it. Sonzo Robinson was underutilised once again, his brutal power running style proving to be difficult to follow back on when chasing a lead. The offensive line also struggled to protect their QB, allowing Chris Joseph to slice through twice, 2 of 4 sacks given up on the day. Granted, Carson Miller and Berto DeMoura did bring down Dave Burr a couple of times themselves, but the quality of DR Sim was too much to handle for the Tulsa secondary. They did take advantage of the opposition rookie QB on a few occasions but, with the offense stalling, eventually points started to tally against them. Tulsa will want to get back onto the winning track next week. Baltimore may have other ideas.

RANK: 15
TEAM: Portland Fleet, 1-2MOVEMENT: ↑5

Portland came in off a dramatic OT loss to Baltimore but they came in trending straight up. The narrow loss came on the heels of a blowout loss to Houston in week 1and served to change the early trajectory of the Fleet’s season which culminated in their dominant win over San Diego. The Fleet offense in this game was Ezekiel Love, Ezekiel Love and Ezekiel Love but with numbers he put up, 22-268 4TDs, it was a winning strategy. Love carried the offense, as he often does, on a night when the passing game struggled mightily. Rookie QB OJ Bruin could only manage 207 yds on 50% passing with 4 interceptions and 1 TD. Love is one of the best RBs in the SFL and definitely put his hat firmly in the MVP ring with this performance.

The Fleet defense also answered the bell. The defense stood up early in helping the Fleet race out to a 24-0 lead. Then after San Diego staged a rally to get within 24-14 at the half they rose up again shutting San Diego down while the margin expanded to 38-14 and the competitive phase of the game ended. They intercepted QB Javier Vasquez 5 times. 2 of the INTs were critical as they came inside their own 5 yard line with the Mavericks moving for at least a FG and possibly a TD on both occasions that could have changed the game. The Portland back-ups gave up the final end of game TD.  The Fleet have the look of a team that could compete for a wildcard if they continue their upward trajectory. Portland will next host 1-2 Sioux Falls, who are on a 2 game losing streak, in a game where both teams need a win to bolster their standing for a potential playoff spot.

RANK: 16
TEAM: Carolina Skyhawks, 1-2 MOVEMENT: ↓3

Oh boy, Week 3 will have been a picture of frustration for the Carolina Skyhawks as they were within reach of going into Week 4 above .500. After a 17-17 first half away at the home of the Lone Star Glory, the Skyhawks looked to be in the ascendency, hitting a TD in the 3rd quarter and going ahead by seven. Another FG in the 4th should probably have secured a famous victory, but 10 points in clutch time by Ace Fenech and the Glory offense scuppered that chance. Overtime came and well, 3 points from the leg of Lone Star’s non-contract kicker and the rest is history. Carolina Fall to 1-2. All is not doom and gloom for the Skyhawks though. Matt South looked very efficient in the passing game, hitting not just Logan Jack at high clip but the rest of the receivers too. Heath McDaniel Jr exploited spaces all day, scoring a TD and 132 yards from 6 catches. Logan Jack was once again a pest in the passing game, also chipping in with a couple of rushing TDs, despite not having many yards on the day. Nothing much stood out on a defense that gave up 30 points, but David Ware had a nice all-round game from LB. Bitterness will taste sweet for Carolina as they head into a divisional tilt with Charleston. These two always keep it tight. I expect no different in Week 4.

