A Clearer Picture

Rookie Showcase #4

A one on one interview with Jay Rock and Chance Wall

Clear – Welcome back to A Clearer Picture, the interview series uncovering the stories of the stars of the SFL. Tonight, our S17 Rookie Showcase finishes up with 4 more individuals entering the interview booth to tell us their stories. First, we look at two of the biggest names on the defensive side of the rookie class. Welcome in Madison Lynx defensive tackle Chance Wall and corner Jay Rock! How are you guys doing this evening?

Rock – I am great man!

Wall – I just finished up eating Golden Corral so I am great!

Clear – Glad to hear it. Let us start off by finding out a little bit about you both. Who is Jay Rock, and who is Chance Wall?

Rock – Jay Rock is a show stopping team player who is always hyping my team up for game day. I am always ready to play football and have a good time. I just love the game. I am a father of five, always on the go. I build custom fences here in Texas, we live in Springtown so was raised surrounded by football.

Wall – Chance Wall is 24 with a wife who I have been with for 8 years. We have a 2-year-old son named Blade with another boy on the way named Blaze. I work at a Walmart distribution center slinging meat and potatoes, living in a small town called Oblong, IL.

Clear – Very nice! So, how did the league find you both? How did you come across it, and what brought you in?

Rock – well i work with Marco Swift (current Houston Hyenas corner) and Jayden Swift (current Tulsa Desperados defensive tackle) in real life. They knew I loved football, so they turned me onto the SFLm and showed me how to sign up. I have been grinding ever since.

Wall – Well I was looking up 2K8 videos on YouTube and the SFL documentary showed up in the suggestions feed. The rest is history.

Clear – Aside from playing for the Lynx, what has your SFLm experience been like and what have you enjoyed most about the league itself so far?

Rock – The love for football here in the chats! The community as well; a lot of cool people coming together to build something great. It’s great to see and be a part of all this love for football and the game.

Wall – Amazing. The people I have met and the friends I have met have made this experience the most fun I have had in a long time. The most fun thing must be the locker room experience, it just takes me back to high school man.

Clear – You both chose to play on the defensive side of the ball; what made you want to play DT and CB?

Rock – Well, I feel like corners are the wide receivers of the defense and an important factor on defense to block or intercept passes. Especially plays on the goal line – there is no other feeling than knowing you helped your team stop that play from happening.

Wall – Defensive tackle was my position my whole life except senior year as I got moved to center because no one else knew how to snap a football. I just love the battles in the trenches and if my name gets mentioned a lot in a game that means I’m winning.

Clear – How have you enjoyed playing on the Madison Lynx this season just gone?

Rock – There is nothing else like it, getting on the field with my brothers on the Lynx. Great team to be a part of. Coaching staff is awesome, and I was just stoked to be picked up by them.

Wall – I loved it. Everybody was active in the locker room.  The coaches were amazing as well with keeping our heads and spirits up with tough losses and pushing us to work hard and on the field it would show. Little salty that our whole season could been different if it wasn’t for a little Hail Mary but it is what it is and I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

Clear – How is the off-season going for you both, and how confident are you of getting a shot at the next level?

Rock – Just working, staying active in chats and getting to know guys at the pro level. I’m just hoping my hard work and dedication to my team and coaches showed and can be picked up. I feel ready for the next level.

Wall – It’s going pretty well. I had a lot of teams contact me and was very confused at first because I didn’t expect anybody to reach out to me but was then told DT is a pretty hot commodity this season so I’m pretty confident at getting my shot in the big league but I’m not going to get ahead of myself and get my hopes up because you never know.

Clear – What will you both bring to a franchise if you get drafted?

Rock – My energy and dedication to my team and working to help move us forward. I’m always down to help and be positive on and off the field in the locker room and always being ready on game day to go all out for my team.

Wall – Negativity leads to negative things so you best believe I’m bringing that positivity and feel-good energy to any locker room I’m welcomed into. Also, my dedication and willingness to listen to others and learn. They are also getting a literal Wall to hold down the Frontline on defense.

Clear – What does the future hold for you both in the SFL, and do you have any final words you would like to share?

Rock – It’s bright, I can only say I hope the SFL is ready for Jay Rock because I’m ready for it! Let’s go!

Wall – I think the future holds big things. If I can play my cards right and just be me, good things will happen. Final words – watch out SFL, a Wall is coming!

Clear – Thank you for your time gentlemen and good luck tonight!

Rock – Always!

Wall – No problem!

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