A Clearer Picture – Episode 14

A one on one interview with San Jose Flight defensive tackle Robert Krohn

Clear – SFL! It has been a while! I have emerged from the shadows after taking a couple of weeks to settle into life in South Carolina and I am back with another interview! We’re getting into the thick of the third SFLm season now, so let’s talk to another emerging star amongst this stacked rookie draft. Without further ado, welcome to A Clearer Picture Robert Krohn! How are you this evening?

Krohn – Hey! My name is Robert “DarkTaker” Krohn and I am from Virginia. I am completely deaf and was born in Silver Spring, Maryland. I’m a defensive tackle for the San Jose Flight. I am doing very good. How are you?

Clear – I am doing well! Firstly, who is Robert Krohn? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Krohn – I was born in Silver Spring, MD. My parents moved house a lot. We used to live in Atlanta, GA for speech school when I was a kid. My dad got a new job then moved us to VA where we’ve stayed since 1993 to 2021. My dad worked in the military for 23 years, coming in and out of retirement towards the end. I love my dad. He taught me about military stuff. I love police, fire department, and military in my life and I love to support them. I loved watching the movie Top Gun when I was kid with my dad. My mom is doing great and she takes great care of me. I love shooter video games, racing, sports, flying and of course, American football. I did not like baseball when I was a kid in middle school. I mostly watch NFL, Arena Football, XFL, and NCAA Football in my life but that has been hard with the pandemic, which has made the SFL an enjoyable experience for me. Thanks to the SFL for the welcome here – I love to watch SFL on Twitch and YouTube. I enjoy being active, chatting with the community, and helping my team. My coach Doug Day told me that I did a good job helping players in the San Jose Flight.

Clear – That’s awesome, a great story. How did the SFL find you, Robert? What brought you in? What gave you the incentive to join?

Krohn – I was in another sim league under the same name, Robert Krohn, but I was not happy there. I searched Twitch and saw the SFL, and I chatted with them in the Twitch chat. I was initially confused about the SFL but now I understand. I’d only just joined the SFL then Deputy Commissioner put me in San Jose Flight without draft or commitment. I had no idea about that since April. My coach messages me saying that he is proud of me for all I do for the team.

Clear – You are one of many fantastic prospects to go through Brian “Coach” Craven’s system at the San Jose Flight, what has your experience been like with the Flight and what have you enjoyed most about playing there?

Krohn – Yes, they gave me a progression plan early on which really helped. My goal is to be drafted in the SFL Rookie Draft. SFL teams message me about openings to send me from rookie to pro next in the SFL Rookie Draft on June 26-27.

Clear – What will you bring to a team locker room?

Krohn – If I am in a team locker room to help them and chat with them if they need knowledge, progression plan, discussion, or front office assistance – I can work with them. I would like help to build my player. I am a great locker room guy and I love getting the team hyped on game days.

Clear – What do you enjoy most about the SFL, and what does the league mean to you?

Krohn – I really enjoy SFL because I love E-Sports as an alternative to the NFL at times, I love the league, it is lots of fun.

Clear – Awesome! Lastly, what does the future hold for Robert Krohn both in and out of the SFL?

Krohn – If I retired in the future as Robert Krohn DT #95 and I would like to be team owner one day. Thanks for interviewing me. -Robert “DarkTaker” Krohn signing out.

Clear – Thanks for your time, Robert.