Written by Baylee O’Shaugnessey, Josh Farnzy, Stefaun Forge, Rae Colston and Matthew Slinn

Images by Axel Raven and Hubba Kimbrel

Trying to formulate Power Rankings in the first week is tough. Half the league is 1-0 and the other half 0-1. No team has displayed a series of wins or losses and those of us who have been around the SFL for a while know that Week 1 throws up some interesting results. Trying to predict Week 1 of any SFL season and therefore judge the abilities of each team afterwards is a near impossible task. Yet, this Power Rankings team of writers aims to accomplish that goal to the best of our ability every season. Why am I opening with this explanation, you might think? Well, one evening last week, the exact date I cannot remember, I tuned in to listen to a popular SFL-based Podcast. The segment I happened upon took a look at our Week 1 Power Rankings with a critical eye, something that I very much welcome. Critique of public work, especially when it is something as subjective as the Power Rankings is important. What I did not bargain for, was a clear dismissal of myself and my writing team personally, as if to say, ‘Why are we bothering taking this article seriously when it was published by this person/these people‘. That is not a critique of writing skill, a critique of the Power Rankings order or a critique of the process we go through to produce the article. How do I know this? Because the views given showed a clear lack of understanding of how the Power Rankings article is put together and misinformation about how many people are involved in formulating these rankings.

So, to ensure there is no further confusion, let me talk you all through the process. Obviously, for those that already know or simply aren’t interested, skip forwards a bit to our Week 2 rankings, complete with a new format.

Each week starts on an Excel spreadsheet, which thanks to the brilliant mind of Ray Bentley, tracks each team’s record, previous opponents and aggregate points score. We also track the Power Rankings placement of each team through the weeks to better inform our judgements. We then input our rankings into the spreadsheet and the order determined by each team’s average. Once the order is finalised, we write our assignments ready to be published. That’s the basics. It becomes more nuanced when you take into account the fact that we have six brains forming their own Power Rankings, the five writers and Ray Bentley. That’s six people with six different opinions on who deserves credit and who doesn’t. Six people whose process is different, six people who value one statistic over another. Six people who have vastly different levels of experience in the SFL from seasoned veteran to rookies. This variance and disagreement even between ourselves is what ensures the fairness of the article. It’s what keeps integrity high and hopefully, it adds some weight to the quality of the rankings.

I don’t claim that we’re perfect, far from it. There will be mistakes. I just hope that in future, when criticism is aimed at content creators of all types, it comes from an educated place and not one of ignorance.

So, without further ado, let’s hit you with some rankings!

TEAM: Baltimore Vultures, 2-0 MOVEMENT:  -0

The Baltimore Vultures just know how to come good in the clutch, don’t they? Confidence seeps through the pores of this team and every player manages to galvanise themselves at the most crucial of times. One of these times faced rookie running back Jimmy Hazzard during Week 2, as he faced a Portland defence that had kept him quiet for most of the game. With a mere 2 minutes left in OT, Hazzard split the defensive line with a wicked spin move before gassing his way to a walkoff touchdown. It was the perfect way for Hazzard to score his first ever SFL TD. The rest of the game was all about the connection between Jack Wigmore and his two stud receivers, Ervin and Chimah. Both ripped through the Portland defense, helping Wigmore to reach 476 yards with 3 TDs and no interceptions. This Baltimore Vultures offense looks sharp this season, even more lethal now they know they have a good player in Hazzard. It wasn’t all plain sailing though. A fumble by T-Roy Gaines late in the 4th gave Portland the chance to take a famous victory, but the defense geld strong and forced a FG, giving Hazzard his time to shine in OT. The Vultures remain top of our rankings. It will take something special, you would think, to remove them.

