SFL Communications

July 4, 2021

In the last celebration of a terrific Season 16, the Simulation Football League’s third East-West All-Star Game will be streamed Saturday night July 10 at 8 pm CT on the SFL’s YouTube channel. The game will be played at Richard L. Snowden Memorial Stadium in Denver and hosted by the West for the first time, after previous champion hosts Atlanta and Baltimore came out of the East.

The Eastern Conference will be coached by Jacob Clear (offense) and Nicholas Warner (defense). Clear is headlining the Charleston coaching staff for Season 17, while Warner continues his work coaching for the St. Louis Gladiators.

The Western Conference will be coached by Jason Williams (offense) and Ethan Kye (defense). Both were a part of the Albuquerque Atoms staff in SFLm for the last two seasons, winning one title and Williams has recently been promoted to Head Coach in Fort Worth.

The full rosters are shown below. In addition, J.W. Doyle was added to the East roster after an omission left him off during the initial announcements. He’ll split time with St. Louis’ Bill Cherry at fullback.