SFL Communications

June 2, 2021

The Simulation Football League owners concluded meetings that had a lighter ballot than usual, due to a change in gameplay last season and with automation under construction based on Season 16’s ruleset. Headlining the changes are two passed motions relating to special teams.

The first allows kickers and punters to control both positions, as offensive line currently works. These ‘special teams coaches’ will be able to progress both kicker and punter, if the team elects to sign both positions as part of the team’s salary cap. That motion passed by the narrowest of margins with the 13 votes required to impalement a new rule. The second helps defensive backs, who were unable to progress the secure ball ability as kick returners, giving an advantage to wide receiver counterparts on the new level. Teams elected to unlock secure ball for defensive backs as a progressable attribute (15-9) and the attribute will be progressed from the base 40 to a max of 60 (received 54.5% of vote).

“In a landmark off-season for the league, rules for the game mostly went unchanged,” said Commissioner Cameron Irvine. “Owner meetings aren’t just about implementing change, however, they’re also about structuring our league for success for seasons to come on and off the field and I think – despite these conversations being sometimes highly intense and emotional – we have set this league on a better course for long-term success. Thank you to the teams for their passion, opinions and efforts to get results.”

Other motions that passed:

  • Linebackers strength max has been increased from 80 to 82 (rule change, need 16 votes; received 18)
  • Offensive lineman max speed has been increased from 55 to 60 (rule change, need 16 votes; received 18)
  • Offensive lineman max strength has been increased from 80 to 85 (rule change, need 16 votes; received 18)
  • Balanced running backs can now add breakaway burst as an animation (rule change, need 16 votes; received 17)

Motions that failed:

  • Lower Kicker Consistency max to 90. (needed 16 votes, got 13) – the league has raised the price of kickers as they relate to the salary cap by 10 points, due to demand and efficiency numbers on the rise.
  • Raise WR Agility max to 97. (needed 16 votes, got 7)
  • Raise the Agility max by 5 points for all HB archetypes (needed 16 votes, got 10)
  • Ban the use of the Workhorse animation for Finesse HBs (needed 16 votes, got 4)
  • Only 1 player per position group may use any given animation. For example: If 1 WR has Route God, no other WR on the team may add that animation. (needed 16 votes, got 4)
  • The current height and weight limits are determined from a chart that was scraped from NFL.com from 2013. We have found an adequate list of min/max heights and weights for each position group from 2018 that the league can update to. Current players in the SFL that are outside of the ranges would be grandfathered in. Players in SFLm would have the option to adhere to the new rule or keep the metrics they currently have. Please reference the forum post for the source and current limits. (needed 16 votes, got 11)
  • Increase max height for FB to 6’5″ (needed 16 votes, got 10)
  • Owners can play as OL Coach players (needed 16 votes, got 13)
  • Add Director of Scouting as an exempt staff role that can be signed early to a new team (needed 16 votes, got 12)
  • 14 of the 24 teams rejected any of the four retirement proposals, reaching the 13 votes needed for a simple majority. None of the four options proposed received more than 4 votes.

Team and ownership lineup will be finalized once all terms of the League Affiliation Agreement have been finalized with partners and teams sign. Contract processing will begin once automation is ready to onboard players to the site. SFL Honors, All-Star Rosters and this season’s 2021 Hall-of-Fame class will be announced on the SFL Honors Show on Twitch Friday June 4 at 7 pm ET. The SFLm regular season concludes Friday June 11, with the semifinals being played Wednesday June 16. The third SFLm Championship is slated for Sunday June 20, while the All-Star Game is slated for Friday June 18. The Season 17 schedule is due out Tuesday June 22. Draft dates and transaction close dates are now TBD until a start date for signings can be determined.