TEAM: Arizona Scorpions, 2-0 MOVEMENT: -0

Was this victory early signs of an SFL championship level season from Arizona? Only time will tell, but a tough 12-20 victory over the much-fancied Fort Worth Toros should put the SFL on notice. This Arizona Scorpions team is much more than just hype. This first quarter started in cagey fashion, Arizona struggling to gather much momentum resulting in a 6-0 deficit in favour of the visiting Toros, but that lead wasn’t going to last long. A touchdown pass from Ashley Jackson to her favourite receiver, Donnie Hands was coupled with a score by DJ Moses, who ran the ball hard all game, catapulted the Scorpions into a 8-point lead at the half. The 8-point margin would not be relinquished for the entirety of the second half, Arizona proving their defensive prowess by keeping the Toros out of the end zone. Both strong teams cancelled each other out, hitting two field goals each during two quarters of hard-nosed action. Special mentions must go to defensive backs Parker Thomas and Vernard Smith IV, who combined for three interceptions and a couple of PD’s, giving Cameron Curtis fits all game. The Scorpions find themselves very close to the summit of our rankings based on two excellent victories against extremely strong opponents. Week 3’s tilt vs the Queen City Corsairs (another team at 2-0) gives a chance for Eddie Gauge’s team to cement their assault on thew West Division and the rest of the SFL.


TEAM: Vancouver Legion, 2-0 MOVEMENT: ↑3

QB Tom Pepper is an efficient machine: 30 of 34 for 324, 2 TDs and an INT… 88.24 completion percentage a 17-10 win over the Lone Star Glory. I don’t know what else you can ask from your QB. If they can find a way to keep him off the turf though, I’m sure he’d appreciate it. 5 sacks this week and 2 last week. The defense is a little suspect so far this season. Granted, they held the Glory to only 10 this week, but they allowed 52 in a shootout last week. But, can we just call WR Kendra Hall what she is? A big play waiting to happen. Is anyone else out there in the WR position producing like she is? 12 receptions for 363 yards and 3 TDs in only 2 games! Brett Killian is putting together some great numbers too! This offense has the weapons to scare anyone. But, as the passing game has flourished, star RB Robert Redford has been struggling a bit to get things going. I would not want to have to play this team when he does… and he will. Vancouver hosts the Revolution on Saturday night at 9:45pm EST on SFL Twitch.

TEAM: Mexico City Aztecs, 2-0 MOVEMENT: ↑2

Mexico City’s week 2 performance against Carolina can be described in 1 word: DOMINANT! Both teams came at 1-0 but the Aztecs wasted little time making it clear who was going to be 2-0 when all was said and done. Blowing away the Skyhawks with TDs on their first 3 possessions to take a 21-0 lead and were never challenged. This dominance occurred even though Matt Willson threw 4 INTs on a day when he when otherwise very good. Phoenix Jones pounded the Skyhawks with 32-119 and 2 TDs.

As good as the offense was, the Aztec defense was even better. The completely locked down the Skyhawk offense holding them to 77 total yards in the first half and, in starter vs starter time, shutting them out. The best Carolina drive and lone TD came against Aztec backups when the matter was already decided. They intercepted Matt South 3 times and held Logan Jack to 12-41. The Aztecs will look to go 3-0 as they welcome in an 0-2 and troubled Las Vegas in week 3.

TEAM: Houston Hyenas, 2-0 MOVEMENT: ↓1

The Houston Hyenas went into Week 2 highly confident of another victory in the Pacific after their dismantling of the Portland Fleet, but despite gaining a second victory, things weren’t quite so simple in San Diego. The Mavericks proved to be a stern test for Houston, holding them to a 7-9 scoreline deep into the 4th quarter. The contest ended 14-9, and the way Houston secured victory is one of the best plays I have ever seen in the SFL by a single player. Rookie QB Dave Burr dropped back, uncorked a beauty of a pass which fell into the hands of star receiver, DR Sim. Sim then showed why he is the face of this franchise. Not only did Sim make a tough over the shoulder catch, he proceeded to break three tackles from the despairing Mavericks defense on his way to a huge go ahead TD. The San Diego secondary just couldn’t live with Sim’s leg drive and speed as arm after arm fell off the receiver’s legs. It was a brilliant moment in an otherwise unremarkable game. Houston remain on the road for Week 3 to face a sneaky looking Tulsa team. We’re not entirely sure how good either of these teams are yet. It should be a cracker.

