Written by Ashley Jackson, Image by Hubba Kimbrel


“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” –Vince Lombardi


The coaches of the SFL grind and put in hours of work to sift through 6000 plays to make their players shine on the field and hopefully get the win. Some showed well deserved success and others utter defeat. Week 2 of the SFL’ Season 17 had 5 games won by over 10 points and 7 games by under 10 points so these players are faster, stronger and more competitive which makes great games to watch every week. The winners of the Player Of The Week awards, win or lose, showed why progression is important hence why they made such an impact on game day. Without further ado, here are the picks for week 2!




In an impressive win over the London Knights, 47-21, Queen City’s running game was the reason for the victory this week for them and the reason why Offensive Player Of The Week was so successful in putting up 21 points by himself. He is Mr. Jett Zero, RB for the Queen City Corsairs. He attacked the goal line when given the chance scoring 3 Touchdowns on 28 Carries for 196 Yards. His longest carry was 64 yards and he averaged 7 Yards Per Carry. He also had 3 Receptions for 27 Yards and a longest of 13. He has power, strength, and precision and is a force all his own. Congratulations Jett!


Runner Up for OPOTW made an impact in the minors on the Ottawa Calvary and now in the big leagues with D.C Dragons and he is RB, Mr. Kevin Seay. Seay finds a way to #makeanimpact every time he takes the field and this week was no different. He had 15 Carries for 186 Yards, 2 Touchdowns and averaged 12 Yards Per Carry. His longest carry was 73 Yards and he also managed to have 5 Receptions for 16 Yards! #seaywillfindaway! Congratulations Kevin!


Honorable Mention goes to RB, Mr. Phoenix Jones, of the Mexico City Aztecs with top notch performance helping his team win over the Carolina Skyhawks 21-7. Jones had 32 Carries for 119 Yards with 2 Touchdowns and his longest carry was for 23 Yards. He also had 5 Receptions for 29 Yards as well. Congratulations Phoenix!




People say the Lycans are the most dangerous when the moon is full and LA proved that this week with a big win over the ST. Louis Gladiators, 27-13. Defensive Player Of The Week showed discipline, prowess, and determination to be wherever the ball was on the field and she is Mrs. Rachele Colston, FS of the Los Angeles Lycans. She helped lead her team from the Defense by having 14 Tackles, 3 Assists and 1 Tackle For Loss. Where she really shined though was in getting 2 INTs for 39 Yards and even scoring 1 Touchdown. This lady was truly busy getting the job done and I look forward to seeing how she continues her success. Congratulations Rachele!


Runner Up for DPOTW is Mr. Ricky Thornton, SS of the Tulsa Desperados! In a close win over the Sioux Falls Sparrows, 19-17, Thornton played a key role in their team’s win. He had 6 Tackles, 3 INTs for 41 Yards and his longest return was 29 Yards. Taking the ball away will give your team more chances to win and that…he did! Congratulations Ricky!!


Honorable Mention goes out to Mr. Jukin Roukyn, DE for the Lone Star Glory. In their loss to the Vancouver Legion, 17 -10, Roukyn had 6 Tackles, 4 Sacks and 4 Tackles For Loss. Great effort in being a Quarterbacks nightmare! Congratulations Jukin!


Special Teams


In an exciting win over the current Champs the Denver Nightwings, 29-13, the Atlanta Swarm shined on the field and the Special Teams Player Of The Week was responsible for 15 of the 29 points scored to help his to get the victory. He is Mr. Sammy Steele, Kicker for Atlanta. The “Leg of Steel” was sure footed and accurate having 5 Field Goals made out of 5 Attempts and his longest Attempt was for 49 Yards. If all else fails, count on Steele to be clutch and make a positive difference. Congratulations Sammy!


Runner up for STPOTW is Mr. JT Dulany, Kicker for the Tulsa Desperados. People say that #kickersmatter in game day chats all the time but now we know that #puntersmatter just as much! Not only did Dulany give his team advantages with his long Punts down field, he also made 4 Field Goals out of his 4 Attempts and his longest Attempt was for 40 Yards. Congratulations JT!


Honorable mention goes out to Mr. Otis Boudreaux , Kicker for the Louisiana Revolution. In a nail biting loss to the Charleston Predators, 23-27, Boudreaux tried to kick his way back to getting a team win. He had three Field Goals made out of 3 Attempts in his longest Attempt was for 26 Yards. Congratulations Otis!