A Clearer Picture

Episode 16

A one on one interview with Terrell Southerland and Aaron Alexander

Clear – Welcome back to another episode of A Clearer Picture, the interview series uncovering the stories of SFL stars. As the rookie draft approaches, I have four, yes, four episodes lined up over the next few weeks showcasing 8 exciting prospects across the next two weeks. Tonight, I sit down with two prospects who have battled out in the backfield for their respective teams for the past nine weeks and currently lead the rookie class in their position! A warm welcome to the top two fullbacks in the SFLm, Aaron Alexander and Terrell Southerland! How are you guys this evening?

Southerland – Doing fantastic! Been able to kick back and relax today, even wash my hair. Just been overall a calm day to enjoy myself.

Alexander – I am doing great thanks!

Clear – Glad to hear! First, please tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Southerland – Well, I am a rising college freshman, one day class of 2025. I’m set to enrol at Delta State University, (GO STATESMEN), and major in Graphic Design.

Alexander – My actual name is Aaron Husted, and I currently work in IT for the Navy. Outside of that, I am a collector, musician, and general tech hobbyist.

Clear – Aaron, you are represented across multiple sim leagues, but what brought you into the SFL?

Alexander – Believe it or not, a Google Search. One of the other users in another Discord server I’m in mentioned a sim football league. It was a slow day at work, so I decided to investigate it. The SFL was what introduced me to sim leagues in general.

Clear – Awesome! So, Terrell, you have been in the league for a while, with your last player debuting in Season 13, what initially brought you into the league?

Southerland – I had a brief stint way back in season 6 I believe as well. I got into this league because I was a huge sports nerd, Madden, 2k, I was very big on those kinds of things.

Clear – What was the experience like in S6 and S13 compared to the rookie experience heading into season 17?

Southerland – To be entirely honest, it was like different leagues. Back in Season 6, I was an undrafted free agent receiver and kick returner for the Cleveland Vipers. Back in S13, I was a rookie linebacker. I was one of the most active players among that draft class and was rewarded with being the first at the position off the board. Compared to what we have now the rookie showcase was a bit underwhelming. Overall, I am amazed at how this league continues to grow and evolve.

Clear – Bringing Aaron back in, what made you want to play as a fullback?

Southerland – Ultimately, I felt it was time for a change. I was originally set on returning as a running back but chose fullback after watching guys like J.W. Doyle and Cam Collier make such big impacts for their squads, whether it was running the ball, blocking for the tailback, or catching passes out in the backfield. Fullback was also my offensive position in real life when I did play football.

Alexander – I have always preferred to play a more out-of-the-spotlight subdued role regardless of what I’m doing. I would much rather play a supportive role and help someone else keep the spotlight. Fullback allows me to do that while still being able to have some highlights from time to time.

Clear – Salt Lake City have been well represented over the 3 seasons of its existence; what have you enjoyed most about playing for the Rustlers, Terrell?

Southerland – It must be my fellow teammates I’ve gotten to know throughout the season.  We all may not be seen in the public chats that often together, but we sure do come together when it is time to suit up for a game.

Clear – What about you, Aaron? You are a member of the first season Lexington Miners with coach Chad Roland; what is Lexington like and what did you enjoy most about playing for the Miners?

Alexander – Lexington’s locker room is very tight-knit. Despite the rough season, the entire team was completely positive the entire time, which was probably the best part of being on the Miners this season.

Clear – Who did you get along with the most in your respective locker rooms, and who do you give the most credit to your success as a developing rookie?

Southerland – Most definitely the most handsome QB in all of SFLm-land, Tommy Utah! That is my guy right there and I really hope that we get to play with each other after this season. As for helping me out it has got to be Mike Twinscrew. Though I may not be the highest FB on his rookie big board, for whatever reason, he and the rest of the play callers in SLC have done nothing but help me craft and mould my player into the big guy you see on field on game day.

Alexander – I honestly can’t just name one player in the locker room I got along with; the team as a whole were all too close to each other that just naming one would be an injustice to the others. As far as my success as a rookie, that 100% must go to the coaching staff in Lexington. Chad, Jeff, Mac, and Tom were wonderful to work with, and gave me the advice I needed to get to where I am now

Clear – Can you tell me a little bit about what you are going to bring to a team?

Southerland – A another weapon for a quarterback to throw to, a strong lead blocker fit for any halfback, and a in general a new wrinkle for opposing teams to game plan against. Off the field, I’m a very laid-back person that loves to talk to fellow teammates and hype them up on game day. I am also looking become a beat writer and work on my creative talents.

Alexander – Player-wise, I am a block-centric fullback that can help in the pass game if needed/given the chance. Outside of that, I am an analyst on the SFL Broadcast team, and am looking to expand to other areas of scouting/coaching as well.

Clear – Finally, what does the future hold for Terrell Southerland and Aaron Alexander?

Southerland – I am looking to get drafted to a squad and contribute everything I can to help get a ring. Individually, I would like to make a pro bowl every now and then. Most importantly, I want to be the guy leading the way for a halfback look to have multiple 1,000 yard seasons.

Alexander – Right now the future is uncertain, specifically regarding me as a player. Eventually I would like to take up an offensive coordinator position somewhere.

Clear – Any final words of wisdom?

Alexander – I will offer this: Life is too short to let the words and actions of others dictate your life. Do not second guess your decisions, if you see an opportunity that will benefit you in the long run, take it.

Southerland – Do you want a handsome, sexy even, man to be the face of your franchise? Do you want someone unproblematic and yet charismatic? Do you want someone with the arm strength of Aaron Rodgers and the accuracy of Brady? Well do I have the guy for you!  Contact Tommy Utah, QB of the Salt Lake City Rustlers, the right guy for the job. #TommyUtah4QB1!

Clear – Thank you very much for your time, gentlemen, and good luck in the rookie draft!

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