TEAM: Queen City Corsairs, 2-0 MOVEMENT: ↑4

Ok Queen City, ok. You have been heard loud and clear. You don’t rebuild, you just re-tool. Coming off a magnificent but stunning upset of Fort Worth in week 1 the Corsairs used their week 2 matchup with London to send a very loud and very clear message to the SFL, WE ARE BACK! They dominated the Knights from the 2nd quarter on. Their offense led by Jett Zero took control physically and pushed the Knights all over the field. Zero’s rushing stat line says it all 28-196 3 TD. He routinely decimated any London defenders brave enough to attempt to tackle him. Rookie WR Doug Spelling made the game changing play as he returned a kickoff for a TD on the final play of the first half to restore Queen City’s 10 point lead and crush any London momentum for the 2nd half.

The Corsair defense simply picked up where it finished last game. The starting unit yielded only 1 TD to a London offense that put 41 on Atlanta in week 1. They intercepted Pichler 4 times and limited him to 266 yards passing. A good bit of which came with game already decided and against backups. Queen City now heads into an early season showdown in Arizona to take on the also undefeated Scorpions. Should be epic.

TEAM: Florida Storm, 1-1 MOVEMENT:  -0

After getting blitzed and blown out by Arizona in week 1 there were questions about Florida and whether they were suffering a championship loss hangover or whether last season was just one off given their recent history? They answered those questions with a resounding NO! The Storm ripped through Jacksonville. (Lazy writing, I know.) In a game that wasn’t as close as the score Florida dominated from start to finish leading the whole way. Charlie Billetsky showed of his season 16 form with an 80 yard TD burst in the first half propelling Florida to a 13-0 halftime lead.

The defense came out looking for redemption after the Arizona loss and got it. They welcomed back former league MVP and season14 champion Marcus Dunhill by intercepting him 5 times and limiting the Kings offense to only 13 points. It was exactly the kind of response to a loss that is expected from Championship Caliber teams. Next up for Florida they will host Denver. Yes, it is technically a “rematch” but Denver is a vastly different team then the one from last year’s championship game so in that regard “rematch” doesn’t really apply.

TEAM: Charleston Predators, 2-0 MOVEMENT: ↑1

Is Buchanon Simons under-appreciated? He’s been a dominant presence in South Carolina for his career and always seems to make big plays when they are needed most. Either way, you can bet Revolution fans have a healthy amount of respect for the perennial all star. The Predators’ star wideout caught eight passes for 176 yards and two touchdowns – the first of which helped him eclipse the 50-touchdown mark for his career en route to a 26-23 win against the Revolution this past weekend. Quarterback TD Drew found backup receiver Daniel Bloomenthall on a slant over the middle on 3rd and 12 from the Louisiana 16-yard-line with about three and a half minutes to play to take the lead after trailing by two scores entering the final quarter. A strong defensive stand on the following Louisiana drive forced a punt and Charleston leaned on running back Keith Swearingen, who delivered a 33-yard scamper – his best run on an otherwise contained day – to effectively salt away the game. The Killer Whales improve to 2-0 and enter the dragon’s lair this Friday against DC in one of the most intriguing early-season matchups on the SFL slate.

TEAM: Denver Nightwings, 1-1 MOVEMENT: ↓6

February 28. That’s the last time Denver came away from an SFL contest in defeat – when they were beaten at home by Houston. It’s been nothing but W’s since. That is, until Atlanta’s defense contained the rookie combo of Eric Price and Baylee O’Shaughnessy to minimal gains throughout as the Swarm won 29-13 at home. Price was accurate (38-for-47, 340 yards), but third downs were tough for Denver this week. The Nightwings converted only four of their 13 attempts on the critical down. Only 22 rushing yards kept Denver fairly one-dimensional this past weekend. The defense was solid, limiting Atlanta to field goals more often than not, but gave up several chunk plays between the 20s to allow scoring chances. Jose Fuentes had 12 tackles in the loss. It’s been a while since a February 28 came around, but Denver is equipped to bounce back. A highly-motivated Florida squad will have revenge on their minds as a rematch of the Season 16 championship classic is slated for convention weekend.

