Written by Leon Thunderman, Visuals by Axel Raven

Hello everybody! Axel and I are back again with our final edition of “Get to Know Us”, and we both want to say how thankful we are for all the participation we had, and the opportunity to meet our fellow classmates. It has truly been a pleasure. We believe the SFL is going to continue to grow and do great things with the help of this group of rookies. 

In this edition…

  1. G.P WellsHB, Memphis River Runners
  2. David Ware – ILB, Albuquerque Atoms
  3. Aaron AlexanderFB, Lexington Miners
  4. Daryll BullockCB, Lexington Miners

In case everyone hasn’t already noticed, 2nd year running backs in the SFLm are very good. Brown, O’Shaughnessy, and this man are almost unstoppable with the ball in their hands. Let’s find out more about G.P. Wells, and what separates him from these other dominant ball carriers.

What’s your name, position, current team?

G.P. Wells: Hi I’m G.P. Wells, HB for the Memphis River Runners.

Tell us a little about yourself. Who is G.P. Wells?

GPW: I’m the younger brother of Jaylin Beanie Wells, HB for the San Diego Mavericks. I’m from Franklin Twn in Somerset NJ. I’m 38 and a Logistics manager. I bowl and like reading.

How did you find the SFL?

GPW: This is my 2nd season in the SFLm. My brother introduced me to the SFL and I’m hooked. I’m a gamer mostly RPG games. I coach Pop Warner with Jaylin as his Offense Coach.

As a second year man in the SFLm, you already know this guy has serious talent. He’s averaged 4.5 yards per carry this season, which is perfectly solid enough to get the job done. We all know the running back position is a tough one in the SFL, but Mr. Wells has plenty of talent to be a star at the position.

Up next, we have another one of the standout linebackers the SFLm has to offer. With great size, this man is currently a huge part of the successful defense in Albuquerque.

There’s a lot of great linebackers in the SFL, do you have one in particular that you’re creating your player to resemble?

David Ware: I am modeling my player after AQUANTIS SHYNE, the top LB of all time.

Other than being a player, do you have any plans to help a team with off the field skills? 

DW: I will help the team with any type of content that I can, including podcasts and graphics..

What are your long term SFL goals? 

DW: To be the best LB ever to play in this league.

Why should an SFL team take you in the upcoming draft? 

DW: A Team should draft me because I am a team player and I am ready to win.

If you want to see a great defense operate in the SFLm, watch David Ware and the rest of his defense in action. You can expect this man to lead his team on a run in the playoffs, and make an immediate impact for whoever drafts him.

Fullback is typically a pretty thankless and background type role, but this FB is everything but background. He has found his way to being a broadcasting staple alongside some of the greats so far in this season 3.

Do you have a favorite player or team in the SFL?

Aaron Alexander: My favorite team is the Louisiana Revolution.

Is there someone that you are modeling your own player to resemble? An SFL pro? An irl NFL pro?

AA: I’m not actively modeling my player after anyone, though if I had to pick an inspiration it would be Derek Watt.

Do you have plans to assist your team with something like scouting, social media, beat writing, graphic creation? 

AA: I do have plans to assist with social media if needed.

What SFL content do you watch/read/enjoy?

AA: I’m currently enjoying NETMA! and AXIS LIVE!

What are your long term goals for your career in the SFL? 

AA: My current long term goal is to become a respected piece to any offense as a fullback, then potentially transition into another role or position.

Why should a team draft you? 

AA: I’m a fresh talent with a willingness to learn and adapt.

Describe the feeling you imagine having when you see your player trotting out on the field for the first time?

AA: There’s going to be a lot of excitement, but a lot of nervousness as well, specifically to prove that I belong in the SFL.

After getting to know Aaron and the love he has for the game and the community, it’s no wonder that he has become a great steward and representative of the SFLm community. This guy is going places!

The final man we interview for our series is a great cornerback named Daryll Bullock who has his eyes set on having a glorious career. Let’s read what he had to say about who he is and what makes him draft-worthy.

Do you have a favorite player or team in the SFL?

Daryll Bullock: My favorite SFL team would have to be the Desperados.

Do you have plans to assist your team with something like scouting, social media, beat writing, graphic creation? 

DB: I’d like to help whichever team drafts me in any way I can but I think I’d do well with scouting.

What are your long term goals for your career in the SFL? 

DB: Long term goals would be a few championships, to go down as not only the best DB in SFL history but the best defensive player in SFL. Big goal I know but gotta aim high right. 

Why should a team draft you? 

DB: Teams should draft me because I’ll be a positive force in the locker room. I watch all games and study film so I could give my input on certain teams’ gameplay and decisions they make on offense and defense. I may not have access to the game but I’m pretty good with plays and formations.

Daryll Bullock is going to be a true lockdown defense in the SFL. Locking down great receivers takes time and practice, but don’t expect this guy to slow down when it comes to improving. He’s only going up from here.

Hey, it’s Axel here speaking now… I just want to say that in reflecting on the last 6 weeks of the season (and all the weeks leading up to it), getting to know all the people that I have, and simply being welcomed into such an amazing community, we’ve all found such a special place in the SFL. So SFLmers: Don’t take this time on these development teams for granted. As many of the SFLm vets have stated, the friendships made and affiliations with your minor team run deep and will be with you for many more seasons to come. To to wrap up our forth and final edition, good luck to every single SFLm player out there — here’s to success and stats, to the championship and the draft, and to friendships and fun! And with that, we’re out!

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