RANK: 17
TEAM: Lone Star Glory, 1-2MOVEMENT: ↑4

The Lone Star Glory will be thanking their lucky stars as they head into Week 4 having avoided the embarrassment of a winless record. A clutch FG in OT by the Glory’s non-contract kicker clinched a 27-30 victory over a reeling Carolina Skyhawks team, sending Glory supporters into raptures. Much of Week 3’s successes come down to the cultured arm of Ace Fenech, who threw over 85 percent on the day with a couple of TDs and yards well into the 300’s. Fenech’s favourite target was RB Ike McBride, who caught 15 balls, once for a TD. These short, sharp passes to the HB may go some way to justifying Fenech’s high completion rate, although 6 passes to Dave Axis for 11 yards and 1 TD were also brilliant. Ike McBride also capped her excellent day off with over 100 yards and a touchdown, which proved crucial in this, the tightest of games with Carolina. Defensively, things looked a little more average, the only line penetration coming from Yogi Barr and Freddy Tramel. Logan Jack was bottled up nicely for the majority of the contest but Matt South, at times, looked like he had an age to throw and pick his spot. If LSG want to improve their record, the defense needs to up the ante. Week 4’s road trip to Louisiana should prove another stern test. It also provides the Glory a chance to go 2-2.

RANK: 18

TEAM: Sioux Falls Sparrows, 1-2 MOVEMENT: ↓3

Sioux Falls played host to the Los Angeles Lycans this weekend.  This was a tough game to watch.  It is like both team’s offenses missed the bus to the game.  QB Julian Tyree completed only 14 passes of his 34 attempts for 141 yards, one touchdown and 4 interceptions.  RB Colin Hart had 10 carries for 48 yards.  TE Noe Terrazas was the leading receiver with 5 receptions for 74 yards.  SS A.J. Levye led the defense with his 12 tackles (2 for a loss) and 3 assists. At the end of the day the Sparrows would take the L by the score of 7-9.  Sioux Falls will travel to Portland next week.

RANK: 19
TEAM: St. Louis Gladiators, 1-2 MOVEMENT:  -0

Turnovers. Is there any more obvious key to the game cliche than that? Unfortunately, for the Gladiators, cliches tend to be true, as a six-interception day by the St. Louis offense let an opportunity to upset the Vultures go by. The Gladiators looked sharp, especially on defense, against the team (that would be you, Baltimore) many have been praising as the league’s best. Baltimore found life in the second half to leap ahead of St. Louis and stay ahead, 34-23. The Gladiators were down two scores often in the fourth quarter, but after chipping away with a field goal to make it a one-score game with 2:47 and a potentially too-early onsides kick that was recovered by Baltimore, they could not keep the Vultures from a field goal that put the game out of reach. Ultimately, the Gladiator loss came down to turnovers – as in the six they gave up to Baltimore. The St. Louis offense had trouble gaining any traction, accumulating only 275 yards of total offense on the day. They will attempt to put the brakes on their two-game skid as they host San Diego this weekend.

RANK: 20
TEAM: Fort Worth Toros, 0-3MOVEMENT: ↓3

Another nail-biting finish has Toro fans still searching for their first victory in Season 17. Tied 20-20 late in the final quarter, Fort Worth looked to have a promising drive in order with under two minutes to play. After being stopped inches short of a first down, kicker Taco Sicario had a rare miss from 49 yards away and only 59 seconds to play. London took the field position and used the intermediate passing game to work the ball into the Fort Worth red zone for a chip shot, go-ahead, game-winning field goal, 23-20. Jason Williams was consistent chiseling away at first downs on the ground. The tailback had 174 yards on 29 carries and two rushing touchdowns. An inefficient passing game doomed the Toros to be perhaps too one-dimensional as they could only muster 93 passing yards and quarterback Cameron Curtis threw three costly interceptions. The defense was lead by EK Vinson (15 tackles, 4 tackles for loss), who seemed to be everywhere disrupting London’s offensive flow. At 0-3, the urgency in Fort Worth is now escalating. They will host the Storm this weekend in hopes of keeping pace with a pair of division leaders who are 3-0. Keep grinding, Fort Worth. Those W’s will come.