RANK: 10
TEAM: Atlanta Swarm, 1-1 MOVEMENT: ↑5

On a week when Aquantis Shyne and BDG Hollewood are set to be enshrined in the SFL Hall of Fame for outstanding careers, what did they do on the field? They played like Hall of Famers. The Swarm rode a hot defense and persistent offensive output to take down the defending champs, 29-13. The win also is sweet revenge for last year’s 37-27 home loss to Denver. Shyne led a defensive effort that kept the Nightwings in front of them – limiting big plays and frustrating the Denver offense to the tune of only 13 points. On the other side of the ball, Hollewood broke open the scoring with a signature cut and sprint down the sideline for 60 yards to set the pace. Hollewood manufactured several key first downs as Atlanta consistently got into field goal range for Sammy Steele (5-for-5 on field goals) to increase their lead often in the second half. He finished with 181 all-purpose yards and that long touchdown run. Quarterback Bryant Dynasty threw for 294, 1 TD and 1 INT, showing accuracy to keep drives moving against a tough Denver defensive unit. Congrats to Shyne and Hollewood. Enjoy your moments this weekend. You earned them all career – and this week as well.

RANK: 11
TEAM: D.C Dragons, 1-1 MOVEMENT: ↑2

The Dragons look good as a spoiler this season. They are going to give every team a run for their money. But, they have a few things to mend before they can compete for a title. Three interceptions per game will find you letting the other team stay close or take the lead. That is the unfortunate average through these first 2 games of season 17. However, the defense played well and RB Kevin Seay got things going on the ground with a monster day: 15 carries for 186 yards and 2 TDs. If Seay can keep that up and QB Shabazz Psynergy can find a way to keep the ball from getting away from him, this team can be in every game this season. Can it be that simple? They really seem to have something going in DC. The defense was flying over the field making tackles and forcing turnovers, So, it’s just cleaning things up a little and they will be rocking this boat for sure! I’m excited to see the next steps! The Dragons host the hot Charleston Predators this Friday at 4:15pm EST on SFL YouTube.

RANK: 12
TEAM: London Knights, 1-1 MOVEMENT: ↓1

Coming off a scintillating last second week 1 win over Atlanta, London looked to continue their hot start in week 2 vs Queen City. That… did… not… happen. Early on London picked up where they left off after yielding an early FG the London defense answered the call a couple possessions later with a Pick 6 to give the Knights a 7-3 lead and early momentum. Unfortunately for the Knights it would be their only lead of the day as the defense could not maintain it’s hot start and wound up allowing 47 points. The special teams also yielded a back breaking end of half kickoff return for a TD after London had rallied within 17-14 to end the 1st half.

The new look London offense lead by Johnny Pichler that had piled up yards and points Vancouver style in week 1 never really got in gear. London is an air it out offense, they come off the bus throwing the football so QB is their most vital position. Unfortunately after his record setting performance in week 1 Johnny Pichler reverted to Johnny Pick-ler from last season throwing 4 INTs. With no run game to fall back on the London offense was left stuck and without answers all game long. London will look to rebound at Fort Worth in week 3 but it won’t be easy as it is a must win game for the 0-2 Toros.

RANK: 13
TEAM: Carolina Skyhawks, 1-1MOVEMENT: ↓5

Coming off a thorough dismantling of Louisiana in week Carolina was looking to cement its status as a contender in matchup against Mexico City. Unfortunately for the Skyhawks the only in cement in this game was their offense. After a very good week 1 QB Matt South had a decent game statistically but regressed to his Portland days with 3 costly INTs. The offense never really got in sync. The only TD was scored late in 4th against primarily backups to avoid the shutout. It came on their best play of the game, a beautiful pass from South to Harish Prasad. (No, Harish was not injured on the play.)

