A Clearer Picture

Episode 20

A one on one interview with Perrin Aybara and Baylee O’Shaughnessy 

Clear – Welcome back to A Clearer Picture, the interview series uncovering the stories of the stars of the SFL. This is the fifth and final rookie showcase heading into the Season 17 draft! And I’ve saved the best until last. In episode 20, I have welcomed in second season tailback from the Lexington Miners, Bailey O’Shaughnessy, and Ottawa Cavalry offensive linemen Perrin Aybara! How are you tonight gentlemen?

O’Shaughnessy – Doing well! I hope you are too!

Aybara – I’m having a great night my friend; I’ve been champing at the the bit for this opportunity! How are you?

Clear – I am well, thank you! First, can you tell me a little bit about yourselves?

O’Shaughnessy – My actual name is Sean Baley. I am a high school music teacher from the Cincinnati, OH area. I am happily married and have 2 awesome adopted children, ages 6 and 2. I’m 42 and a lifelong gamer, sports fan, and singer.

Aybara – While Perrin is an incredible name, unfortunately it’s not mine. My mother decided Sterling would fit me better, I’m 32 years old and live in Santa Cruz, California, where I supervise the banking corporation that operates out of our local card room.

Clear – Baylee, what brought you to the SFL back in S15, and what were your first impressions?

O’Shaughnessy – I saw the S12 Championship on YouTube after the all-powerful algorithm brought me to it. I was in a *cough* Madden CFM league with some friends where we would let the CPU play all our games while we streamed them for each other. So, the SFL seemed right up my alley. When I first arrived, I loved the aspect of getting to build our players and progress them in the SFLm. I was immediately hooked, started a spreadsheet for progressing, and the rest is history!

Clear – How about you Perrin? How did the league find you? How did you come across it, and what brought you in?

Aybara – A good friend of mine (David Ware, LB for Albuquerque) had recently joined the league and was telling me about how incredible his experience had been in his short time here. I was having second thoughts about the other simulation football league I was in at the time and decided to join him here.

Clear – Awesome! Baylee, this is your second go-around in the rookie league after you began your career with the Annapolis Navigators, what has your experience been like over the course of those two seasons as a rookie?

O’Shaughnessy – Everything has been great! My coaches, teammates, peers, the SFL players in both general chats, and our Deputy Commissioner and Commissioner, everyone has been really nice, fun, and helpful! I have also made some great friends along the way. The experience in the locker rooms for both teams was excellent. I really cannot say enough about all my current and former teammates and coaches. Baylee had nice seasons for both teams as well! I really cannot complain! The Miners are awesome! They are upbeat, supportive people who just want to do their best for each other and have a good time. We all would have enjoyed some more wins this year. But I think I can speak for most of that locker room when I say that we really enjoyed getting to have the collective experience together, more than anything. #MUCKTHEROCK!

Clear – And how about you Perrin? How was your experience with the Cavalry this season?

Aybara – I was hoping to do a better job at keeping our leader Scar upright and creating running lanes for Adrien, unfortunately I quickly learned the opposition was fierce here in the SFLm. While we weren’t able to accomplish the ultimate mission of bringing a championship to the north, it was an incredible season, nonetheless. We fought for every inch here in Ottawa, every single possession was a battle. I am proud of the product we were able to put on the field.

Clear – Why did you choose to play on the offensive side of the ball, at running back and offensive line specifically and how have you enjoyed the playing experience so far?

O’Shaughnessy – A couple of reasons: I was a sprinter in middle school and high school, and one of my favorite players of all time is Denver Broncos Hall of Fame HB Terrell Davis. Specifically, about the playing experience, I really enjoy the planning of progressions and adjusting after watching the games. Otherwise, it is all about the people. I really enjoy getting to meet and talk with those I meet. There are great people in the SFL/SFLm! I suppose, at this point, I should just mention live chats for games and admit that I like everything!

Aybara – So I’m quite a large man, in this aspect Sterling and Perrin aren’t far off each other, I am 6’6 and weigh in at 300+. After playing mostly defensive line during my Pop Warner days, my first high school experience was playing tackle on the varsity team my freshman year. Santa Cruz isn’t that large a town and so many of us played on both sides of the ball, and I loved battling in those trenches. I had already made a DE elsewhere, so I was thrilled to find offensive line was an option here. In a way it felt like an opportunity to live out a childhood dream.

Clear – How is the off-season going for you, and how confident are you of getting a shot at the next level tonight?

O’Shaughnessy – I have enjoyed this off-season! I would love to say that I KNOW I will have a place on an SFL team by the end of this weekend. But there is a good batch of RBs in the SFLm this season all vying for a limited number of roster spots. I think my work shows what I and Baylee are about, and I believe that I deserve a shot. However, there are some other 1 and 2 season RBs that had excellent seasons in the SFLm that understandably feel the same way.

Aybara – So I am not at all sure what to expect over this weekend. The draft process has been insane and at times it feels like there isn’t much firm ground. I have been fortunate enough to have conversations with six teams that have expressed interest in selecting me. Two teams have shown persistent interest in me as a person, not just in what my player could potentially do for their franchise. I am extremely hopeful I am selected by one of these teams, but if that is not the case and I get to return to Ottawa for another season that would be great too. I would get to make the next crop of Cavalry Men & Women feel at home, like the veterans did for me.

Clear – What will you and your player bring to your respective SFL franchises?

O’Shaughnessy – In my humble opinion, Baylee is a well thought out finesse RB. I am a competitive, yet respectful, person that wants to be the very best at anything I do. I will do whatever the team needs from me to help us win. Ultimately, I plan on being a great teammate and leader. I have also enjoyed my opportunities to write for Charleston and for the SFL and SFLm Power Rankings over the last season, and I am looking forward to continuing as a writer of content here in the SFL. If my team has an opportunity to write for them, I will enjoy that very much!

Aybara – I am an extremely active person and I thrive on the community aspect of simulation sports. The team that selects me will get the most dedicated player in the class, you won’t be seeing the name Aybara on the free agent market, as I’m hoping to become a foundational member of my franchise and be a key building block in creating something truly transcendent. As Perrin continues to develop as a player you will see trench warfare at its finest, many a defender will come to regret attempting to get at my compatriots!

Clear – Awesome! What does the future hold for you both and do you have any final words of wisdom before we conclude?

O’Shaughnessy – For the future, no matter what, I am excited to continue here in the SFL! For any rookies reading this: Enjoy the process! Drafted or not, this is a great community, and you are a part of making it that way! Keep grinding!

Aybara – “The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.” I will be creating a masterpiece. To any of my brothers or sisters in the minors reading this and worrying about their fate I would encourage you to take heart. You are the author of your own story and If you believe in yourself than anything is possible!

Clear – Thank you both for your time today and good luck tonight!

O’Shaughnessy – Thank you! It was fun!

Aybara – Thank you my friend.

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