RANK: 21
TEAM: Louisiana Revolution, 0-3MOVEMENT: ↑1

The Revolution just can’t catch a break. Here they are, with an offense sitting at 8th in total yards, 17th in passing yards per game and 6th in rushing yards per game. They come out in Week 3 against the strong Vancouver Legion and post 34 points with 357 passing and 137 on the ground… that sound like a winning stat line, right? The defense is just struggling right now: 22nd in the league at points allowed per game with 33. This week they gave the Legion 41. Vancouver got 623 total yards and had a 3rd down percentage over 50! The offense is getting there. The defense needs to step it up in order to #1. Get the ball back to the offense for more chances, and #2. Hold the opposition on 3rd down. Not much else to say: Revolution defense needs an awakening. Let’s hope they can bounce back this week when they host the 1-2 Lone Star Glory.

RANK: 22
TEAM: Jacksonville Kings, 0-3MOVEMENT: ↓6

Is there an end in sight for this drought? 28 yards per game. That is what the Kings are averaging for rushing. 16 points per game. These are numbers that must improve if Jacksonville is going to give anyone a scare after 9 more weeks. Right now, it is difficult to see the positives through the negatives. There are good chunks through the air at times, but 8 interceptions through 3 games would derail any team. RB Jared Willis had as many catches as the entire rest of his team in the loss to Atlanta this past week. That is not going to get it done: checking it down when you need to score. The season is quickly getting away from Jacksonville, but they should be able to course-correct and get back on track. They will try to make that begin this coming week when the Kings travel to London to take on the Knights.

RANK: 23
TEAM: San Diego Mavericks, 0-3 MOVEMENT: -0

Has there been a team with more hard luck than the San Diego Mavericks? Still searching for that elusive first ever franchise win, the Mavericks have had the misfortune of falling victim to 3 straight stand out individual performances. In week 1 it was SXF WR Kae Marion. In week 2 it was DR Sim (or was that Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson?) shedding 3 tacklers on his way to the game winning TD. This past week it was the Portland offense otherwise known as Ezekiel Love who shredded the San Diego D with 22-268 4TDs. The Mavericks have been showing signs of improvement and growth each week. The saying is that “It’s a long, hard road out of hell” and so far that’s exactly what it has been for the Mavericks as they strive for win #1.

Despite their most recent loss which was not as close as the final score 45-30. (The Mavs scored 9 points in the final minute.) There were some good things that came from this game. The Mav Defense intercepted Rookie QB OJ Bruin 4 times, sacked him twice, limited him to only 207 yards, 1 TD and only 50% completions. The Mavericks also rallied from an early 24-0 hole to pull within 24-14 at half. They could have gotten even closer, maybe even taken the lead but for 2 interceptions off deflected passes inside the Portland 5 yard line. The Maverick offense put up 30 points, a new franchise record. They were led by QB Javier Vasquez 32-51 383 4 TD (but also 5 INTs), RB Jaylin Wells 25-98 and WR Connor Weston 11-169 1TD. The Maverick saga continues this week with a trip to St. Louis to take on the 1-2 Gladiators who have their own problems as QB Christian Brown has thrown 12 interceptions in his last 2 games. This figures to be a hard fought struggle between 2 teams very much in need of a win.

RANK: 24
TEAM: Las Vegas Fury, 0-3 MOVEMENT:  -0

Las Vegas early season woes continued as the Fury dropped to 0-3. It has been a nightmarish start to the season for the Fury after last season’s strong finish. With all the retirements in Denver, the uncertainty in Sioux Falls and the unpredictability of Arizona, Vegas appeared to be in prime position to stake a strong claim to the Western Division. Instead they find themselves in last place with more questions than answers.

Rookie QB Joseph Green had a big day in the loss 16-22, 312, 3 TDs. The passing game carried the day for the Fury. The problem was they were matched against Mexico City and their machine of an offense. The Fury Defense has been solid but against the Aztecs they were simply overmatched. In an unfortunate and cruel twist of fate Vancouver comes to town in week 4. Not great in what is now a must win game for the Fury if they are to salvage their season.