The Skyhawk D got off to an awful start yielding TDs on the first 3 Mexico City drives. After that though they did not yield another point the rest of the way. They intercepted Matt Willson 4 times. Their efforts kept the game from becoming a Bal-LA style blowout. If the Skyhawk D can keep the level they finished this game on and the Skyhawk offense can recapture it’s week 1 form then the Skyhawks should rebound and be in contention for a playoff spot. The Skyhawks will look to get back on track at a struggling Lone Star team in week 3.

RANK: 14
TEAM: Tulsa Desperados, 1-1MOVEMENT: ↑4

Sometimes the clock strikes midnight. Sometimes it is just on time. The opening weekend loss to St. Louis was the first case – as tight end Jason France was tackled centimeters from the goalline and, without a timeout, time expired on Tulsa’s comeback attempt. This week, it was Father Time assisting the Desperados as the Sparrows saw the clock drain to all zeroes at midfield as their comeback attempt fell short. Time aside, it was a feisty defensive effort by Tulsa that helped them to their first victory of the season over Sioux Falls, 19-17. That defense forced three Sparrow interceptions to help them squash drives. Strong safety Rickey Thornton had all three picks for the Desperados – putting on a defensive back clinic. Sonzo Robinson (21 carries, 98 yards, 1 TD) shouldered the running game to help give some balance to the passing attack. A decisive fourth quarter drive led by quarterback Jay Cue helped put Tulsa in field goal range for JT Dulany to connect on his fourth field goal with five minutes to play. Tulsa’s defense held on the next possession and would not relinquish the ball until the final minute of the game where Sioux Falls ran out of clock. Tulsa concludes their three-game homestand to start the season this weekend as Houston comes to town.

RANK: 15
TEAM: Sioux Falls Sparrows, 1-1MOVEMENT: ↓3

A last-second frantic drive was too little, too late as the Sioux Falls Sparrows dropped their first loss of Season 17, 19-17 to Tulsa this past weekend. Clinging to a one-point lead in the fourth quarter, the Tulsa offense drove into Sparrow territory, but the Sioux Falls defense stood their ground and forced a field goal. The Sparrows’ ensuing drive went nowhere and were forced to burn all of their timeouts in order to get the ball back at their own 15-yard-line with 26 seconds remaining. With the sidelines well-guarded, quarterback Julian Tyree was able to work the middle of the field to eventually get the ball around midfield. However, the Tulsa defense was able to make a clutch tackle inbounds with five seconds left to prevent one last Hail Mary. Sioux Falls outgained Tulsa on the day and saw an incredibly stout performance by their defense. However, three key turnovers by the offense interrupted what could have been decisive scoring drives to derail the win. The Sparrows fly home to Liberty Park this weekend as a showdown with the 1-1 Lycans awaits.

RANK: 16
TEAM: Jacksonville Kings, 0-2 MOVEMENT: ↑1

So here is what we learned from the first 2 games of Jacksonville’s Season 17 season. The schedule makers had it in for the Kings for the first 2 weeks. Open @Denver and then host Florida. Those teams combined 26-4 in total last season and played for the championship. Ouch. Add in to that the fact that their franchise QB and his favorite WR retired, the fact that the roster had substantial roster turnover and their schedule overall appears to be a difficult one and it could be a long year for the Kings.

They brought in former MVP and season 14 champion Marcus Dunhill at QB but due to his 2 season absence he faced regression. It left him not where he was and with work to do to get back there. He did pass for 366 yds and 2 TDs BUT also threw 5 INTs. The Kings had the look of team in transition in this game. Definitely not what they were but still a solid team. Of course the schedule makers did them no favors in week 3 either as the 1-1 Atlanta Swarm come to town fresh off a decisive win over Denver and led by an offense averaging 33.5 ppg. “OH, THE HUMANITY!”

