SFL Communications

August 13, 2021

The Simulation Football League presented by APM Music wrapped up 2021 Convention Weekend Sunday August 8 with a memorable silent auction and the last of the weekend’s 12 games as SFL nation attempted to get back home and brave the discombobulated airports that awaited most. All made it home (eventually) and helped write the final pages of a memorable weekend at the South Shore Harbour Resort in League City, Texas. If you missed any of the action and excitement over the weekend, we’re here to recap it all.

Thursday night, Mike St. Green’s dinner party launched the weekend on a successful note, with plenty of food, drink and fun that rolled well into the night. In attendance included the Sim Pod guys – Douglas Brown, Bennie Butcher and Paw T. Pawtai – all attending their first convention; team owners Eddie Gauge, Harish Prasad, Charles Dougherty, Mark Chisholm, Thomas Paterniti, Demond Simien, Andy Hamilton and Colin Northrup. First-time players in attendance included Reign Reaux, Jonny Pichler, Chad Roland and Talon Steele – among many others.

Friday, many more landed in Houston to join the party and packed the Oasis Room off the pool/pool bar and walked into a SFL celebration, filled with team banners and league celebrities, including those being inducted into the Hall-of-Fame: Tybeerious Bovine, Mike Daggs and Aquantis Shyne. D.C. ended Charleston’s unbeaten season while Mexico City rolled over Las Vegas. Players Cory Mennor, Paw T. Pawtai, Merrick Itera and Jeffrey Daggs were interviewed by the Sim Pod crew and the audience at the podium in one-of-a-kind moments only the SFL could conjure up on the fly.

Once the Hall-of-Fame Induction got rolling and the sun set, the night got even more interesting. Tybeerious Bovine stole the show, holding up his induction so he could get drinks for him and his teammates and then delivered a legendary speech that included a shot taken with Louisiana’s Ross Napoli, who was also in attendance at Convention for the first time with teammates Brian Craven, Doug Day, Mike Ryan and Mike Twinscrew. Post-party trivia was won by the table led by Chisholm, Gauge, Ashley Jackson, Boo Chisholm and others.

Saturday, 12 teams hit the big screen in six exciting live-on-location matchups with SFL broadcasters and all team reps in attendance. Four of the games on the schedule, featured down-to-the-wire finishes, including Queen City’s 33-31 win over Arizona, Lone Star’s 30-27 overtime victory over Carolina, London’s 23-20 edge over Fort Worth and Vancouver’s 41-34 shootout win to cap the night and remain unbeaten. Eddie Gauge did his first live-on-location ‘Say it with Your Chest’ podcast and community member Espnn Ry’Ale debuted ‘Carrier’ on the Convention floor in between games, which later that week won ‘Best Thriller’ at the Imagine Rain Film Fest in California.

Sunday the league showed four more matchups and sprinkled in the first live SFL Nights with A.J. Striker and a successful silent auction, which will have more live components in 2022. Mike Ahl and his wife hauled their photo equipment all the way from Wisconsin to help create more memories for attendees. All weekend long, SFL players enjoyed the pool, the food, the atmosphere, the scenery and all the football fun.

Media Guides for Season 17 were also sold at the Convention. A digital copy of the media guide can be found here. You can purchase your own hard copy of the media guide through the league’s printing partner Mixam. Contact Commissioner Cameron Irvine on Discord for more information.

Friday night’s Hall-of-Fame inductions of the 2021 class included:

Team Owners and Contributors
Owner Frank Goodin
Owner/Analyst Ramos Lynn
Director of Broadcasting Mike Daggs

User Players
DL Alex Dominguez
RB BDG Hollewood
K Kramer Jackman
QB Ron Cockren
LB Aquantis Shyne
TE Tybeerious Bovine
K Kolve Varner
QB Christian Christiansen

Non-user Players
RB David Overstreet

Current Hall-of-Famers:

Team Owners and Contributors
Commissioner and Founder Cameron Irvine – 2018
Deputy Commissioner Andrew Rastelli – 2018
Former President of Football Operations and current owner of the DC Dragons Jermaine Smith – 2018
New York Knights/Queen City Corsairs Owner Erik Barkley – 2018
Creator of the APF Editor King Javo – 2018
Alaska/Florida Storm Owner Max Paul – 2019
Minneapolis Maulers Owner and Baltimore Vultures Co-Owner Thomas Paterniti – 2019
Baltimore Crabs Owner and Baltimore Vultures Co-Owner Tim Johnston – 2019
Orlando Intimidators Owner Kyle Walsh – 2019

User Players
DC Dragons RB Richard Snowden – 2018
Houston Hyenas WR DR Sim – 2018
Sante Fe Gorillas/Mexico City Aztecs QB Matt Willson – 2018
Sioux Falls Sparrows SS AJ Levye – 2019
Houston Hyenas SS Eddie Gauge – 2019
Mexico City Aztecs RB Ray Bentley – 2019
Baltimore Crabs/Vultures QB Mike Dazzo – 2019

Non-User Players
Carolina Skyhawks RB Johnny English – 2018
Dallas Ruffnecks QB Rocco Marconi – 2018
Cleveland Vipers S Koma Keleka – 2018
St. Louis Gladiators RB Park HeeChul – 2019
Queen City Corsairs WR Jake Legacy – 2019