A Clearer Picture

Episode 17 – Rookie Showcase 2

A one on one interview with Jim Copeland Jr and Justice Blackwell

Clear – Welcome back to A Clearer Picture, the interview series uncovering the stories behind the stars of the SFL. This week we revisit our rookie showcases with four episodes across the week, featuring 8 of the biggest names in the Season 17 rookie class. Tonight, I sit down with two members of the Madison Lynx, Jim Copeland Jr and Justice Blackwell! How are you guys this evening?

Blackwell – I am doing very well thank you. I hope you are doing the same. Thank you for having me!

Copeland Jr – I am doing good sir. How are you?

Clear – I am well! First, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Blackwell – Sure… My real name is Frank but mostly known as Nighthawks24. I am a live streamer on twitch and living in Chicago. I am in my 40’s and a proud father to two girls who are now both in college.  Huge slow pitch softball player. My player Justice Blackwell is a WR for the Madison Lynx and hoping to be drafted next week, if not I will be happy returning to the Lynx and finish what we started next season.

Copeland Jr – I grew up in Arizona and went to school a year and half at university of Massachusetts but could not stay out of trouble so moved to Georgia for a new start.

Clear – What brought you both to the SFL, and how did the league find you?

Blackwell – Usually after I am done streaming, I look for other streamers to support on Twitch. I was looking at NCAA ’14 streams and saw a few streams that I liked. The next day I guess Twitch notices the streams you watch, and it recommended the SFL as a channel to check out. So, I watched the stream on Twitch and saw it was a sim league and being a wrestling sim streamer, I was hooked right away. Had no idea this even was a thing. Later that night I joined the Discord, I had to be a part of it, and the next day I was placed on a team.

Copeland Jr – I am football guy, whether video games or real life. So, I brought me into is the fact that I could be part of a football team again.

Clear – Justice, how did you get the other Blackwell’s involved and what are you looking forward to seeing them do in this league?

Blackwell – That would be a long story, but I will try and make it short. Tazzy and Isabella both came over from my Twitch stream; they are two of my mods. When I came over and checked things out first, the welcoming was amazing to me from the minor league players and coaches. So after about a week I started telling the rest of my community what I had found and with the SFLm. Our community is pretty close and right way people wanted to share it with me and give it a try. Tazzy jumped in right away, not knowing anything about American football as she is in the States now but was raised in England. Justice and Tazzy were married in our RP/Sim Wrestling fed and just wanted to share this with Justice. As for Isabella she wanted to get involved as well and I have always seen her as a little sister, so she asked if I minded if she came in as Justice’s sister and of course I had no issues with it. As far as what i would like to see them do, I want them to have a great time and do even better than me. I want to see those too ladies soar to great heights!

Clear – Awesome! You both chose to play on the offensive side of the ball; what made you want to play receiver and tight end specifically?

Blackwell – I really wanted to play QB but those spots were filled already, so my next choice would be WR. I love the offensive side of the ball and most of my favorite players were QBs or WRs. Not sure what I would have done if WR was taken to be honest. I might have waited a season.

Copeland Jr – One of my favorite positions, they can do everything on the field.

Clear – You are both members of the same team at the Madison Lynx, can you tell me a little bit about your experience with the Lynx specifically?

Blackwell – I had a great season with the Lynx! The day I came into the locker room QB Eric Price was the first one to welcome me and discussed all the damage we would do this season. The next day a few of the other players like Thunderman and Copeland welcomed me in, and we became a close family. The coaches were very friendly and open to our thoughts. I was put on the right team for sure! I have had a great time this season. I was a little disappointed we didn’t make the playoffs, but that comes with more work next season with a new team or the Lynx. I didn’t get in the endzone this season so part of us not making it is on my shoulders, I must work harder! Most importantly I made some new friends, I was able to bring at least 12 people over with me to share the experience with and a new close friend in Axel Raven. I love the minors!

Copeland Jr – It was a incredible place, with incredible people, I was able to voice my own opinion and knowledge whenever I wanted to and know that I was heard. Everything about the organization was on point, it sucks the way it ended, but I can say this – #LynxUp4Life.

Clear – What do you plan to bring to an SFL team if you make it to the next level?

Blackwell – I will bring a lot of passion! I would also like to bring leadership to a team once a get settled in and been there longer. I would be just a rookie and will have a lot to learn on the next level. If the team needs help in areas, I am good at or can learn quickly enough, I would be happy to help behind the scenes as well. Lastly, I would like to be known as a person people can come to if they need a shoulder or someone to just listen. Even though its a sim world, there are real people behind the players, and sometimes we just need someone to talk to, or express your feelings. Hopefully, we can build a family who is willing to fight for each other at the end of the day.

Copeland Jr – Passion, positivity, respect, honor and someone who is loyal to a fault.

Clear – Awesome! Finally, what does the future hold for you both, and do you have any words of wisdom before we conclude?

Blackwell – Wow! That is a very tough question. I really hope great things. If not, I hope that I can elevate other people to do great things. I find a lot of pleasure seeing other people reaching and making their goals and I love to be there when they do it. In a perfect world getting a chance to play with Tazzy and Izzy and all 3 of us together on one team for our whole careers. Just most importantly have fun. Good luck to everyone who came over from the Nighthawk Nation in the draft and future seasons. I LOVE you all! To the rest of the SFLm, if you do not get drafted this season, do not give up hope, come back next season and make a bigger impact! We will all reach that goal one day! I know the minors can be tough and it’s not always perfect but keep your eye on the prize! I am with you! Lastly if you like wrestling come find me and let us see what you got! Thank you for having me in today for this interview, thank you for helping progress my player, and helping me learn the SFLm!

Copeland Jr – Stay positive, stay focused and stay yourself. This is a league that will accept you no matter what. And remember – #LynxUp.

Clear – Thank you both very much for your time.

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