RANK: 17
TEAM: Fort Worth Toros, 0-2MOVEMENT: ↓3

After last week’s wake up call against the Queen City Corsairs, the Fort Worth Toros entered Week2 with a point to prove. All the talk about ‘pre-season favourites’ and ‘nailed on division winners’ would look quite shallow should Fort Worth fail to perform. The problem? A trip to the highly confident Arizona Scorpions. A worse problem? An ‘off-day’ for quarterback Cameron Curtis. The second-year QB struggled mightily to break down Arizona’s secondary, completing just over 50% of his passes and unfortunately finishing with an 0/3 TD/INT ratio. Jason Williams ran the ball with purpose, but much like the rest of the offense, failed to trouble the scoring. All of Fort Worth’s 12 points came from the boot of Taco Sicario, who went 4 of 5 with a long kick of 51 metres. It wasn’t all bad news though. Defensively, the Toros looked much more like the unit we have come to expect. A hard tackling bunch that refuse to take a backwards step. A total of 10 TFLs across the board summed up the defense’s bravery, as they gave their team every chance to go on and claim a great win. Keep that energy for Week 3 because when this offense wakes up, we’ll be seeing the Fort Worth that we predicted coming into this season.

RANK: 18

TEAM: LA Lycans, 1-1 MOVEMENT: ↑6

The Los Angeles Lycans hosted the St. Louis Gladiators this week in their home opener.  The Lycans had a very entertaining first quarter with the fumble recovery and a kick return where the returner fell on the goal line: however, the icing on the cake was Rachelle Colston’s pick 6 which would allow the Lycans to score 24 points in the first eleven minutes.  QB Sully Richardson completed 16 of his 21 passes for 174 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.  TE Jack Flash and Chris Lee each had receiving touchdowns.  K Rob Emms was 2/2 on field goals.  Robert Johnson had 26 carries for only 53 yards.  The hero of this game was the Lycan’s defense.  The defense picked off QB Christian Brown 6 times and held St. Louis to only 6 points throughout most of the game.  The defense was led by Rachelle Colston with 14 tackles, 3 assists, 1 fumble recovery and 2 interceptions which included a pick 6.  At the end of the night the Lycans would defeat the Gladiators 27-13.  The Lycans will be on the road this week to Sioux Falls to play the Sparrows.

RANK: 19
TEAM: St. Louis Gladiators, 1-1 MOVEMENT: ↓3

Mark Twain once said “When ill luck begins, it does not come in sprinkles, but in showers”.  And boy did it pour in Los Angeles during the first quarter for the Gladiators.  Nothing would go St. Louis’s way.  They fumbled the ball, fell on the goal line returning a kick and then threw a pick 6 all during the first eleven minutes of the game.  QB Christian Brown was 31 of 47 with 354 yards, 1 touchdown and a whopping 6 interceptions.  WR Eagle Mondavi led the receiving core with 11 receptions for 134 yards.  RB Kairo Martinez had 11 carries for 79 yards.  Mark Gronek led the defense with his 15 tackles (including 2 for a loss), 3 assists and a half of a sack.  Erase the first quarter and the Gladiators could have come home with the win.  Nonetheless, they suffered the loss to the Lycans 13-27.  The Gladiators will host the (2-0) Baltimore Vultures this week.  Maybe they should all wear four leaf clovers to turn their luck around.

RANK: 20
TEAM: Portland Fleet, 0-2MOVEMENT: ↑1

That’s much better Portland! That’s the type of gutsy performance that the SFL community expected this season when they predicted bright things. The ability to enter a slugfest with one of the big teams and nearly come out victorious. The downside to this? The Fleet are 0-2 and at the bottom of the division. With both San Diego and LA showing improvements after Week 1, and Vancouver once again looking very strong, this could quickly become a large problem. The game against Baltimore was a thriller. OJ Bruin and Nelson Lozano found an electric connection, Ezekiel Love was doing ‘Ezekiel Love’ like things and the defensive line came to play, Gary Birney splitting the Vultures’ O-Line near the climax of the contest to force a fumble and give the Fleet a chance to win. That final drive may have been the iceberg for Portland as they got so close to scoring a TD, failing near the line and having to settle for a FG. Momentum was stifled and, despite playing tough in OT, the Fleet were outlasted by the Vultures. 36-30 was the final score – a heartbreaker for the much-improved Fleet. Week 3 sees a huge trip to San Diego, a game that will ensure only one team is left winless at the floor of the Pacific.

RANK: 21
TEAM: Lone Star Glory, 0-2MOVEMENT: ↓1

It has been a rough start to the season for the Glory. But they came out against 2 tough opponents to start things off. Failing to eclipse 300 yards of offense in each of the first 2 games shows the struggles Ace Fenech has been facing. The deep ball just hasn’t been there so defenses are staying at home and just keeping the ball in front of them. The longest pass has been for only 25 yards. Add in 2 interceptions per week, and we can start to paint the picture of how the Glory have gone 0-2. Defense could be better, even though they have done a decent job. The “bend-but-don’t-break” philosophy is not one that works well all the time in the SFL, and teams are indeed scoring on them. But is there a way to show us all that they don’t belong so low on our board? I sure hope so! It would be nice to see them in the conversation at the close of the regular season. The Lone Star Glory host the Carolina Skyhawks for their game on Saturday at 8pm EST on SFL Twitch.

RANK: 22
TEAM: Louisiana Revolution, 0-2MOVEMENT:  -0

It was their win. And then, it just wasn’t. The Revolution surrendered 17 fourth quarter points, including the go-ahead score with 3:32 left to play as Charleston came from behind to win, 27-23 at Fort Moultrie Memorial Stadium. The defense was clicking early. Charleston running back Keith Swearingen was bottled up for much of the game, especially in the first half – giving Louisiana an opportunity to put pressure on the Predator passing attack. Linebackers Brian Craven (13 tackles) and Chuck Diesel (11 tackles) seemed to be everywhere. Running back Reggie Streeter was outstanding running with urgency behind the Revolution offensive line – racking up 182 yards and two touchdowns on 26 carries. But drives stalled in the final quarter and a gutsy Predator drive with only a few minutes remaining gave Charleston the lead, 24-23 – one they would not relinquish. An 0-2 start is not a playoff death sentence by any means, but the Revolution must find a way to put away future leads if it wants to advance. The high-powered Vancouver Legion are on deck for a convention weekend showdown.

RANK: 23
TEAM: San Diego Mavericks, 0-2 MOVEMENT: -0

I’m not sure how much heartbreak one team can take. San Diego, without a win in franchise history, once again came close and were left found wanting. The defense played excellently all game, giving the Mavericks a 7-9 lead in the 4th despite offensive struggles. And yet, when it mattered most, when all the chips were on the table, they faltered. Yes, D.R Sim is a legendary wide receiver of outstanding quality. Allowing him a deep catch late in the game is forgivable. Compounding that by missing three tackles and letting him run into the end zone is a sickener. Ron Hoff missed. Ray Lenearl missed. Then, after using a burst of speed to catch the veteran receiver, Zac Holldorf couldn’t wrap the legs. San Diego’s offense misfired all game long. Their defense for one play. In the SFL, one play can make all the difference. The Mavericks did actually have a chance to drive down the field and win the game, but a late INT from Javier Vasquez put the final nail in the coffin. The Mavericks go into next week needing a win desperately. Division rivals Portland are up.

RANK: 24
TEAM: Las Vegas Fury, 0-2 MOVEMENT: ↓5

Another tough outing for the Fury offense as they lost 16-34 to the DC Dragons. QB Joseph Green is once again the topic of conversation after throwing 3 interceptions and getting sacked an unhealthy 4 times. Despite chalking up 380 yards through the air, the turnovers stopped made scoring points an uphill battle. RB Scott Johnson continues to struggle, with 26 carries for only 76 yards. There were a high number of drops and batted passes, adding to the current passing woes for the Fury offense. Though their defense managed 3 interceptions of their own, it just wasn’t enough to stay close. When the offense only gets 1 TD in a game, chances are it will be a rough afternoon. Las Vegas will have plenty to fear and loathe if they can’t right this ship and start imposing their will on opposing defenses. Las Vegas travels to Mexico City to take on the Aztecs Friday evening at 6pm EST on SFL YouTube.